Football Predictions

UEFA Europa League - World, 24 August 22:00
- 14
Both Teams ScoreBoth Teams to Score 1.57
Draw1X2 4.00
UEFA Europa Conference League - World, 24 August 21:00
Levski Sofia
- 11
Eintracht Frankfurt
Double Chance: 1xDouble Chance 2.63
Over 1.5 GoalsOver/Under 1.24
La Liga - Spain, 10 April 23:00
- 00
Barcelona to win1X2 1.33
Both Teams Score : NoBoth Teams to Score 1.80
La Liga - Spain, 09 April 23:00
Rayo Vallecano
- 12
Atletico Madrid
Under 2.5 GoalsOver/Under 1.67
Atletico Madrid to win1X2 2.05
Ligue 1 - France, 09 April 22:45
- 00
Marseille to win1X2 1.70
Premier League - England, 09 April 19:30
- 22
Double Chance: 1xDouble Chance 1.55
Both Teams ScoreBoth Teams to Score 1.60

What are predictions?

Predictions are one of the most effective ways to familiarise oneself with information about matches and tournaments in various sports. Usually, they are made by reliable and experienced professionals who have been in the betting world for a long time and are aware of the online bets’ cornerstones. In the predictions, you can find information about injured players, some scandals in the team, coaches’ statements, game tactics, a teams’ overall shape, punished players and many other objectives for the future development of the match.

What types of predictions do we offer?

In you can read daily predictions about the top leagues in Europe and the European clubs tournaments. Each of the tips is justified with a thorough evidential part, drawn up after an in-depth revision of the information before a match. Moreover, we offer additional bets when we think they can pop up or when we consider them easier to be guessed than the final result is. Our success rate is excellent, and all of the predictions are completely free.

How do we formulate our predictions?

We make the predictions after reading dozens of websites with different information about injuries, form, punishments, and overall condition of a team. We should point out that all of the predictions are entirely original. We do not copy other content

Are there any guarantees in the predictions?

Our predictions are 100% justified, but that does not mean they always come true. We believe that people should follow the logic of the matches, and not only rely on some writings about final results, coups, and other huge odds that can be found on the Internet. Do not believe these so called ‘tipsters’ who are simply trying to rob you. Take the game under your control and do your own research about the matches.

Which championships and leagues are included

  • England This is the most watched championship in the world. It is not a precedent in this championship that the last team impedes the favorite. Let’s take for example Leicester – the team was close to getting out of the championship during the last season and now it is the king of the Premier League.
  • Spain The championship, which contains the super giants: Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.This the realm of technical football, passionate play, the high number of goals. Matches of the mentioned above trio are often with high results, which makes the audience happy. El Clasico is even the most watched derby in the world.
  • Germany Germany is entirely Bayern Munich’s territory in the recent years. Bayern are champions for several consecutive years, but the German championship has other decent teams and some exciting matches are always happening.
  • Italy Until recently, Italy was the home of many hegemons in the Champions League, and a bunch of teams were fighting for the trophy in Serie A. Nowadays, thanks mainly to Juventus, Serie A is rising from the ashes, attracting quality players.
  • France Ligue 1 is the championship, which is making the most changes and advances in the recent years. Fresh money that went into PSG, Monaco and Marseille, turned out to be very helpful for the establishment of this championship, which is giving birth to many talented players.
  • Champions League We cannot miss the Champions League, a championship where the best European teams play for the trophy. Here we witness historical clashes and traditionally this is the most wanted cup from each player.
  • UEFA Europa league UEFA is also experiencing tremendous growth in the recent times. It gathers quite a lot of quality teams that are in no way inferior to these in the Champions League.
  • Copa America Copa America has always embodied the South American passion. It gives us a chance to see the stars of teams like Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and so on.

Where to find the predictions?

Predictions can be found on our website in various categories, as well as in Facebook, where each one is shared with the link.