1xbet Betting Limits: Sportsbook and Casino Gambling Limits

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Like all sportsbooks and casinos, 1xbet has betting limits. Betting limits refer to how much your stake can be. These restrictions include both minimum and maximum amounts.

These numbers can vary widely from establishment to establishment and sport to sport. However, the average for online sports betting sites tends to be between $1 and $2,000. 1xbet has a lower minimum and a higher maximum than most betting sites.

Online casino games also have wager limits, which vary depending on the provider and game type. On average, each game types’ minimum to maximum breaks down as follows:

  • Slots: $0.10 to $100.00
  • Poker: $1.00 to $350
  • Blackjack: $1.00 to $100.00
  • Keno: $0.10 to $10

For the most part, 1xbet’s casino games are on par with these averages. Some titles have higher minimums, though.

Knowing the betting limits is vital to your user experience. This way, you know how much you can spend at 1xbet. If you’re looking for high-stakes games, search for larger maximums.

On the other hand, players who want to limit their spending should look for low minimums. You’ll find both types of games at 1xbet.

Higher betting limits mean higher payouts. 1xbet also has transfer, or withdrawal limits, which regulate how much money you can take out of your account at a time. 1xbet sets payouts, transfer restrictions, and betting limits based on factors like the company’s overall profit.

What Are the 1xbet Betting Limits for Sports Betting?

The 1xbet betting limit for online sports is a minimum of $0.30/€0.20 for sports games. The maximum varies depending on the sport. However, you can’t have a stake with a potential payout of over €600,000 or the equivalent in your currency.

What Are the 1xbet Betting Limits in the Online Casino?

1xbet casino games

1xbet doesn’t have a specific betting limit for casino games, but your stake can’t be more than your account funds. Each title has its wagering restrictions set by the game provider.

For specific categories such as slots, poker, and blackjack, the minimum can be anywhere from $0.25 to $50. On most of these games, the maximum varies from $100 to $500.

How Are the 1xbet Betting Limits Calculated?

1xbet determines betting limits based on bet type and odds. For single bets, the 1xbet bookmaker first considers potential outcomes. Then they calculate the payout by multiplying the stake by the odds.

For accumulator bets, 1xbet takes each selection and multiplies it by its specific odds. You can also place system wagers, which have up to 924 accumulators and 12 outcomes. To determine the payout, 1xbet adds each of the bets together.

Does 1xbet Change Its Betting Limits Based on Countries?

No, 1xbet’s betting limits don’t change based on countries. No matter where you’re located, the maximum and minimum casino and sportsbook wagers are the same. The top sports betting payouts are the same as well, but they’re given to you as the equivalent in your preferred currency.

For example, the €600,000 sportsbook payout limit per bet becomes 6,165,975.78 kr for Norwegian players. On the other hand, this maximum is equivalent to 69,753,883.44 pesos for Argentinians and ₽52,032,038.41 for Russians.

The 1xbet casino doesn’t have a payout limit, but its partners must approve winnings over €10,000 before you receive them. Again, this number will be in a currency equivalent for each player: 102,769.52 kr, 1,162,564.72 Argentinian pesos, ₽867,200.64, and so on.

1xbet’s high sportsbook payout gives you the opportunity for massive rewards on accumulator bets. Bookmakers calculate the return on these wagers by multiplying the stake by every selection’s odds.

If the payout exceeds the maximum, the wager is settled with 1.00 odds for each one instead. However, one man was still able to win two million dollars by placing about $238 on an accumulator with 44 predictions. 1xbet credited the amount to his account instantly, so he could then withdraw it.


Does 1xbet change its betting limits frequently?

1xbet doesn’t change the minimum sports betting or the casino limits. However, the maximum sportsbook bet changes for each selection and varies by category and event. 1xbet can limit it on specific wagers.

It can also lower or raise the amount for a particular customer without notification. You might find yourself in this situation if you do any of the following at 1xbet:

Place Bets With Massive Payouts: Sportsbooks sometimes change your limits to ensure they have the funds to give you if you win. 1xbet might do this if you place a lot of bets with very high payout potential.

