With the development of mobile technologies sports betting became possible even directly from the stadium, the tram, from the mountains, or while you are on vacation. Popular UK bookmakers already offer such service, and its options are identical with these of desktop betting with some additions.
We are sure that you know about this form of betting even before reading this article, but we are not sure if you have an idea about the advantages that this relatively new type of betting gives. If you’re one of these people, please continue reading the article to learn more.

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Betting via mobile version or application


  • Firstly, with mobile versions people use very little amount of traffic, which is some sort of a saving. Furthermore, the speed of page loading is increasing.
  • The whole content of the bookmakers’ pages will automatically adjust to the size of the display on your device, no matter what it is.
  • You can download the special application of a bookmaker and get bonus offer that you cannot take advantage of if you use the standard version of the site.


  • With some bookmakers after you download the app, you cannot open an account or recharge your balance. In this case, you need to use the full version of the site.
  • You will have to update your app so that you are keeping up with the improvements of the bookmaker.
  • Not all methods for deposits and withdrawals are available from mobile devices.

The Difference between a mobile version and a mobile application

There are two directions in the technical implementation of the projects for mobile devices: a mobile website and a mobile application.

A mobile website is considered to be a site that is specially adapted to run and function on mobile devices. It may incorporate interactive JavaScript and HTML5 components. Further on, in order to avoid confusion, everything that works through the browser on a mobile device is called a website.

A mobile application is a specifically developed application designed for a particular mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). Usually, the application is developed on the basis of a special programming language and is compiled in a specific OS code that gives maximum performance.

All bookmakers that are offering specifically designed for their websites applications have versions of their apps for the most popular at the moment mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and others.

The most important advantage of using mobile applications is the closest to the specific operating system interface that the user is already used to. Indeed, the mobile application is closely integrated with the platform and generally provides fully responsive interface. On the other hand, a website with well-done formatting and use of JavaScript can provide completely intuitive method of interaction. At present, however, the feedback on mobile websites is considerably inferior to this of the applications. Yet, the power of mobile devices continues to grow and the browsers change for the better.

Why Do More And More People Prefer Mobile Bets?

Mobile bets have spread and have become a very popular way of betting in recent years. A great credit for this must go to the progress in technologies, because without it, we could not enjoy these wonderful opportunities we now have. Evidence of the growth of mobile betting over the past year is the very large share of the total revenue and turnover of bets made via mobile devices that online bookmakers have recorded. Furthermore, the trend is the percentage of mobile bets to increase even more. That is logical, considering the easiness and convenience of mobile gaming, assuming that almost everyone has a personal smartphone nowadays.

But why do people prefer using a mobile device when betting? The answer to this question can be found exactly in the convenience of mobile. With their help you can bet wherever you are at any given time. Mobile networks are also highly developed and have a wide range, so nothing prevents you from betting while on a long journey, waiting at a bus stop or just when you are out with friends. With mobile versions and apps of most online bookmakers, you have full access to the bets you want to make. The mobile betting option gives you the chance to never miss a bet because you are late to get to your PC or to get to the nearest ground bookmaker. It is exactly this convenience and ease of making bets that is the main reason why more and more people prefer mobile bets.

Why Did Mobile Bets Have Developed To Such A Degree?

In the beginning, a long time ago, people could only bet on certain places which were owned by ground bookmakers. These places are pretty outdated, however, since after them the emerge of online gambling took over the market, with online gambling being used more and more often.

Online bookmakers gave players a new way to make their bets from the comfort of their home. However, technology development has given bookmakers a new impuls and they started offering mobile bets as well. Soon after that people started choosing them because of the mobility they offered them. A chance to gamble, no matter where you are, as long as you have access to the internet, is simply great and was something never seen before. That is why mobile bets have evolved so much and continue to do so! This and the fact that all the bookmakers offer the same services on their desktop sites as well as on their mobile versions and dedicated applications, makes mobile betting even more desirable.

Serious bettors acknowledge the positives of mobile betting and use them to win and move forward! You can also place bets from your mobile device as long as you create an account at a bookmaker or you already have one.

For which mobile devices (platforms) are there developed bookmakers’ apps?

You are probably already wondering which bookmakers provide the opportunity to experience the pleasure of mobile betting. We will take a look at them by providing some thorough information.

Bet365’s Mobile application

The bookmaker Bet365 has developed versions of its mobile application compatible with all mobile devices on the market.

The application name is also Bet365 and is available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS based mobile devices. After installing the app, you don’t have to do anything else. You only need Internet access and you are ready to go with your bets.

