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About William Hill’s Virtual Sports

William Hill's Virtual Sports
View from William Hill’s Virtual Sports Section

William Hill has over the years built one of the most reliable brands in the UK and larger European regions in as much as sports betting is concerned. With the advent of online gaming, William Hill bookmaker has also added a virtual gaming portal to the rooster. In this review, we will be looking into whether their virtual sports live up to the high standards set by the brand. This review will highlight the type of virtual sports offered, the quality of the games and also highlight any virtual sports-related offers and bonuses that might be available. We will also be giving a few virtual gaming tips along the way.

To start playing at the William Hill virtual sports, simply visit the main site’s homepage. At the navigation menu on the top bar, click the ‘Virtuals’ tab. You will automatically be redirected to the William Hill Virtual World. If you have not logged in to your account, you will be prompted to do so for you to view the schedule of the upcoming virtual sports.

Generally, William Hill offers a good selection of virtual sports that includes popular sports such as soccer, horse races, and greyhounds. These are simulations of real-life sporting events and recreate such a real-life environment, William Hill has made use of some top-quality animations. All the action is streamed live complete with audio effects and English commentary. Besides, the video streams allow you to mute, pause, enlarge and even change the video quality to HD.

In the next section, we have reviewed these virtual sports in more detail and explained the design, betting markets available and some extra virtual gaming tips.

William Hill Virtual Football

William Hill's Virtual Football

Let’s start this review by looking at how William Hill recreates the world’s most popular sport. From the William Hill Virtual World, you find a virtual football section. In comparison to most of the other virtual football games available in the market, it would be safe; this is not the most elaborate nor entertaining of them all. The first thing to notice is that the teams are quite limited in number. There are no football clubs involved here as all the matches are between national teams.

Nonetheless, the quality of the simulations is quite commendable. The videos stream with ease, and you can be assured of some quick footballing action every few minutes.


William Hill does not offer its virtual football in any elaborate leagues. Instead, the matches are scheduled by randomly pairing the teams. As hinted above, the matches pit national teams only as no clubs are available yet.

However, from the look of things, we might be having a formal virtual league with structured match days very soon. It is reported William Hill are working to develop a richer virtual football portal that will also include more teams with time.

Available markets

Despite the limited number of participating teams, the betting markets remain as vibrant as those of the real-life William Hill sportsbook. Here you will have access to the various football betting markets that you could think off. Ranging from the usual 1X2 bets, you can also bet on Correct Score, Total Goals Over/Under, Asian Handicap and Double Chance.

Although the national teams used here resembles real-life teams, the odds are randomly computed using William Hill’s RNG. As a virtual football betting tip, you should not consider the form or recent performances of a real-life team when betting in the virtual world. The results here are as random as those in a lottery.

Game duration

The 90-minute football matches here are compressed to last only 2 minutes. To achieve this, the match will entail a preview of the key game highlights such as goal scoring moments, free kick, near misses and corners. You will also notice that there are no half-time breaks as the action plays non-stop.

All this action is streamed live through the embedded video on the website. You will also get live commentary amidst the loud cheers and chants of the crowds in the virtual stadia.

Time between matches

The matches are scheduled to kick off every 4 minutes. Once the match is over, the results will be published on the streaming screen for about 30 seconds. This will then be quickly followed by a preview of the next match with the teams’ jersey and odds being presented on the screen. This will remain on the screen for another minute then the next match will begin.

Interestingly, the betting markets will remain open all through even during gameplay meaning you will have the chance to play live in-play bets with the virtual matches.

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Virtual Horse Racing – Jumps

William Hill's Horse Racings with jumps

William Hill offers two varieties of virtual horse races. The first type is referred to as Horse Racing Jumps. This is a steeplechase race where the horses compete around a race track with hurdles. Similar to real life steeplechase races, the horses have to handle brush fences placed strategically around the race track.

These virtual horse races primarily entail the horses doing one lap around the track that has four obstacles. The action takes place at the virtual Weston Vale race course. Each race is comprised of 10 participants who are randomly picked. As it is the case with virtual football matches, the odds are randomly assigned, not necessarily based on the horses’ previous performances.

Betting markets

As much as the horse betting markets are concerned, some improvements are needed. This is because you will find the betting options here to be quite limiting, in contrast to what other virtual gaming sites have to offer. With the William Hill Virtual Horse Racing Jumps, you can only place Win Each Way bets. These bets are offered at 1/5 odd for the first three places.

