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How to Delete 22bet Account: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

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How to delete 22Bet account
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There are a few different reasons why you might wish to stop playing with 22bet. It could be that you want to stop gambling completely, or it might just be that you enjoy the experience more at a different site. Whatever the reason, you might find yourself in a position of wanting to delete your 22bet account. Unfortunately, players cannot trigger this process just by clicking an option in their account while logged in, but there is a way of doing it by other means.

How to delete my 22Bet account

Instructions for Deleting Your 22bet Account in Steps

As customers themselves cannot delete their accounts, the only way of doing it is by contacting 22bet.

The most simple and trouble-free answer to the question of how to delete my 22bet account is to follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account and withdraw any funds you may have.
  2. It is much easy to get your hands on your money while you still have access to your account.
  3. When the withdrawal is complete and you have received the funds, log in to your personal email account. This should be the one linked to your 22bet account.
  4. Write an email to support-en@22bet.com stating your account details and the reason you wish to delete your account.
  5. Send your email. You should receive a response within 24 hours, although it may take longer during busy periods.

Via Live Chat

In our experience, the chat feature at 22bet is rather hit-and-miss, so we recommend using email instead for account closure requests. Not only can responses take some time, but chat operators are typically not willing to close accounts themselves; instead, they will often tell you that sending an email is how to delete your 22bet account.

Via Email

How to delete 22Bet account

Generally speaking, 22bet does not recommend players permanently delete their account, but if you really want it shut down quickly, put gambling addiction down as the reason for wanting to leave. Should you do this and 22Bet deny your request or are very slow to react, this will be in breach of their gambling licence.

As such, these requests are dealt with more seriously.

What Does It Mean If I Delete or Cancel My 22Bet Account?

If you delete your 22Bet account, it means that it no longer exists, and therefore it cannot be recovered. Due to this, players should be sure this is the action they want to take as the process is not reversible once initiated.

If you wish to delete your account due to a gambling addiction, one alternative is to self-exclude yourself from the website for a set period of time. This opt-in service enables customers to block access to their account for one month, six months or one year. Be aware, though, that self-restriction can be bypassed simply by asking customer services to remove it, so it is not suitable for everyone.

22bet Alternatives

If you do not wish to play at 22bet any longer but still would prefer a site with a similar offering, good alternatives include

These all feature a large sportsbook and a wide range of casino games on a similarly presented website. Additionally, they operate in a lot of the same countries so you should find you are not restricted from playing at them due to your physical location.

How Do I Reactivate My 22bet Account?

Whether or not you can reactivate your 22Bet account depends on what process you took to deactivate it in the first place. If you simply did not access it for three or more months and got it blocked that way, this is recoverable.

All you need to do is write to customer services, and they can reactive it for you as your details will still be on their system. If you have followed our instructions on how to delete 22bet account by emailing customer services, however, such accounts cannot be reactivated.


Why is my 22Bet Account Restricted?

22Bet reserves the right to place partial or full restrictions on account for any reason it deems appropriate. This could include reasons like suspicious betting activity or a failure to provide verification documents.

Can I register another account at 22bet if I remove my current one?

Should you wish to return to 22Bet in future, it is worth checking with customer services before making a new account. They may, for example, prevent you from accessing a new customer offer as these are intended for players who have never bet at the site before.

Will 22bet close my account if I just stop using it?

The other way to get your account blocked at 22bet is simply to not use it. If you have not logged in to your account for a period of three straight months, 22Bet will automatically close it.

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