Tips for betting on tennis

In this article we will discuss tennis bets, what to pay attention to, and how to be successful in your bets. Before that, however, let us tell you a little bit about tennis as a sport.

tips for tennis bettors
Our list with vital tips about betting on tennis.

Introduction to tennis as a sport

There are two tennis associations – Men’s Association (ATP) and Women’s Association (WTA). Tennis matches are played singles, for example one man against another man or a woman against another woman and doubles. Generally, doubles in most tournaments are of the same gender, but in the Grand Slam matches there are mixed doubles, where men and women are on the same team.


Tennis has its own calendar of tournaments. They begin in January and end in late November, every year. Each week there is a new tournament or tournaments. There are various tournaments series like ATP 250, ATP 500, ATP 1000 WTA 125, Davis Cup and of course the Grand Slam. They are 4 – Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the Open tournament of the United States. These are the biggest tournaments; otherwise there are other Challenger Series where there are more obscure and weak players or those who were not invited to major tournaments.
Tennis matches are played in 3 sets, and two are needed for a player to win. In the Grand Slam tournaments and Davis Cup players must win 3 sets out of 5.

Women always play up to 2 won from the 3 sets, no matter what rank is the tournament.

Each set is played until a player wins 6 games, and if the result is 5-5, then 7 games are played, because to win the set, a player must have at least 2 games advantage.

Only if the games are 6-6, then tiebreak is played. It determines who will win the 7th game and the set.

After the brief introduction to the basics of tennis, let’s talk a little bit about the structure of the tournament and what you need to know about it when you want to bet. Each tournament has a so-called Draw – this is a table with players that shows who plays with whom and with whom he/she may happen to play in the next phase of the tournament. Draws are different for single men and doubles men as well as for single women and doubles women.

The second thing you care about is Order of play or in other words the daily schedule of the tournament. It always displays in the local for the tournament time, the time of start of a match on the court and the court on which the match will be played (if there are more than one courts). That way you can track the next games that are coming. The program always comes out the previous day.

Draws and programs for each tournament can be found on the official websites of the two tennis associations.

You are now ready to look at the bets that bookmaker sites offer.


Types of tennis bets

Betting on a match winner
This is the simplest bet in which you only choose a tennis match and decide on whom to bet on. Before betting, however, get some information on the form of the two players and what the statistics of the matches between them shows. If the tournament is in more advanced phase, check what has happened in the previous game, how long it lasted. You should do this because fatigue often influences tennis players.

Betting on a game winner
In each game the winner can be only one. Usually, the one who serves has a greater chance to win the games. But this applies mostly to men. In women’s matches it is not always the case, since there are not many women players who can generate powerful serves.

In the games there is the so-called break – when the tennis player who has served in the game, loses it. This means that the other player breaks through the game. Breaks are very typical in females’ matches and in matches between undisputed favorites and a weaker player.

Betting on a point winner
You have the opportunity to bet even on the winner of the rally. This option is always active for the next point in the game, not for the one that is currently happening. Basically the tennis player who serves is the favorite to win the rally, but of course it depends on the players.

Set betting – Total games
The maximum number of games that can be played in a set is 13. If you think the match is leveled and none of the tennis players will allow a break, meaning they will win every game, which they have served, then the result obviously will be 6-6 games. Then comes the tiebreak which automatically means 13 total games in this set. When you encounter such a match you can safely bet on Over a certain number of games. If you see one player to “smash” his/her rival, then you bet on Under a certain number of games.

Set betting – Result
You have to calculate, how many break your favorite is capable of and whether he/she is good at his/her serves. After making this, you can bet on the correct games score in a set.

Betting on total games in a match
If you think the match will be leveled and there will be many games played before the winner is known, then you can bet on Over a certain number of games in a match. If you think that your favorite will win with fewer games, bet on Under a certain number of games in a match.

Game betting – Result
You can bet on the result of a certain game. Usually tennis players with powerful serves, win their games on 0 or 15, so can you trust them.


Track the form of the tennis players

To be successful in tennis betting, monitor the form of the players. A good practice is to select a few players from both associations, keep track of their games, their results and thus successfully predict their subsequent games.


If you are looking for a surprise…

If you are looking for a surprise and profits on greater odd, pay attention of women’s matches. First, very often there are breaks, and very often the tennis player who is leading with 5-2 games, and is one step away from winning the set, makes a mistake and loses with 5-7, for example. Of course, to make such an assumption you should watch the match live.
Of course, tennis is a great game where some of the greatest athletes are born and bets placed on tennis have always been full of thrills and emotions. Comply to the rules for betting on tennis and gain profits. Good luck!

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