To help you boost your odds, you are allowed to place accumulator bets on multiple races. To do this, click the future races button placed right above the race cards. From there you can select combined bets. One important tip to take note of here is that although such combo bets have higher returns, your chances of winning are drastically slimmer.

Race duration

In the virtual horse jump races, the horses do one lap around the 3000m race track. This takes about 90 seconds, and the race is over. At the end of each race, you will get quick highlights on the finishing action, followed by a tabulation of the race winners.

Time between races

The virtual horse jump races are scheduled to take place every 4 minutes. Before a race starts, you will have an introductory period of about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. During this break period, the participating horses are introduced in a live video stream as they are walked into their starting gates. During this period the markets will be open, and you can place your bets. Unlike with virtual football, where the markets do not remain open, but instead, they will close 10 seconds to the start of the race.

Virtual Horse Racing – Flat

William Hill's Virtual Flat Horse Races

This is the second category of virtual horse racing offered by William Hill. This type of race is modelled like any regular horse race. In this format, the horses will sprint around the race track without any obstacle or huddles. This is a battle of pure speed and stamina.

We found the quality of the animation used here to be impressive. Actually, save for the slight weightlessness of the horses, you could easily think you are watching a real-life horse race. The races take place at the Hilltop Gardens and the Rapier Strip, which are two virtual race tracks designed like actual race courses. Similar to the horse race jumps, the flats version also feature up to 10 participants.

Betting markets

With the virtual horse racing flats, you will place bets in the Win Each Way market only. This could be a bit disappointing especially for avid gamers who would wish to be a bit adventurous with their bets. The Win E/W bets are offered at 1/5 odds for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Race duration

The virtual flats horse races tend to be a bit faster than the jumps. These virtual races last for a maximum of 30 seconds only as the horses sprint to the finish line. Right after the race is over, there will be a quick presentation of the race highlights, especially along the finishing line. This will playback on the screen for another 15 seconds.

Time between races

Just as with jumps version, you will have a new race starting every 4 minutes. After one race is over and the race highlight have been presented you will have a quick introduction of the next horses, and their jockeys walk them to the starting gates. This introductory break period will last for about 2 minutes and 45 seconds. It is important to note that the horse races do not have in-play betting and the markets close 10 seconds to the start of the race.

Virtual Greyhounds – Jumps

William Hill's Virtual Greyhounds Races with jumps

Races of man’s best friend are well represented here at the William Hill virtual greyhounds. The Greyhounds’ races are designed in two different formats like the horse races. The first type of virtual greyhounds you will see is the jumps version.

In this version, the dogs will be racing around a track that is fitted with hurdles at certain intervals, rather than having a flat track. The races feature at most six dogs at a go. The action takes place at the virtual Birch Park, which is 480m long dirt circuit.

Betting markets

The betting markets at virtual greyhounds jumps are limited to Win Each Way bets only. However, if you are bold enough, you can play around with your bet slip and place multiple bets with combined odds. You will also realise that as you place multiple bets, you can modify the arrangement of the dogs to give you further an extra forecast bet. This is treated as a separate bet slip, and you can assign it a separate stake. Though risky, this could be a great way to make some extra cash.

The Win E/W bets are offered at odds 1/5 for the first two places.

Race duration

A virtual greyhound jumps race is comprised of one lap around the circuit that has four obstacles. Each race lasts 30 seconds. This is then quickly followed by playback of the action at the finishing line. The video of these highlights will play for another 15 seconds before the lineup for the next race starts.

Time between races

After the race is over and the highlights have been shown, a presentation of the race results is done. This results table will remain on the screen for another 30 seconds. During this time, you can check if you have won any bets that need to be settled. After the results, the next batch of racing dogs is introduced as they are walked to the starting gates. This break period with the introduction lasts for about 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Virtual Greyhounds – Flats

William Hill's Flat Greyhounds Races

This is the second category of virtual greyhounds you will find at the William Hill Virtual World. In this race format, the dogs will be running on a race track with no obstacles or hurdles. You can view this as the conventional dogs’ races that are common in the real world race tracks. The races in this category are also scheduled to kick off every 4 minutes.

Each race has up to 6 dogs taking on each other. The races take place at the virtual Long Hare Hill racetrack which is 480m long. In each race, the dos will do a single lap around the track. You can win real money by betting on these virtual races as described in the next section below.