Make Large Withdrawals: 1xbet might change your limits if you make a lot of large withdrawals. To avoid this, try leaving funds in your account for as long as possible and depositing money to show loyalty even when the deposit is not needed.

Milk Promotions for Profit: Promotions are a fantastic way to increase the amount of money you make. However, these deals are meant for fun in a sportsbook’s eyes, not to make big bucks. 1xbet might change your limits if promotional markets are more than 20% of your total wagers.

What Are the Minimum 1xbet Betting Limits?

1xbet’s minimum betting limits are $0.30/€0.20 for every sports bet. The casino amounts vary and are dependent on the provider who created each game. The minimums for the most popular games are listed below:

  • Scarab Temple: Wager as little as $0.25 on this slot.
  • Zeus Ancient Fortunes: This slot has a minimum wager of $0.10.
  • Book of Gods: Bet as little as $0.10 on this slot.

What Are the Maximum 1xbet Betting Limits?

1xbet’s maximum sports betting limits depend on the specific event and bet type. The casino game maximums vary by title and are set by the gaming providers. The amount for the most popular games are listed below:

  • Scarab Temple: This Egyptian-themed slot has a maximum wager of $60.
  • Zeus Ancient Fortunes: Bet up to $70 on this Microgaming slot.
  • Book of Gods: This slot has a maximum of $100.

Why Is It a Good Idea for 1xbet Bettors to Know the Betting Limits?

Bettors should know the betting limits for these reasons:

Finding the Perfect Games for You:

Some casino titles are better suited for high-rollers, while others are great for low-stake players. If you know the wager limits, you can determine if 1xbet has games, you’ll enjoy.

Better Budgeting:

Watching your spending is crucial to avoiding problem gambling. Some people have a more challenging time budgeting than others. If you know the limits at 1xbet, you can decide if they’re suited for your bankroll. If you think you need a lower limit, contact 1xbet to get it changed.

Fairness Evaluation:

Some sportsbooks have low maximums or high minimums that you might find unfair. If you know 1xbet’s limitations, you can decide if this sportsbook casino is fair in this aspect.

Are 1xbet’s Maximum Stake and 1xbet’s Maximum Betting Limit the Same?

Yes, 1xbet’s maximum stake and 1xbet’s maximum betting limit are the same things. So, what does stake mean in gambling? In gambling, “stake” refers to how much money you put towards a sports bet or casino game.

What Are the Types of Limits in 1xbet Online Casino?

Other limits at the 1xbet online casino include:

  1. Deposit Limits: Restrictions on funding your account
  2. Transfer Restrictions: Limits on how much you can withdraw
  3. Payout Limits: Restrictions on how much money you can win

1xbet Deposit Limit

1xbet deposit limits set rules for putting money into your account. 1xbet sets minimum deposit amounts so that you put enough money to at least wager the minimum in casino games. To determine these amounts, 1xbet considers:

Casino Stakes: 1xbet wants you to put enough money in your account to be able to play its games.

Promotion Requirements: 1xbet wants you to be able to meet the deposit restrictions listed in its promos.

1xbet’s Profits: 1xbet sets its deposit limits in a way that you have enough funds to make them money by playing games. It also ensures the limit isn’t too high because that would drive away customers and damage sales.

1xbet’s deposit limits may change depending on:

Geography: 1xbet has the same minimums for funding your account no matter where you live. However, the amount does vary depending on what currency you use: ₽50, $1, €1, ₺4.50.

Game Type: Some of 1xbet’s casino games have higher minimum wagering requirements than others. You need to bet more on a poker title than you do on a slot. You’ll need to deposit more money if you want to play poker or other high-stakes games.


