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Melbet Jackpot: Toto Football

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Melbet Jackpot
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Very few things would compare with the feeling of getting quite a sizeable win when you correctly predict matches under the Toto Football jackpot brought by Melbet.

As a way of keeping its punters happy and engaged all through, Melbet has come up with an excellent jackpot for punters in selected countries. These include Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana, among others. Through the feature, punters look at potential millions in a jackpot that has selected matches.

This review focuses on the Melbet Toto football jackpot, how it works, and its terms and conditions.

What is Toto Football Jackpot?

The Toto Football Jackpot is a jackpot promotion by Melbet to its customers. It is a weekly promo whose prize changes depending on the odds of the selected matches. Usually, Melbet includes fourteen football events from different competitions and leagues. To walk away with the prize, the player should correctly predict all the selected match outcomes.

It is worth noting that this sort of pool betting grows a jackpot that hits millions for the punters.

As noted, the events in this football promo are not from a specific league. Primarily, they are selected randomly to ensure there is no bias. Afterwards, the participating punters should predict the outcome on a 1×2 (Home Win, Draw or Away Win) market.

To participate in this Melbet Jackpot Toto Football competition, ensure you place your bet before the start of the first match in the 14 available selections. If the match starts before you place the bet, your bet will not be complete and, thus, will not be considered.

Interestingly, Melbet allows you to place more than one jackpot bet. Besides, you could use Make a Blind Bet and the Random Pick feature. With these two, you will not miss a pick on the selections given for the jackpot.

How to Bet on Melbet Toto Football

Melbet TOTO Football
  1. If you wish to place Melbet Toto football, you should go about it in the following way:
  2. Open Melbet official website and log into your account. If you are a new player, create a new account.
  3. Secondly, go to the promotions section of Melbet or the footer of the website and select ‘Toto’.
  4. Next, load the link, and it will direct you to a bet slip with the selected events.
  5. Do your picking and enter the amount of bet to place
  6. Participate by placing a bet.
  7. Afterwards, wait for all the matches to take place and know the results.

Melbet Jackpot Terms & Conditions

As with any other promotion, there is always a set of terms and conditions to observe. Melbet Toto football jackpot is not an exception, as it has several terms to observe. These include the following:

  • To start with, you need to have a Melbet account to participate. Furthermore, the account should be verified.
  • Secondly, note that only cash stakes are counted towards this jackpot
  • Any bet placed after the jackpot time lapses will not be allowed
  • Besides, you have the chance to place the Melbet jackpot as many times as possible
  • Finally, note that you cannot cancel a bet once you place it.


The Melbet Toto football jackpot is one of the most famous football jackpots that has been seen of late. The jackpot is ideal for football enthusiasts and any seasoned punter who can predict 14 events flawlessly. While this proves hard for a beginner, it is a perfect opportunity for experienced bettors to reap big.

The sad thing is that if a single bet fails, everything fails. But, it is still worth to try again and again as there is that chance.


Are there any other Melbet jackpots?

At the moment, there are no more Melbet jackpots. However, you should keep checking to see if any comes up at any time.

What’s the jackpot wort at the moment?

When writing this review, the Melbet Toto football jackpot was worth more than 1,000,000 in different currencies. The jackpot amount varies from time to time.

Can I participate in the Melbet jackpot multiple times?

Of course, you can participate in the Melbet jackpot a couple of times as the terms allow you to do so.

Is the Melbet soccer jackpot the same as the slots jackpot?

No. The Melbet jackpot reffers to a football prediction game with specific terms. It has nothing to do with the jackpots that are accumulated by the Melbet slots.

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