Betting markets

Here you can place real money bets by backing a dog to either win the race or feature in the 2nd position. This bet market is referred to as a Win Each Way bet and William Hill offers it at odds of 1/5. As hinted in the tip given above, you can still play around with your bet slip and place a combo bet comprised of multiple outcomes, giving you a better payout.

Race duration

The virtual greyhound’s flats are sprints that last 30 seconds only. This is a fast-paced event as the dogs dash around the track towards the finish line. Each of these races will have live English commentary. You will notice that instead of using the dogs’ names, the commentator calls out the dogs’ numbers during the race. You, therefore, need to keep in mind the tracking number of the dog you are betting on for you to track it during the race easily.

Time between races

After the single lap race is done, the screen replays highlights of the dogs as they cross the finish line. This gives you a close-up view of the action, especially in closely contested races. The highlights will be replayed for about 15 seconds. The screen then transitions to the results page where the winning dogs are tabulated. The results will be on display for another 30 seconds. This is the time for you to close any winning bets you had made and review how the race turned out. You will then see the screen transition to the next race by introducing the next group of greyhounds as they are walked onto the racetrack. As each dog passes by, its odds are displayed at the bottom of the screen in addition to its name and tag number.

This introductory break period goes on for about 2 minutes and 45 seconds, which should be enough time for you to peruse the markets and place your next bets.

Other Virtual Sports

William Hill's Virtual Motor Racings

In addition to these main virtual sports offered, William Hill has another category dubbed ‘Other Virtual Sports.’ This category is basically home to a number of other virtual sports which are still facing some development and growth but are not yet ready to be placed in their stand-alone categories as it is with virtual football and the races.

However, this does not mean that virtual sports in this category are not any good. You will find the quality of simulation and graphics used here to be equally good. The other sports category also offers alternative betting markets that you can use to boost your winnings from the virtual football, horses and greyhounds.

Available Sports

Under the ‘Other Sports’ category, you will primarily find three main events; virtual cycling, virtual motor racing, and virtual speedway. These virtual sports are presented in a predetermined schedule. When one of the races ends, another is automatically started, at an 4 minutes. This means you will have a new race to bet on every 4 minutes.

Below is a brief review of each of these virtual races to give you a clear picture of what to expect when betting in this category.

This are virtual car races modeled in line with the real-life formula one races. The virtual cars and racetrack are designed to mimic what you would get in a Formula 1 or Indi car race. The adrenaline packed action takes place at the virtual Devilgate Drive. Similar to real life races, on the left panel of the screen is a race tracker with a live feed of the current position the drivers hold in the race.

At the start of the race, the virtual cars will line up in a grid similar to what is done in real life motor races. Once the race is flagged off, the cars need to compete in three laps around the oblique rectangular Devilgate Drive. Each of these virtual races has a maximum of 12 participants.

At the end of each race, there will be a brief replay of the race highlights and results, before the screen switches to the next race.

Virtual Speedway

This is another virtual sports section worth checking out if you are into fast-paced adrenaline packed sports. The speedway is a type of motorcycle race in a dirt track using specialised bikes. The quality of animation and graphics used in creating these virtual speedway races is quite commendable as one could easily confuse them for the real deal.

The race starts with an introduction of the bikers as they join the race tracks. You will also get a brief highlight of their previous track record alongside their odds for the upcoming race. Each race has a maximum of bikers. This introductory part will be on display for about 2 minutes.

Each of the virtual speedway races comprises of 2 laps around the virtual Broadside Alley dirt track. The track is 800m long.

Virtual Cycling

The third type of virtual sport offered here is virtual velodrome cycling. Similar to the other two races, this is a virtual sport that has been designed to give you the adrenaline packed action you would get in a real velodrome race.

Each of these virtual cycling races has up to 6 cyclists. The action takes place at the Waterport Velodrome. The video simulations are equally impressive creating an aura of a real-life racetrack. The actual race entails the cyclists sprinting in three laps around the 750m long virtual track.

The races are live streamed with live English commentary. You will hear the commentator call out the racer’s tag numbers instead of their name, which much easier to track. Also, there is a race tracker placed at the bottom of the screen to update you on the real-time position of each of these racers as the action unfolds.

