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Why is my Roobet Account Locked

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Roobet account locked
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Being locked out of your Roobet account can be disruptive! Accessing your balance, playing games, or even initiating withdrawals becomes impossible once this happens. Thankfully, this is not the end of the road with Roobet.com. There are tested and proven ways to resolve the problem. Here, we discuss the root cause of Roobet’s locked accounts and share the steps you can take to resolve the issues and regain normalcy in no time. Keep reading!

Common Reasons for Locked Roobet Accounts

Answering the question, ‘Why is my Roobet account locked?‘ is crucial if you want to solve the inconvenience swiftly. Many reasons can prompt the operator to close your account, denying you Roobet services. These causes can be system or user-related, with the main ones being:

Security Measures

There are instances where the operator might close your Roobet account due to external and internal threats that might jeopardise your security and privacy. For example, if you enter an incorrect password multiple times, the operator may assume you are unauthorised personnel trying to brute force your way in.

This will trigger security alerts, and Roobet will close your account to guarantee your safety.

Identity Verification

Roobet does not require identity verification soon after account registration, unlike other betting sites. However, you must complete the KYC checks or get your Roobet account locked. Some of the top reasons for identity verification is to corroborate the information you gave during account registration.

For instance, you must certify your name, age, and address. To verify your Roobet account, share copies of your ID/Passport and utility bills/bank statement. Ensure the images are clear for easy scrutiny.

Suspicious Activity

One of the common reasons for Roobet account closure or suspension is suspicious activities. For example, the operator will close your account if they notice you use the website for fraudulent activities such as money laundering. Besides, they will lock your account if they have evidence that you have cheated or taken advantage of the site.

Ultimately, the locking of your Roobet account may be due to a breach of the terms and conditions. Steer clear of suspicious activities.

How to Resolve a Locked Roobet Account

When you find your Roobet account locked, don’t panic! You can take various steps to get your account unlocked and fully operational in no time. To resolve a locked account problem, you should consider the following:

1. Contacting Support

One of the best ways to get the account locked issue sorted is by contacting customer support. Reach out to Roobet customer representatives using the following options:

Live chat is the best contact method since it creates room for conversation and clarification. It also has the fastest response time of less than 5 minutes. However, all options are reliable and secure, thus trustworthy.

2. Providing Required Information

Confirming your information is vital if your account is locked due to identity verification. To do so, log into Roobet, click your profile at the top left corner of the site, and scroll to account. After that, hit verification and complete all four levels.

You can then submit your documents to authenticate the information you just provided. Make sure the copies are clear and complete. For instance, ensure you capture the front and back of your ID with all four corners clearly shown. Moreover, your utility bills or bank statement should be current. This will help speed up the verification process.

3. Review and Resolution

When you submit your complaint, the operator will review the locked account keenly. They will resolve the issue once they find the basis for locking the account. The time it will take to solve the problem will depend on the nature of the lock. Some may be instant, while others may take less than 24 hours. When seeking a solution, you are free to seek clarification on how long it will take.

How can I prevent my Roobet account from being locked?

A locked Roobet account can easily create an unwarranted downtime that could have been avoided. Here are ways you can keep your Roobet account from being locked and enjoy uninterrupted casino gaming:

Why is my Roobet account locked
  • Account Security – Avoid Roobet account locking by maintaining security throughout. Simply create a strong password and, if possible, set up two-factor authentication or 2FA security protocol. This protocol requires a second verification before accessing your account for every login request you make. With such measures, account locking due to security concerns will be unheard of.
  • Responsible Gambling Practices – Always make sure that you practise responsible gambling at all times. In essence, avoid money laundering, cheating, and breaching your contract. Observing these requirements and more will steer you clear of your account being flagged. You can check Roobet’s Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) to determine what other suspicious behaviours can lead to account closure and avoid them.


How can I know if my Roobet account is locked?

You will know your Roobet account is locked if you have a login problem. Once the operator initiates the lock, you cannot play games or conduct any transactions.

Can I still access my funds if my account is locked?

No, you cannot access your funds if your account is locked. Your account will also be suspended and thus inaccessible.

How long does it usually take to unlock a Roobet account?

The time taken to unlock your Roobet account depends on the nature of the lock. Some locks will take only a few minutes to solve, while others can take up to 24 hours.

Will I be informed about why my account was locked?

Yes, you will be informed why your account was locked. The operator is likely to send you an email on the same. You can also enquire when seeking assistance with the problem.

Are locked accounts a common occurrence on Roobet?

No, locked accounts are not a common occurrence on Roobet. However, the operator will quickly lock an account if they detect suspicious activity or want to guarantee your safety.

Can I withdraw funds from my locked account?

No, you cannot withdraw funds from your locked account. Once the operator initiates the lock, it becomes impossible to make any kind of withdrawal.

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