Via the mobile application of Bet365 you can bet online on all kinds of sports, including the ongoing matches. Also, users of Apple devices or of these based on Android, can make bets in real time while watching the development of the game. The only condition for this is good internet speed.

What are the advantages of using the mobile application of Bet365?

  • Compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows Phone and others.
  • According to some news around the Internet, the app was selected for the best sports betting application for 2012 and 2013.
  • A direct translation of sports events accessible via iPhone, IPad, and Android.

Do not hesitate but download the mobile application of Bet365 and start betting online, no matter where you are now. The offer for a first mobile bet is very attractive, so do not wait any longer.

Betfair’s mobile application

Betfair’s mobile application is compatible with almost all of the mobile devices on the market.

It is completely free to download, but in order to take advantage of its functions; we recommend that you open an account with the desktop version using the promo code ZSK200. You may find detailed information about their website in our professional opinion about Betfair.

Betfair’s android app is compatible with all HTC devices, models from Samsung Galaxy series, Motorola, and LG.
The application is available for free download on the website of the bookmaker.

What bonuses can we get from Betfair when we use mobile betting?

Firstly, we want to clarify that your participation in mobile betting is valid for all mobile devices and for all kinds of promotions. In the sports section of the bookmaker and in the other sections as well you will come across many alternative ways to win, this once again proves that the opportunities for access through mobile devices are in no way inferior to these provided by a desktop platform. Here’s our entire review of Betfair’s mobile version, which includes detailed information about the applications and how to download and install them.

The best bonus for clients betting via Betfair’s mobile application is the one that they make a bet for £10 and get £30 in the form of free bets.

  1. However, in order for you to take advantage of this bonus, you need an account registered in the UK. You must not be a current or earlier account holder in Betfair.
  2. To take advantage of the mobile betting bonus of Betfair, you need to do a single bet in the sports section of the bookmaker’s website via the mobile app of a £10 worth at a minimum odd of 1.2 or higher.
  3. This must happen 30 days after you open an account.
  4. If the above requirements are fulfilled correctly, in a period of maximum 24 hours after the bet is placed, you will receive a proposal for 3 x £10 in the form of free bets.

Sportingbet’s mobile application

Like the rest of the leading bookmakers, Sportingbet also offers to its clients the advantages of mobile betting. The bookmaker has specially developed mobile app as well as a mobile version of the website.

The mobile application of Sportingbet is compatible with all iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone-based tablets and smartphones. In order to download the bookmaker’s app, you have to load the address of the bookmaker from here via your mobile device and follow the instructions. With the application you will have access to all betting kinds in all sports, even these that are taking place live. Downloading and installing instructions of the correct application can be found in our review about mobile Sportingbet.

Bonus for the first mobile bet
Sportingbet has prepared a special bonus for clients who have made their first bet via the mobile applications. It amounts to £5, and its condition is to place a bet with a minimum odd of 1.3.

Efbet’s mobile version

With the mobile version of Efbet, you get direct access to thousands of betting markets every day. By a special mobile version of the bookmaker, you can perform one or multiple bets with a single click.
The mobile version of Efbet is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. In order to access it with your device you need to load the address mobile.efbet.com. Find out more details about the mobile version of Efbet where we have included feedback and a detailed review of its features. No matter if you register in Efbet on your desktop computer or via your smartphone, you will get a welcome bonus of up to €100.

What to expect as an advantage of the mobile version:

  • Constant access to Efbet’s bets via your mobile device, no matter where you are.
  • With the mobile version you can make single or multiple bets only with a few clicks.
  • Access to your account and an opportunity to track the history of your bets.
  • Live betting opportunities.

You can find detailed information in our full review of Efbet, with instructions how to register and receive your bonuses

Pokerstars’ mobile application

The mobile application of Pokerstars is the best one in the industry and it is available for android and iOS devices. You will get the same bets and promotions of the bookmaker as with the desktop version.

What to expect from the mobile application of Pokerstars?

  • You can bet both with virtual and real money
  • Automatic top-up for the cash games
  • You can choose the place where you are sitting.
  • A special virtual bank through which you can deposit and withdraw cash.
  • Pokerstars’ app also allows you to play simultaneously on maximum 5 tables on iPad and at the time on up to 4 tables on any other mobile devices.

With good mobile Internet speed through the application of Pokerstars you can enjoy Hold’em and Omaha games. All tournaments offered in the standard version of the platform Sit’N’Go and Multi Table are available both on the mobile site and the app.