Betting markets

The betting markets available for these virtual sports in the ‘Other’ category has been simplified, unlike what you would have in a real-life race bet. This is probably because the virtual races are meant to be a quick go-to-market for some fast bets. Nonetheless, we hope to see William Hill developing more markets for these virtual sports as well.

  • For the virtual speedway, you can only place Win Only bets. This is where you would be backing one racer to win the race.
  • With the virtual cycling, on the other hand, you get the chance to bet in Win Each Way markets, which are offered at odds 1/5 for the first three places. In this betting option, you will be backing on a racer either winning or at worst featuring in the top three positions.
  • Lastly, virtual motor racing gives you the chance to bet on Win Each Way bets as well, but at odds 1/4 for the first three places. Here as well you will be backing one race to either win or at the worst feature in the top three.

The odds and race outcomes here are randomly computed using the William Hill RNG. You will, however, notice that most of the odds offered in these virtual races are quite high. With luck on your side, you could end up winning some impressive payouts here.

Race duration

The length of each of these races varies. The virtual motor races are 1 minute long. The race requires the drivers to complete two laps. After the race is over, there will be a 3 minutes break before the next race starts. In this break duration, you will be presented with highlights from the previous race. This is then followed by a tabulation of the race results. After about 30 seconds of the results on the screen, the line up to the next race starts.

After the virtual motor races, next, comes the virtual speedway. These tend to be a bit shorter and quicker as the races will last between 30 and 45 seconds. Similar to the virtual motor races, you will get a replay of the race highlights once the race ends. After the highlights is another break period before the virtual cycling race starts.

The virtual velodrome cycling races also last about 30 seconds, in which the riders need to complete three laps around the velodrome. Once the cycling race is over, there is a presentation of the highlights, race results then followed with the line up to the virtual motor races.

This cycle continues round the clock, guaranteeing you access to live sports betting options round the clock.

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Virtual Betting Bonuses

Unfortunately, William Hill does not feature any bonuses or offers to target the virtual sports market. Currently, all you will have at your disposal are the regular promotions and offers available in the other gaming categories.

From the main promotions page, you will be welcomed with a list of over a dozen bonuses and offers. To start you off is a Welcome Bonus package that has been designed for each gaming lobby. If you sign up as a new gamer in the casino section, you will be given a 100% bonus on your first deposit of £10 or above up to a maximum £300. To claim this bonus, you have to provide the promo code C30 during the registration of the account.

The bulk of the bonuses here can be found in the horse races. William Hill gives horse racing fans daily, weekly and even monthly bonuses for bets placed on the horse races featured here. /p>

In-play betting on Virtual Sports

In-play live betting is available for the virtual football matches only. Here the markets will remain open throughout the play, allowing you to place your bets. However, it is important to note the virtual football matches are way shorter than real life football matches. This means you will have second to calculate which bets you would like to place in-play.

With the other virtual sports and races offered here, there are no in-play live betting options available. You will, therefore, be required to be fast in analysing the next event and placing the bet within the break periods, which on average last 2 minutes only. One trick you can use here is to check out the upcoming events beforehand by clicking the ‘Future Races/Matches’ tab placed right below the embedded video screen. This way you will be able to view up to 5 races beforehand which allows you more time especially if you are to place multi-bets.

Mobile betting on Virtual Sports

William Hill has further made it easier for you to play on the go through their mobile platform. You can opt to either use the mobile version of their website. The site is optimised for mobile browsing and thus will work quite well with any modern smartphone or tablet.

Alternatively, you can opt to use downloadable mobile apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. The William Hill iOS app is readily available on the iTunes app store. The Android version, on the other hand, is to be installed using the .apk file that is provided through the William Hill website.

Whichever avenue you opt to use, you will still have access to all that William Hill has to offer, including virtual games and bets. The interface of the mobile platforms is quite easy to use, and you will easily locate the ‘Virtuals’ tab on the menu bar.

Virtual Sports Provider

The virtual sports on William Hill are powered by Inspired. This UK based company has in the recent past built a name among the industry leaders as much as virtual and 3D gaming is concerned. Inspired has been the brain and driving force behind the virtual gaming products offered in more than a hundred online gaming sites.

One thing that sets Inspired’s virtual gaming products apart is the quality of animation and graphics used. The content is sharp and clear, helping to produce a simulation that is very close to the real thing.

Payment methods

William Hill has a cashier section that is quite open and accommodative to gamers in all zones and regions. Here you can make deposits and withdrawals using diverse means which include credit cards, e-wallets, online banking, cash vouchers, and direct bank transfers.

