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FortuneJack Winning Dice Strategy

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FortuneJack dice strategy
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When cryptocurrency gained popularity in modern gaming, FortuneJack was among the few gaming sites that embraced it. This has given the gaming platform an excellent reputation as a crypto gaming casino, attracting many online punters.

FortuneJack was established in 2014. Over the years, the platform has perfected its gaming lobby to include a wide range of games. A few of these include jackpots, bonus buys and mega ways.

How to Play FortuneJack Dice

Although it might sound complicated, playing dice is simple. The steps below summarize the process.

FortuneJack Dice strategy steps
  1. Log into your account and select the dice game from the provably fair section in the lobby.
  2. Select any number between 1 and 99 and determine the coefficient.
  3. Proceed to make your wager.
  4. The dice are thrown, and the results are compared to what you selected in step 1.
  5. In playing the game, you will roll the dice and compare the results obtained. Is the number higher or lower than your selected value?

Essential Rules

The FortuneJack dice game is very simple and straightforward. At the same time, it has an excellent interface which makes it even more appealing. To play the game, you simply need to predict a number and roll the dice. You need to bet and predict whether the result will be above or below a specific number.

Players can bet as low as $0.1. However, the maximum bet that you can make at the game is $100. This betting range is rather flexible and makes the game suitable for players with different preferences.

What else makes the dice games at FortuneJack so attractive is the maximum payout of 990 times your initial stake. This offers players the chance to grab some serious winnings. The gameplay rules are also quite interesting. You can either bet on a single die or wager on all of the dice. Making a selection is extremely easy, though.

FortuneJack Dice Game Overview

FortuneJack dice game is an exciting game that will give you value for your time. First, you need to locate the game in the FortuneJack lobby. Visit the casino, and under the β€˜provably Fair’ section, select β€˜Dice.’ This master piece of the gaming industry is developed by the company Orbital Gaming and has gathered many fans because of its simplicity and high RTP (99%) rate.

Game Plot

After loading the game, you will be prompted with a clear blue and green screen. Below this comes to the start button, and clicking on it gives you a chance to set your wager.

On the topmost section of the game window, you will have the demo, real money play mode, quick deposit and add to favourites option.

FortuneJack Dice Features

While dice are available in different casinos, FortuneJack brings the game a bit of flavour due to its great features. The game is available on automatic or manual rolling, with both options offering you control over the game. All results from the game are random.

Additionally, FortuneJack dice allow you to set an automatic percentage increase on the stake for every loss or win. These features make the FortuneJack dice fun to play.


One interesting fact about FortuneJack dice is that the game results are random. Therefore, there are no chances of manipulating any outcome. Consequently, the game is listed under the β€˜Provably Fair’ games.

After your roll on the dice, you can prove or verify the results. In any case, you are the person rolling the dice, and the results are instant.

Game Play

Understanding this dice game’s playing mechanism is crucial, especially when you wish to use FortuneJack winning dice strategy.

When you load the game, you get the option to play with real money or demo mode. The second thing is to hit the β€˜Start’ button on the game and set your stake; the potential outcome will be displayed on the screen.

On the rolling window, you will spot the turbo or the autoplay option, each giving you unique gaming options on the right window. Once you select your preferences, roll the dice, and wait for instant results.

FortuneJack Dice Game Main Features

The FortuneJack dice game is extremely attractive due to several main reasons. First, the dice games offer a much lower house edge, which tends to be attractive to many online casino players. At the same time, dice games are fairly easy to be played and offer extremely fast gameplay. Thus, FortuneJack players can enjoy an engaging and long-lasting gameplay session.

Yet another interesting feature is the Auto Roll Bot that automatically rolls the dice so that you don’t waste time pressing the dedicated button. What else makes the FortuneJack dice game so attractive is the fact that you are always playing for the jackpot.

FortuneJack Strategies: How to Win

The FortuneJack dice games offer you the unique opportunity to enjoy a thrilling gambling session. There are multiple ways to win because this game uses RNG software and there can be many different outcomes. Nevertheless, you can still use specific strategies and better prepare for your next move.

Specific FortuneJack dice game strategies and tips can help you get an advantage throughout the game. Thus, you will be more likely to hit the exciting jackpot. It can be triggered once you predict correctly seven times in a row with any bet amount. And if you are already intrigued, check the major strategies that can help you play the FortuneJack dice game.

Switching bets strategy

You are advised to switch bets to be more successful. Never place the same bets. Try to use different bets. This can help you diversify your gameplay and can also help you to win more often. You can either combine bets on a single die or more dice often.

Stick to your bets strategy

Keep in mind that when you are in a roll, whether high or low, you are advised to stick to your bets strategy. This way, the probable winnings chances will be greater and you may be able to get closer to a much more favorable situation.

D’alembert Strategy

The D’alembert FortuneJack winning dice strategy involves increasing the size of your stake after a loss and reducing the same after a win.

When using the strategy, determine the base bet and assume it is a single unit in your dice betting. If you roll for the first time and lose, increase the base bet by one unit. If you win, decrease the base bet by one unit, and the cycle continues. However, winning at your first roll means retaining the base bet for the next roll.

This strategy works by locking in your profits and being slightly more cautious.

The Paroli FortuneJack Dice Strategy

The Paroli FortuneJack Dice Strategy focuses on taking advantage of winning bets. Under the strategy, you are looking for a chance to get three consecutive wins while doubling your stake every time.

To start, determine the base unit and bet. If you lose, you stake the base unit again, but when you win, double the amount. If another win follows, double the stake again for the subsequent three bets before reverting to the base stake on your fourth rolling.


Martingale is one of the most popular FortuneJack Dice strategies used. Under this strategy, you will simply be anticipating a loss and countering it from the onset.

To use the strategy, bet an amount you are okay with, and if you win, continue betting with that stake as the base bet. If you lose, double the stake after every round until you win. You only return to the base bet after a win.

About FortuneJack

FortuneJack is one of the best-ranked crypto-gambling operators with an excellent selection of online provably fair games. This gambling platform offers some very attractive dice game types that can impress you with amusing gameplay and, at the same time, will offer you the chance to grab generous rewards.

At FortuneJack, you can play dice games and bitcoin dice games by trusted and verified providers. The dice games at FortuneJack allow players to bet using virtual currencies on the outcome of the dice rolls.


What’s the best FortuneJack strategy?

There is no single FortuneJack strategy that outshines the other. Try the three and settle on one that works for you.

Can I apply my FortuneJack dice strategy with cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can apply your FortuneJack winning dice strategy with cryptocurrency.

How fair are the FortuneJack Dice games?

All results from FortuneJack are random and run under the Provably fair technology.

Can I use a FortuneJack dice-winning strategy with fiat money?

No. But you can use the fiat currency to buy crypto on the site.

What are the minimum and maximum bets for FortuneJack Dice?

The betting ranges of the game are quite flexible. The minimum bet is $0.1 while the maximum bet that you can place is $100. There is a jackpot of 990x your bet.

What are some other games at FortuneJack?

Apart from the Bitcoin dice game we are now discussing, FortuneJack offers plenty of other types of online casino games. You can choose from slot machines as well as the most attractive table games including roulette and blackjack. Real dealer games are also available.

How do I use my welcome bonus?

You can claim the exciting FortuneJack welcome bonus using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. You can use the bonus to play some of the most interesting and exciting online slot machines.

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