1xbet Transfer Limit

1xbet transfer limits determine how much money you take out of your account per transaction. It sets limits based on:

  • Profit:
    1xbet must make sure it has enough money to give customers their payouts. Limits help regulate withdrawals and ensure the casino can afford them.
  • Progressive Jackpots:
    Massive cash prizes affect withdrawal limits. Restrictions are put in place to ensure the casino can afford to send out these rewards.
  • User-Engagement:
    1xbet has withdrawal minimums that keep you coming back. This way, you keep playing 1xbet games at least long enough to withdraw your funds.

1xbet’s transfer limit can change based on geography. The limits are the same for every country. However, you’ll most likely use the currency that’s most common where you live.

Using a different currency will change your transfer minimum. 1xbet lists this restriction in four common choices of its players:

  • ₽100
  • $1.50
  • €1.50
  • ₺9

1xbet Payout Limit

1xbet payout limits control how much money you can win on casino games. 1xbet doesn’t list a maximum in this area. However, if you win more than €10,000, 1xbet’s partners must approve it before you withdraw it.

This rule affects the betting limit, as you need to be aware that large prizes from maximum wagers will take longer to be credited to your account. 1xbet determines payout limits based on:

  • Their Funds: 1xbet’s payout limit reflects how much money it has to give away. The more profit 1xbet makes, the higher its payouts can be.
  • Partner Contribution: Some of 1xbet’s jackpots are provided by outside parties. In these cases, the partner decides the maximum payout based on how much they’re willing to give.

1xbet’s payout limits may change based on:

  • Year: If 1xbet makes a smaller profit one year, it might have to lower the maximum payout the next.
  • Season: Some seasons are slower for online gambling sites than others. With less traffic to the site, 1xbet could decide to lower limits to account for lost profits. 1xbet may also raise maximum payouts on fixed jackpots because fewer people are competing for them.

To learn more about payout limits at 1xbet, check out 1xbet deposit and withdrawal methods.

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
Visa LogoVisa€1Not statedInstant
MasterCard LogoMasterCard€1Not statedInstant
Payeer LogoPayeerN/AN/AN/A
Perfect Money LogoPerfect Money€1Not statedInstant
Jeton Wallet LogoJeton Wallet€5Not statedInstant
Sepa LogoSepaN/AN/AN/A
Paysafe Card LogoPaysafe Card€1Not statedInstant
Bitcoin LogoBitcoin0.04 mBTNot statedInstant
Litecoin LogoLitecoin17.06 mLTCNot statedInstant
Dogecoin LogoDogecoin15.32 DOGENot statedInstant
Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Visa LogoVisa€10Not statedup to 7 days
MasterCard LogoMasterCard€10Not statedup to 7 days
Payeer LogoPayeer€2Not stated15 minutes
Perfect Money LogoPerfect Money€2Not stated15 minutes
Jeton Wallet LogoJeton Wallet€10Not stated15 minutes
Sepa LogoSepa€10Not stated15 minutes
Paysafe Card LogoPaysafe CardN/AN/AN/A
Bitcoin LogoBitcoin0.96 mBTNot stated15 minutes
Litecoin LogoLitecoin9.66 mLTCNot stated15 minutes
Dogecoin LogoDogecoin96.05 DOGENot stated15 minutes

What Are the Average Limits on Sports Betting?

On average, online sports betting sites limit wagers to a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $2,000. Of course, sports betting limits vary by specific sport, match, and bet type. At 1xbet, you’ll find a lower minimum of $0.30/€0.20. 1xbet also often offers higher maximums.


How Competitive Are the 1xbet Betting Limits Compared to Other Betting Sites?

Below, we compare 1xbet’s betting limits to other top sportsbooks:

Bovada: This sportsbook requires a minimum $0.50 wager, which is higher than 1xbet’s $0.30/€0.20 requirement. Bovada’s maximum payout is €100,000. This number is much lower than 1xbet’s €600,000.

888Sport: 1xbet has a higher maximum wager payout (€600,000) than 888Sport’s (€250,000).

Bertway: At this platform, you must wager at least 0.20 EUR. Sports Betting offers a maximum of $/€/500,000 on parlay bets. At 1xbet, these bets are calculated at 1.00 odds per prediction when they exceed the €600,000 payout cap.

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