Among the most common payment methods, you can use here are Visa, MasterCard, EntroPay, Diners Club, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Yandex, Euteller, Sofort, Trustly, PaySafeCard, and bank cheque. In addition, the cashier accepts different major currencies such as USD, GBP, and EURO.

The transaction processing timeline will depend on the method you opt to use for either your deposits or withdrawals. For credit cards, withdrawals take about 3 to 5 business days while bank transfers can take as much as ten business days. The fastest of these are e-wallets of which withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
Visa LogoVisa£5£99,000Instant
MasterCard LogoMasterCard£5£99,000Instant
Maestro LogoMaestro£5£99,000Instant
Postepay LogoPostepay£5£99,000Instant
Diners Club LogoDiners Club£5£99,000Instant
WilliamHill CashDirect LogoWilliamHill CashDirect£10£5,000Instant
Paysafe Card LogoPaysafe Card£10£200Instant
PayPal LogoPayPal£10£5,500Instant
Skrill LogoSkrill£10£80,000Instant
Neteller LogoNeteller£10£25,000Instant
EcoPayz LogoEcoPayz£10£8,400Instant
ApplePay LogoApplePay£5£99,000Instant
Fast Bank Transfer LogoFast Bank Transfer£10£10,000Instant
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer
TrueLayer LogoTrueLayer£5£99,000Instant
Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Visa LogoVisa£5£33,000up to 4 hours
MasterCard LogoMasterCard£5£33,0001 to 3 days
Maestro LogoMaestro£5£33,0001 to 3 days
Postepay LogoPostepay£5£99,0001 to 3 days
Diners Club LogoDiners Club£5£99,0001 to 3 days
WilliamHill CashDirect LogoWilliamHill CashDirect£10£9,900Instant
Paysafe Card LogoPaysafe Card
PayPal LogoPayPal£10£5,500Same day
Skrill LogoSkrill£5£80,000Same day
Neteller LogoNeteller£5£25,000Same day
EcoPayz LogoEcoPayz£5£300,000Same day
ApplePay LogoApplePay
Fast Bank Transfer LogoFast Bank Transfer
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer£25£100,0003 to 5 days
TrueLayer LogoTrueLayer£5£33,000Same day


Can I play William Hill virtual sports via mobile phones?

Yes, through either your regular mobile browser or by downloading the William Hill apps, you can play the virtual sports on the go through your mobile phone or tablet.

Does William Hill have a virtual football league?

Not really, William Hill offers virtual football matches that are not structured in a league format. The matches are random picks amongst national football teams.

Do I have to play the video streams for me to bet on virtual sports?

No, the video streams are placed there for entertainment purposes only. Using the screen control buttons on the video streams, you can either mute or stop the live simulated action. The scheduled virtual games will still carry on and the results published after each round.

Can I use the other bonuses to bet on virtual sports?

This will depend on the specific bonuses’ terms and conditions. You will realise that each bonus package is bound by its unique set of terms and conditions that determine how it is used. It is important you take time to read and understand the bonus terms and conditions before opting into any of these offers to avoid disagreements in the future.

The video streams are not loading on my browser. What do I do?

Check if the Adobe flash plugin is enabled from your browser. If you do not have this, you will need to install for smooth running and playing of these video streams.

I am unable to launch virtual sports on my mobile browser. What should I do?

Just as with the desktop site, you need to ensure your mobile browser is up to date and supports video streaming services. Besides, you need to check if William Hill accepts gamers from your zone or country of residence.

Can I cancel a virtual sports bet?

No, you cannot cancel a virtual sports bet once the bet is confirmed.


Is there cash out option with virtual sports?

No, the William Hill virtual sports do not offer cash out option.

Conclusion and Rating

William Hill has made quite some effort with developing a virtual sports betting portal. However, for a bookmaker of its caliber, quite a number of upgrades are needed here for them to be at par with current market leaders. For instance, without a formal league, virtual football tends to be a bit lacklustre. The betting markets offered here are quite a letdown especially for the virtual horse and greyhound races. Lastly, the bonuses offered seem not to favour the virtual gamers, and the primary focus here is on the horse racetracks.

Nonetheless, by all indications, this is a work in progress, and we hope that with time William Hill will improve on the variety of games and betting markets on offer.

Rating: 7/10

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