Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs in Efirbet

We take into consideration every email and message in our social media sites that we have received from our readers. What we do next is to make sure we answer as quickly as possible. From all queries we have received throughout the years, we have compiled the following Frequently Asked Questions. You asked, and here are our answers below.

How do I choose the right bookmaker?

How do I choose a leading bookmaker I can trust?

Should I play at only one betting site?
What should I pay attention to when choosing a betting platform?

How should I find the bookies that come with the best odds?


Why is licensing so important when choosing a bookmaker?
Is it safe to use a mirror link to access a betting site?

Is it okay to play on a site that is not licensed by the gambling authority in my country?

Opening an Account

Can I register if I am days away from turning 18 years old?
Which bookmaker has the easiest online registration process?
Is it okay if some of my personal data is inaccurate or false?

Account Verification

Why do bookmakers require a copy of my ID card?
Is it really necessary to send a copy of my debit/credit card?
I already have an account with a bookie. How do I verify a second one?


How do I find sites offering the best bonuses for players?
Are bonuses just a trick the bookmakers use to lure in new customers?
Is it possible to open a new account without having to grab a signup bonus?


Which is the safest payment for my deposits and withdrawals?
Are e-wallets a viable option for my deposits?
Are there platforms I can bet with Bitcoins?

Working with Efirbet

Why did we create Efirbet?

It all started back in 2015 when Efirbet came online and started being of service to what really matters to us – our readers. Even though the market was already saturated with the site giving tips and reviewing bookmakers, we felt that we needed a more professional and honest review to set a good example to others. You can be sure that all our tips, predictions and overviews are done after an in-depth look into the industry.

What are our goals?

Our team takes great pride in what we have achieved and always try to better ourselves by keeping close attention to even the smallest details.

  • Daily update of bookmakers you can trust – reviewed and rated by our experts
  • Tips and sports predictions for the convenience of punters
  • Constant revision and edition of the articles posted on the site
  • Monitoring for any inaccuracies or outdated information
  • Keeping on top of reviews, posts and comments provided by our readers
  • Constant desire for improvement and perfection of what we do

What is our main aim?

We want to deliver original and high-quality content. Thus, we hire only professional to prepare thorough reviews, articles, guides, tips, news and predictions to help you achieve your betting dreams. First and foremost, we aim at providing a benchmark you can use to compare and rate the bookmakers.

What betting sites can I expect to find reviewed on your site?

Of course, you may be assured that all reviews on concern leading bookmakers worthy of your time and attention. You can browse bookies by countries or just look at our table where the top betting sites are ranked. Choosing any one of them means your chances of successful betting double.

How do you rate and rank the bookmakers?

Our criteria are not a company secret. The reason why we share our expertise with our readers is that we want to build trust and prove how unbiased we are. We focus on six aspects we expect to find on any betting site with good products.

  • Design and Navigation
  • Bonuses
  • Odds
  • Live Bets
  • Mobile Odds
  • Customer Support

This combined with the overall betting package the bookmaker delivers is the basis for our evaluation.

What tips and predictions are available at Efirbet?

If you are looking forward to a match you want to bet on, you can take some time to prepare. Use our site for up-to-date and accessible information. Trust our tipsters who provide you with logical and mathematically-based predictions that will help you make an informed betting choice. Our tips concern top championships in Europe and around the world.

What leagues and championship tipsters write predictions for?

We have tried to encompass a wide range of sporting events popular among punters. These include but are not limited to:

  • Championships: the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, etc.
  • Leagues: Liga 1, UEFA Championship, Europe League, Bundesliga and more

If I am a novice into the world of online betting, where should I start?

They say that practice makes perfect, but you should not overlook the importance of theoretical knowledge. That is the reason why Efirbet has a Betting Guide to assist professional and recreational punters alike. Read it to learn more about:

  • Key betting terms
  • Bet types
  • Tips and strategies
  • Odds and value bets
  • Rules and guides to casino and poker games
  • Tips for newbie bettors

In case I have a bit more experience betting on sports or playing online casino games, then where can I find useful strategies?

Pro gamblers who want to raise their level are free to consult our strategies page. You will find useful tips and advice telling you how to overrule the “House always wins” rule.

How can I keep updated with all news around leading bookmakers?

It is only natural that top bookmakers always compete with each other for the attention of punters. Hence, they often surprise us with new promotions, a new ambassador or any other brand novelties. To get informed, head for the News section on our site, where all topical news is.

Is it possible to compare two or more bookies head to head?

Yes, you can. Do so by browsing our tables with bookies, bonuses and betting apps. You can also navigate to the comparison page to contrast two or more brands at the same time.

Is it possible to filter bonuses by set criteria?

Go to our Bonuses page and look at the table. You can study it and use it to find bonuses suitable for you. Another option is to go to the Latest Promotions where you can look for Free Spins, Free bets or No-Deposit bonuses.

Where can I see what matches are upcoming and will be available for live betting soon?

All matches for today and the upcoming week are in another section. You can find them by accessing the live score section where in-play events can be monitored.

How do I open an account at Efirbet to use all the features of the site?

Find the Login button at the header of the page. Click on it and then select Register. Fill in the registration form to create your account.

How many language versions does Efirbet have?

We started off by having the site available in two languages only, but soon they became 13 and counting. You can read Efirbet in English, German, French and many more.

Is it possible to place bets on Efirbet?

Not, really. We are not a bookmaker and do not offer a betting platform. What you can find on our site are bookmakers reviews, tips, predictions, betting strategies and more.

Do I need to pay in order to use the site?

Not at all! All services are absolutely free.

Do you have any articles to do with Gambling Addiction?

If you want to know more about this problem and how to recognise the signs, read our article on Gambling Addiction that also gives useful advice for people addicted to betting.

What do I do if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate, but contact us right away at