Who is behind EfirBet.com?

“Every great accomplishment begins with a dream!”

Atanas Tanev
Project Manager

Atanas is the person behind Efirbet as he founded the site in 2016. He was born in Plovdiv and is a 32-year-old graduate from Plovdiv University. In 2011, he passed all his state exams with flying colors and now holds a degree in Informatics and Information Technologies, a logical continuation of his IT studies back in High School. His professional background includes periods he spent working as a freelancer and an SEO expert consulting various Bulgarian and UK companies.

Having gained extensive work experience in such areas as online marketing, SEO and web development of websites, Atanas currently manages most of the tasks that are related to the overall enhancement of the brand. He takes an active part in building content strategies that make up the semantic core for our website in addition to exploring a variety of bookmakers available on the online market. Atanas is the manager of WEBSA Ltd., the company which is behind several affiliate marketing and online betting sites. Since he is in the public eye, several media outlets, both from Bulgaria and abroad, keep in touch with him, thus promoting our sites. An avid sports fan that is keen on reading and passionate about new technologies, Atanas sees himself as a highly motivated person and entrepreneur at heart! You can read more about Atanas and learn what he said about being part of Efirbet.

Ivan Georgiev

Ivan Georgiev became part of our team at the end of 2018. At first, he worked on a variety of projects as a freelancer, but it took us only three months to discern what a valuable asset he would be for our company and immediately offered him a permanent position. He majored in Engineering Design and Spatial Design in the city of Varna. Advertising was the field he first worked at until 2012 at which time his career took an unexpected turn, and he started developing gambling sites and was actively involved in creating working models.

At the moment, he is a small but necessary cog in the large machine that drives Efirbet forward. The team appreciates his work reflected in the accelerated and facilitated methods of selection and input of information. As far as sports betting is concerned, the accuracy of the data is of vital importance. Luckily our Master has a solution for everything.

Vankata attends all our team building events and contributes to the elevated mood of our team. Unforgettable moments at the conferences in London, Amsterdam, Berlin were made even more memorable thanks to him. You can read more about Ivan and learn what he said about being part of Efirbet.

Kristiyan Kyulyunkov
Content Master

Kristiyan first started completing projects for Efirbet in 2016. He took on a variety of tasks such as writing reviews and articles for our website and combined that with his full-time job. Later, however, in the middle of 2017, Kristiyan officially became part of our team. It was early on in his life that football sparked his passion for sports in general. Ever since that moment he has been a loyal fan of soccer and has worked hard on enriching his knowledge of the game. It is hardly surprising that he soon started working on a site for live scores where he spent several years before finally joining Efirbet. Kristiyan completed his secondary education with a diploma for a computer technician and later graduated as a computer scientist. His lifelong passion, however, has always been to write about the world of sports. Thanks to it, he is now an integral part of our team.

Kristiyan Kyulyunkov, or just Kris for his friends, is responsible for creating content in the Bulgarian and English versions of our website. He is the author of several reviews, analyses, guides, and strategies in Bulgarian, and he also monitors the quality of the content of the other versions of the site. Kristiyan is in charge of editing the site reviews to boost their readability ensuring they can be of help for our visitors. In addition to his passion for writing, Kristiyan is also fond of fitness and sports as a whole. In his spare time, he likes reading, watching movies and having fun with friends. The rest of his time is solely dedicated to Efirbet as Kris always has the site’s interests at heart. You can read more about Kristiyan and learn what he said about being part of Efirbet.

Maria Kostadinova
Content Master

Meet Maria. She is 24 years old, lives and works in the city of Plovdiv and loves working for Efirbet. It is highly unlikely that you would come across a review that hasn’t been checked and approved by her first before it gets published on the pages of our site. Once she is sure of the high quality of the content and the validity of the information, Mimi moves on to the pleasant task of styling and arranging the text until the review fits perfectly into our webpages’ layout and design.

Her first steps in this niche industry Maria took in the summer of 2017. Her interest was quickly peeked as she took on lots of new and challenging tasks. She also took part in two of the largest affiliate conferences, namely the IGB Amsterdam Affiliate Conference and the LAC London Affiliate Conference. There she had the chance to meet some of the biggest names in the iGaming and betting industries. Motivated and inspired by her travels with the team, Mimi continues to work conscientiously for Efirbet as she uploads detailed reviews and publications daily.

She graduated from Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski" with honors and now holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Technologies and Design and a Master’s Degree in Business Informatics with English. In her spare time, he loves hanging out with friends, listening to music, writing on topics that appeal to her and processing images. You can read more about Maria and learn what she said about being part of Efirbet.

Katerina Gadzheva
Content Master

Katerina Gadzheva first started writing reviews for Efirbet in 2019, specializing mainly in the production of high-quality English content. She enjoys traveling and has spent several years in the US and Malta, which resulted in great improvement of her linguistic competence. Also, she holds a Bachelor's degree in English Philology as well as a Master's degree in English Linguistics and Translation. Thanks to her specialized education and the many years she spent working as an English teacher, Katerina manages to write with ease and pleasure texts both in Bulgarian and English.

In addition to traveling, Katerina is a big fan of many sports. She used to train volleyball at school and still enjoys this sport along with football, tennis, and snooker. This passion of hers is the main reason why her focus shifted from teaching to writing content for online bookmakers. Her work consists mainly of researching our verified and reliable online betting partners. She continually strives to provide credible information to all our readers who are interested in promotional offers, betting options or odds offered by the bookmakers we recommend. The writing process is always accompanied by edits and checks so that our readers can enjoy a seamless experience when visiting Efirbet. You can read more about Katerina and learn what she said about being part of Efirbet.

