What is the Asian Handicap – Goal lines and Types

What is the Asian Handicap?

In a nutshell, Asian Handicaps is a popular type of bet on an event from a football match, in which the choice options are reduced from 3 to 2. Often, you may encounter that in Asian Handicap a draw is eliminated as an outcome, but it is not exactly the case. You do not have the option to bet right on the draw, but a draw can mean a gain or loss, depending on the handicap on which you have bet. So, in fact there is a draw on which you can place bets.

There are many reasons why the Asian Handicap is considered to be the best and most profitable way to bet on football matches.

Obviously it is easier to decide between two than among three possible betting options;

There is a better payoff. For bets on fixed odds (1X2) the standard odd payment is 92-93%. In Asian Handicap odds are around 97-98%. This is a huge difference that allows you to bet on better odds that would bring more profits than the fixed odds over the long term.
The Asian Handicap is flexible and balanced betting. With fixed odds you are bound to bet the big favorite with low odds or to try your luck with high odds bet on the underdog.
With the Asian Handicap you can bet on any team in every game with pretty decent odds and you can have approximately 50% chance of a winning bet, which makes it easier to manage a lot of money and brings very good profits.

How does it Work?

Handicap” means a notional lead of one of the teams (generally on the underdogs in the game). This means that one virtual team leads the result by 0.25 goals, 0.5 goals, 0.75 goals 1 goal, 1.5 goals and so on. These figures represent lines. You choose whether the favorite will win this handicap or the outsider in the match will keep it.

The handicap can also be 0 goals when both teams were considered more or less equivalent. The latter is called handicap level ball. The Asian Handicap is established by adding the handicap to the actual result of the match.

1. For example, if Napoli is 0.5 goals ahead of Milan and the match ends in a draw, the bet in favor of Napoli wins because you gave Napoli the lead with half a goal (Napoli 0.5). In this case the bets for Milan win if and only if they win the game no matter what the result is, because you understand that even one goal is more than half a goal. If you have a handicap -1.5, it means that the favorite must win the game by at least 2 goals difference, in other words the outsider has a goal and a half ahead that the favorite must overcome in order to win the match. Handicap 0, 1 and 2 goals, the best result would be a virtual draw, in which case all bets on this Handicap return.

2. For example, we bet on match Juventus vs. Atalanta. We bet on a handicap, which gives one goal priority to Atalanta (Juventus -1). If the match ends 1-0 for Juventus, then bets will be invalid, i.e. the amount you bet on this bet is returned to your account.

The fact is that lines of the Asian Handicap cover exactly the same things as the other betting options. For example, zero goals handicap is the same as Draw No Bet or 0.5 handicap for the underdog is the same as a double chance for a draw or victory of the underdog. The difference is that Asian Handicap offers great odds which is one of its main advantages.

It should be noted that it is very important to be careful when you use in-play betting, because bets on Asian Handicap are generally valid for the remaining of the game and not for the whole 90 minutes. If you have doubts, check the rules of the bookmaker where you want to bet.

Split (Quarter Goal) Handicap

After we mentioned the basics of the Asian Handicap, let’s look at the little more complex and confusing “split” handicaps (learn more about the betting terms in different bookmakers). When you get to know better the Asian Handicap bets, you will meet handicaps of the type of -0.25 or 1.75. At first glance it seems confusing and strange, but when you grasp its idea, you will not have trouble understanding it.

The key point here is this – lets taker the number 0.25. It is the average of the numbers 0 and 0.5. Similarly, 0.75 is the average between 0.5 and 1 and 1.25 is the average of 1 and 1.5. Most bookmakers help you by giving you a handicap of 0, 0.5 – this kind of handicap may be seen as 0.25. Handicap 1 1.5 will mean 1.25. The way the split handicap is presented is through the exact quarter or with two numbers which average is a quarter.

If you bet £10 handicap -0.75 (-0.5, -1) goals, actually you bet £5 handicap of -0.5 goals and £5 handicap of -1 goal. In this case, if your team wins with 2-1, half of your bet is winning on a odd, which corresponds to the -0.5 handicap, the other half of your bet returns because at -1 handicap, the final Handicap result is equal.

We will offer you another example with specific teams and odds so it gets clearer.

Suppose you choose to bet on Schalke against Werder Bremen. You bet £50 on Schalke +0.25 (0, +0.5) at odds of 1.80. If Schalke wins the game with any result, you earn £90 lev (50 x 1.80). If the game ends with a draw, you win half of the bet, i. e. £45 because you actually have bet £25 on handicap of 0 and £25 on handicap of 0.5 to Schalke. The other half of the £25 bet returns into your account, which makes a total of £70. If the match ends 1-1, the first handicap of 0 for Schalke is useless because the virtual result is a draw as well, and half of your bet is returned to your account. Another handicap +0.5 goals for Schalke gives you a virtual victory for Schalke, which would look like this: Schalke 1.5 – 1 Werder. This means that Schalke wins virtually with half a goal and thus you win half the bet.

If you decide to bet £50 on Werder with Handicap -0.25 (0, -0.5) goals and the result ends with a draw, the bet of -0.5 goals is lost, whereby you only get half of your bet, in this case £25, because the bet on the other handicap of zero does not change the virtual result in any way and is basically useless.

Asian Goal Lines

Asian goal lines are bets on the total goals scored in the game. They are quite similar to the classic bets on Over/Under certain number of goals, but with the Asian goal lines you can find different lines like 1.75 goals, 2.25 goals and so on. The idea is the same as the one for ‘split’ handicaps.

Let’s make an example:

If you bet on a line under 2.75 goals and the game ends 2-1, you only get half of your stake back. Why? The Asian line under 2.75 goals actually consists of two lines – one is three goals and the other one is 2.5 goals. At a result of 2-1 you have a total of 3 goals scored and the line under 2.5 goals drops out automatically (3 is more than 2.5). The other line – three goals, however, turns back half of the the stake because there are three goals in the match.

And one more example:

Consider the match Tottenham against Manchester United. You bet £20 on Asian line over 2.25 goals, which means that you actually have two bets: £10 on a line over 2 and £10 on a line over 2.5 goals in the game. Let’s say that the match ends 1-1, then your bet on the line over two goals gives you half of the stake back because there are exactly two goals scored in the match. The other line over 2.5 goals is lost because there are only two goals in the game.

The advantage, as you can see is, that you only lose £10 and the remaining 10 are back in your account. Let’s assume that the match ends 1-2 in favor of Manchester United, for example, then we have a total of three and thus the line 2.25 goals in the match is a winning one at the corresponding odds.

Remember that with in-play bets the Asian goal lines are valid for the entire 90 minutes of the match, unlike the Asian Handicap, which refers to the remaining time of the match, as we have already mentioned in the beginning.

Our Opinion on Using the Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap gives you many opportunities. Besides handicap for a team or goal lines, you can bet, for instance, Asian lines on corners. The Asian Handicap is very convenient, because to some extent your bet cannot be completely lost. That is why the Asian Handicap is so preferred way of betting which at some point will surely save some portion of your funds. Analyze, consider carefully and secure your bets with the Asian Handicap.

What is the Asian Handicap – Goal lines and Types
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