To sum up, if you are a poker fan and you often travel without access to a desktop computer, you can take advantage of the wide range of functions of the Pokerstars app now. You can get a clearer picture of the poker room by reading our detailed review of Pokerstars

Pinnacle Sports’ mobile application

The mobile application of Pinnacle Sports has Android and iOS version, providing full access to all kinds of sports betting and with just a few clicks. The betting features and functionality of the mobile application’s platform are very identical to these in the desktop version of the site. So do not hesitate to approach the free application of Pinnacle Sports if you often have to travel and you don’t always have access to a desktop computer.

Negative features of the Pinnacle Sports’ app:

  • Very mediocre interface.
  • One cannot bet on horse racing.
  • Bets on some events are limited.

Bwin Mobile Applications

Bwin is also among the bookmakers which offer mobile apps to make your bets. As we already wrote in our comprehensive Bwin review, the bookmaker is licensed for UK and players can make sports and casino bets from the palm of their hand. Interestingly, bwin offers 3 separate mobile applications – one for sports betting, casino and poker. All three apps are available for iOS and Android devices. You can find the iOS apps either in the App Store or on the bookmaker’s site, while those for Android must be downloaded from the site of bwin. All three apps give you access to everything the bookmaker offers.

What are the benefits of Bwin apps?

  • The three separate apps give you the chance to choose exactly the app you are interested in, and in the meantime you will not overload your device with unnecessary applications;
  • Intuitive interface of the sports betting app with shortcut keys;
  • 24 hours a day participation in poker tournaments or games at bwin’s mobile casino;

1xBet Mobile Application

One of the fastest growing bookies, the Russian 1xBet, also offers mobile bets for its customers. The company has developed apps for Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices. The version of your Android OS must be at least 4.1 in order to use the 1xBet application.

You can download the app for your device from the company’s website or from the apps stores of the different software providers. In addition to offering mobile apps and a mobile version of its site, 1xBet has developed a dedicated 1xBet browser that can also be downloaded and used for bets on the company’s website. The browser is only active on Android devices and is recommended when you are having difficulties using or installing the application for the same operating system.

What does 1xBet’s app has to offer?

  • You can bet on any type of sport and multiple events at any time;
  • Seamlessly make deposits and withdrawals through your mobile device;
  • Quick access to your personal history of the stakes you have made.

We fully described the mobile platform of 1xBet in our 1xBet Review which you can find here.

Winbet Mobile Version

Winbet, as time of writing, does not offer special mobile apps for its customers. The company, however, has developed a mobile version of its site called Winbet Mobile, which is normally accessed when you type the name of the company’s website in your mobile browser.

The mobile version of Winbet is compatible with all mobile devices. All possible bets and games available in the full version of the site are also available on mobile, so Winbet customers can be pleased with this feature. With the mobile version of Winbet, each of you can create your account, deposit and withdraw funds, and bet! Learn more about Winbet and their offers they have.

Answers to the most asked questions

Are the mobile apps of different bookmakers available in Google Play and iTunes?
Yes, you can find the mobile devices apps of different bookmakers in the specialized app stores of Google and Apple. Usually, the apps in these sites are already checked for viruses, so you can be sure about the safety of these applications.

What if I cannot find a certain app in Google Play or iTunes?
It is not impossible that the app of some bookmaker is not available in these two stores. In this case, there must be a download link for the app on the bookmaker’s site.

Is there an option for depositing or withdrawing cash from these applications?
If you have entered your payment data correctly, you should be able to perform cash operations with the mobile apps of the bookmakers, but before that you need to choose a certain method for this.

Does the speed of the Internet matter?
Depending on the functionality of the different apps, the need for certain Internet speed varies. Generally, it is advisable to use at least 3G internet or if not a high-speed mobile network, then Wi-Fi.

Are there specific platforms on which these applications work?
In general, the most popular mobile platforms are Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, as the latter is less popular than the first two. This is the reason why some bookmakers ignore it, but they offer mobile apps for the first two. Moreover, there are applications specifically designed for BlackBerry models.

Is there security danger if the application or the mobile version of the site is used with Wi-Fi?
Many users are probably wondering what the level of security for their confidentiality is when they use the mobile version of a specific bookmaker’s site or its mobile application. We would like to reassure you that all modern technologies for security and encryption of the connection are used in the development of the apps for mobile devices. This can give you warranty to make your online bets and cash transfers.

If you have difficulty in choosing a mobile version or you are wondering what application to download, you can reach us on our email address: support@efirbet.com.