Betting School

We present to you the most useful page for every bettor. It’s suitable both for rookies, as well as for people with experience in the sports predictions. Efirbet’s team has put great effort into its school. We’ve tried to collect everything that could be useful for you in one place - popular betting terminology, essential terms, types of bets, market information, betting strategies for different sports, valuable tips, and much more.

Sports Betting - How do I get started?

Taking the initial steps in any new field can be challenging, and the sports bets are no exception. That’s why we want to offer you five useful tips for successful sports and casino tips.

1. Recognize your favourite sports or casino games

Our first advice is to determine which sports or casino games you are interested in. The most important condition in order to have a successful game is to enjoy it. Never start betting on or using services you don't really enjoy. Think about which sports or which casino games will entertain you and do your research in this area.

We encourage you to begin by taking a look at our betting guide where you will find loads of useful tips and strategies. We have compiled information about online betting on a given sport as well as how-to articles for various bookmakers.

2. Choose a bookmaker

There is such a diversity of brands that it’s not necessary for you to focus on just one website. However, it is a good idea to stop on a few brands. That’s due to the fact that you will devote all of your time to get thoroughly familiar with the options that they have to offer.

It’s imperative to get an insight into the platform where you’re going to play because that’s the only way in which you can take advantage of everything that it has to offer.

3. Get to know the basic terms

Never underestimate the power of theory because it can help you be successful in practice. In this regard, we advise you to get familiar with the basic betting terms, so that you can be prepared before you make your first wagers.

4. Compare the odds

After you’ve already decided on your favorite sports and games, as well as betting websites, it’s time to compare the prices that they offer. You will notice that some platforms provide better odds for specific sports, whereas others have focused on different markets. The most important thing is to do research and be prepared. You can only be successful if you have a clear idea of what’s going on. You can also take a look at our chart with bookmakers by odds that will help you see the current situation on the market.

5. Choose a strategy

The last step of your preparation is to choose a working strategy. Take a look at our special page with betting strategies, in which you will find explanations for the most popular betting tactics. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to check them because you can combine different ideas.

What comes next?

If you’ve gone through our five steps, it means that you’ve spent enough time on preparation, and you can now make your first bets. Don’t take our advice lightly because having a good plan means your halfway to the successful outcome.

Our last bit of advice is to check our guide whenever in doubt of what to do next. You will notice that it’s beneficial even to experienced players because it’s compiled by a team of professionals who’ve worked hard to systemize and present all of their knowledge to Efirbet’s readers.

We wish you the best of luck!