Guide to How Virtual Football Betting Sites Work


Introduction to Virtual Soccer

Virtual football betting

Virtual football has become one of the most popular virtual sports out there. If you check any bookie’s offerings, then you’ll most likely find more football games than any other type of sport. When real matches aren’t available, punters turn to the virtual world instead.

However, many new virtual bettors believe that they can use the same methods to win at the simulated games. Actually if you know how to bet on football matches there will be little stopping you. While they’re based on real football, there are often different rules and betting markets. This article aims to inform you about these differences, as well as show you how best to bet on virtual football.

What is Virtual Football Betting, and How Does it Work?

Virtual games are computer simulations based on real football matches and leagues. It allows you to wager on similar markets, with events taking place directly after each other. It includes single competitions as well as league matches.

The teams and players are fictional. They may mimic real teams, but the games present different names to prevent legal action from being taken against the software developers. So you may find similar names, with slight alterations.

Each game lasts up to three minutes, as opposed to 90. The maximum number of goals for any team is four. You have 90 seconds to place your bets before the match starts. The game will then proceed, followed by highlights, commentary and the match results.

The games play out on a simulated algorithm. It’s similar to casino slots, where the action relies on random number generators. Moreover, licenced bookmakers have virtual football games that verified testers check for fairness, so that everyone has the same chance to win.

Best Aspect

The most significant advantage is that virtual football takes place all day, whether or not there are real games on. This feature comes in handy when the sport isn’t available for an extensive period. Even though the games are short, there are many markets on which you can wager.

Types of Virtual Football Markets

Virtual football betting sites offer various markets. You’ll need to look through multiple sportsbooks by the leading bookmakers to see which provides the ones in which you’re interested. Furthermore, search for bookies that offer unique markets that aren’t available anywhere else.

The list below briefly indicates the most common markets found on virtual football betting sites.

Match Result
Match Winner
Number of Goals
Winning Margin
Correct Score Group
Double Chance
Result-Both Teams Scoring
Team to Score Markets

Leagues and Teams

Bookies and software developers aren’t allowed to use real team names. The reason for this is because it would be too difficult for them to obtain licenses for the use of real names. Similarly, they also can’t use real football player names.

However, you’ll find team names that are close to the real names. For example, games may refer to Manchester United and Manchester Red. In the same way, you may find Liverpool called Liverpool stars.

League competitions also have fictional names tied to real-life matches. Here are a few examples of the tournaments you might find on virtual football betting sites:

  • Premiership: It has the same gameplay as the Premier League, while the teams have similar names. You’ll see familiar clashes, even though the matches are shorter.
  • Super League: This tournament is a combination of the Europa League and the Champions League. Once again, you’ll find variations of teams found in both these competitions.
  • World Cup: The title says it all. It mimics the FIFA world cup, where countries face off against each other instead of club teams.

Virtual Football Broadcasts

Virtual football broadcasts

An exciting feature of virtual football betting sites is the ability to watch broadcasts of the games. Sure, they aren’t live streams. However, you’ll still see all the action happen as if it were a real live match.

Moreover, you’ll also hear commentary for the game. The speaking covers events during the match, as well as highlights after completion. It provides an authentic feeling as if you’re watching a game live on the television.

You may have to create an account with a bookmaker to see any of the matches on virtual football betting sites. There are times when you can view them without an account, but then you can’t bet on the markets. As soon as you register, you can enjoy wagering while watching the broadcast.

Once you’re set-up, head over to the bookie’s virtual sports section. It will either be listed on the sports section, in the online casino or as a separate menu. Select it, and the list of available virtual sports will appear.

Virtual football is usually on the top of the list, due to its popularity. When you choose it, you’ll see all of the available games for the day. You’ll need to act quickly, as the matches last for three minutes before jumping to the next match.

Furthermore, you only have 90 seconds before a match to place your bets. It requires patience, timing, and planning. When the markets open, you must select the game, place your bets and then watch the broadcast as the action unfolds.

Real Football vs. Virtual Football

Virtual football has some significant differences to real football. The most obvious one is the length of the matches. In a real game, the game lasts for 90 minutes or longer. Virtual games only last for three minutes.

There’s also the frequency of games to consider. Football contests play only on particular days within specific time slots. However, virtual games take place 24/7 for as long as the servers are running. This feature makes it appealing when the sports season is closed.

Another benefit is that you don’t need extensive knowledge. When it comes to real matches, winning tactics include studying the patterns of teams. Moreover, you’ll need to research which sides are more likely to succeed. Since virtual football is random, you won’t need to do any research on players or teams.

In real football, there’s always the chance for corruption or bias to influence the game. Licensed bookmakers follow specific rules with random number generators. If you play on a licensed sportsbook, then all of the results are fair and unbiased.

The one downfall is the lack of excitement that real football brings to the party. Football fans love watching real games, eager to see if their favourite team will win. Virtual football betting doesn’t have the same level of enthusiasm or drama.

In summary, the above comparisons present the following pros and cons of virtual football betting sites:

  • Pros
  • No skill needed, as you’ll rely on luck
  • No knowledge of teams or players required
  • Games are shorter, meaning you’ll see your bet results sooner
  • Available all day long, even in the off-season
  • No influence of corruption or bias
  • Not affected by injuries or weather conditions
  • Cons
  • Winning a bet depends on luck
  • It lacks the thrill of real sports events

Vital Factors to Keep in Mind

While there are many benefits listed for virtual football betting sites, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s essential to wager with your head and not your heart. To this end, there are some facts to consider.

Both real and virtual football betting have similar markets. However, you can’t use the same strategies. Real football requires skill from the team players, and so does wagering on the sport. Many experts view real football betting as a long-term investment when done right. There are tactics involved to remove luck as the criteria for earning profits. Alternatively, virtual football betting is gambling, as you’ll need luck to win in the random results.

Virtual football betting sites don’t use real teams or players. Moreover, they don’t base the games on actual events. You shouldn’t use real football matches as a basis for virtual games. Liverpool may lead the Premier League in real life, but that doesn’t mean they’ll win every virtual game in the Premiership games.

Tips for Virtual Football Betting

This article has mentioned the fact that virtual football betting requires luck many times. The main reason is that the results rely on random number generators. However, there are a few things that you can try to improve your odds of winning.

  • Developing your Tactics
    You can keep track of your betting patterns and see which bets you win the most on. It will also help you to analyse the teams that lose the most, even with the RNG. Once you’ve found your winning trends and betting strategy, try a stake system such as Martingale or adjusted-fixed wagering to help improve your chances with minimal losses.
  • Practise Patience
    It might be tempting to quit in the beginning, when luck isn’t in your favour. You should start with small stakes first until you find your groove. The more you play, the more you’ll learn how to get better at virtual football betting.
  • Taking Time Off from your Winnings
    The opposite is also true. When you’re on a winning streak, walk away for a short time. Punters who win often become greedy. When you start losing, you’re going to end up chasing your losses and may lose all your profits from previous games.

Final Words

Betting on virtual football betting sites can be fun, but also risky. While it doesn’t require extensive skill or knowledge, you’ll need the patience to learn how the mechanics work. Furthermore, you need to remember that real and virtual football betting systems aren’t the same.

The best advice is to find a bookie that holds a license, broadcasts the games, and has an excellent reputation for good payouts. From there, it’s up to you to bet on a few virtual games until you get the hang of it.

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