Elica Martinova
Content Master

Ellie has been a proud full-time member of Efirbet’s team since early 2019, while she previously helped with writing some of the content on the site as a freelancer. Her work at present consists of analyzing and thoroughly researching various online bookmakers. To ensure that all reviews are useful and provide valid and up-to-date information, Ellie conducts detailed research by checking the conditions on the different sites and comparing them to those of other well-known brands. Ellie is also involved in the process of stylizing and uploading the articles and reviews on our site as well as processing photos that accompany the texts.

Before joining Efirbet, Elica used to be an editor in one of the leading political online media. For several years, she also worked as a freelance writer for various sites. Her professional background includes some time spent as a team leader of a project related to the optimization of several Google features. Last but not least, Ellie has been conducting researches for law firms and has been collaborating with two advertising agencies.

Ellie comes from Varna, where she graduated from a German High School. She now holds a Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Studies and a Master's Degree in Journalism, both from Sofia University "KlimentOhridski". As writing is the one thing that has always given her pleasure, she decided to turn her passion into a career. Her innate love of words helps her create content which is easy to follow and understand.

Her hobbies revolve around music, books, and good movies. She adores dogs and is the proud owner of two representatives of the Labrador and the American Staffordshire Terrier breed. If you want to learn more about Ellie, you can visit her short bio page.

Doug Holmes
Content Master

Doug Holmes began writing for Efirbet in October of 2018, with his focus being the creation of high-quality, specialized English content. While Doug calls Canada home, he has travelled the world extensively and enjoys the experiences travel brings and the people he meets along the way. He is a firm believer that the people he meets and the relationships he builds define the person he is and who he becomes. While not formally educated in journalism, his previous career choices have provided Doug knowledge and insight that together allow him a keen understanding on how to thoroughly research the topics he writes about and create content that is informative and enjoyable to read.

In addition to travel, Doug previously worked as an Applications Support Specialist in the industrial laser industry. However, after a car accident prevented him from continuing in that field, his love of reading led him to a career as a content writer, and he has not looked back since. His primary responsibilities at Efirbet is the creation of content, mainly sportsbook reviews. However, his years of experience are also put to use proofreading the content we produce to ensure it meets the stringent quality standards we expect. His focus on accurate, reliable information is key to our success, and it is something that is at the forefront of the work he does. You can read more about Doug and learn how he feels about being part of the team at Efirbet.

The site was launch in November 2015, and its primary purpose is to assist you – people looking for the right bookmakers’ websites. The more significant part of the website contains updated information about leading online bookmakers operating on the territory of Bulgaria. The main priorities of Efirbet are the unbiased reviews, where all sites rated according to the bonuses they offer, their betting opportunities and customer support. We have analysed the advantages and disadvantages of each bookmaker in a way that we hope you will get a detailed picture, which will help you choose your betting site.

How It All Started

My name is Atanas Tanev and I live in Plovdiv and am 32 years old. I created this website thanks to my extensive knowledge in the field of online betting, football in particular. My lifelong passion about the game did not prevent me from pursuing a higher education. I hold a degree in Informatics and IT and have been awarded several certificates after specialising in Marketing Psychology. It was my keen interest in sports betting that first prompted me to research all particulars around bookmakers from Bulgaria and around the world. Thus I could make an informed decision about which betting sites offered the most competitive odds and the most generous bonuses before registering an account with them.

After dedicating a lot of my time to getting an insight into the industry, I managed to find reliable bookmakers that fortunately have been licensed to operate in Bulgaria. I follow a number of championships and leagues very closely, including the English Premier League and the Italian Serie A.

A few words about the people who help me

The idea of the site is not unique and my team helped me with its realisation. Thanks to their enthusiasm and willingness to share their knowledge, I have created Efirbet, borrowing some ideas from leading online brands. First and foremost, I should thank the people in my team! Without them, this website would not be what it is today. I believe that Efirbet will become people’s go-to site, which will help all players and fans of online betting. I took this challenge upon myself because I believe I possess the essential knowledge and I also have a secret weapon – my RESOURCEFULNESS!

I want to express my gratitude to all freelancers who have contributed to the entire website’s content. They are trulyprofessional copywriters who know their way with wordsand can use them to trigger an emotional response in our readers. I appreciate the time they have spent researching, editing and writing our reviews. Also, I have to mention that I added some improvements to the site thanks to Ivan, a.k.a. The Master, our programmer!

While some are good at web programming and SEO (I guess I’mreferring to some of my colleagues here…), others are good at design. Graphic design is everyone’s forte so I turned to several companies, whose services helped me create the overall layout of the site, including some of the badges and the reviews icons. Kudos to them! I find the end product unique and impressive!

There is always a vacant position in our team of professionals waiting to be filled by the right person. This might be you! If you are ambitious and follow football championships and matches closely, then you are the person we are looking for to write our predictions. If you are interested, you can contact us via the email provided at the bottom of this page.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

How to contact me

The easiest and most convenient way to contact me is through the social media profiles connected to Efirbet. They are:

You can send your questions to this email: support@efirbet.com. I’ll be glad to review your queries, suggestions and feedback so that together we can create a better and more useful website!

For those of you who prefer the most natural way, you can send your questions directly through the contact form.

Thank you for your time!
~ Atanas