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Futsal Betting

Futsal is very similar to soccer but on a much smaller scale. The name is derived from the Portuguese “fut”, for foot, and “sal”, meaning hall in Spanish. From that, you can deduct that it is an indoor form of the game. The teams comprise five players per side, one of whom is the goalkeeper. The sport enjoys huge popularity worldwide, and as a result, is an attractive subject for betting. Here we discuss some of the best Futsal betting sites to engage with when batting on Futsal, as well as some pointers to help you bet wisely.


Top online bookmakers for betting on futsal

With the sports’ growing popularity, there has been growth in the number of bookmakers offering betting on futsal. Let’s look at the top licensed bookies that cater for futsal betting.

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1xBet futsal betting

1xbet is one of the best betting sites for punting on futsal. The bookie covers different futsal competitions and offers multiple pre-match markets. Moreover, it has helpful Futsal features that you will appreciate.

  • Pros
  • Offers competitive futsal odds.
  • Has exciting futsal betting tips.
  • Provides punters with live betting options.
  • Allows access to live futsal results
  • Cons
  • Only covers international futsal events.

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Melbet futsal betting

In addition to offering players multiple fast payment methods, Melbet provides serious gamblers with exciting futsal matches. You can hence punt on tournaments such as FIFA Futsal World Cup.

  • Pros
  • Great futsal odds.
  • Offers futsal live betting services.
  • Helpful futsal bet-building tool.
  • Provides live results of futsal matches.
  • Cons
  • No futsal bonuses.

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Betwinner futsal betting

The operator Betwinner is known for its superb support. Furthermore, it is among the bookies that tirelessly update their futsal platform to ensure gamblers always have futsal matches to punt on.

  • Pros
  • Bet builder tool for futsal bettors.
  • Competitive futsal odds.
  • Cash-out supported.
  • Supports live futsal betting.
  • Cons
  • Few bet types on in-play events.

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Most popular betting markets

Futsal betting
  • Match winner
  • Self-explanatory. You choose the side you think will win. Look at the odds being offered carefully. The more likely winner will have lower odds than the underdog, but by that token, your winnings will be much greater if you wagered on the weaker team, and they win. A slightly different form of this bet is draw-no-bet, in which your bet is voided, and your wager returned if the fixture ends in a draw. There is a further expansion to his bet, where odds are offered for both teams wins and a draw. Whatever the result, there will be a winner.
  • Total goals
  • The bookmaker will offer one set of odds up to a prescribed number of the total goals scored in the match. They will also produce another set for more goals higher than that number. You will need to predict whether there will be more or fewer goals than the specified number to win your bet.
  • Game props
  • Props, or proposition bets, have little to do with the final outcome of an event. Different Futsal betting sites will offer a variety of props during a game. These could be the first player to score, longest pass, most corners, most fouls, penalties, etc. Some futsal betting sites permit live betting during the games, and the odds will always be changing as the game progresses. A few sites also feature live-streaming of games, with in-play bettors in mind.
  • Tournament winner
  • Generally a long term bet, you must bet on the overall winner of a tournament or campaign. This bet is usually placed before the commencement of the tournament, although some bookmakers do allow bets during the series at lower odds. Most sites will allow other bets, like runner-up, top 4, etc., as well as first-round group winner, teams progressing, top goalscorer, the man of the match, and many other variables. With as many as 48 matches plated, there is plenty to whet your appetite.

Why bet on Futsal?

Why should you bet on Futsal? Take a look at some of the pros and cons.

  • Pros
  • Futsal is a fast-growing international sport, and more bookmakers are becoming involved with it all the time, so your available choice of Futsal betting sites is always growing.
  • Futsal is similar to soccer, so those familiar with the latter will easily understand the betting procedures and terms. Many of the betting markets are the same for both sports.
  • The game is not as complicated as some sports, such as NFL or cricket. For that reason, there are fewer variables to consider, making betting choices easier.
  • Cons
  • Many bookmakers offer Futsal betting on their websites but quite often have no events on offer, despite matches being played.
  • Futsal is not as popular on betting sites as some other sports.
  • News and information on the sport are not readily available on mainstream media.

Important Factors to Consider

Approaching your betting wisely is good practice. A little research can go a long way. Let’s look at some tips. In addition, you can check our futsal betting guide for more details.

1. Back the stronger teams

The odds offered are a good indication of how strong a team is. Backing a winning team will give less in terms of winnings vs bet, but your chance of winning something back is always higher. As a beginner, we advise backing the stronger teams until you have more of a feel for that particular league or tournament.

2. Research recent form and statistics

We did mention that Futsal is not widely covered by the general media; so visit some dedicated Futsal sites to keep up with the latest news regarding form, predictions, and team information. Look for information on the FIA (the governing body) site. Search for sports magazine sites that publish the latest news on Futsal. The relevant local administering authorities, and the futsal clubs themselves, will also provide information and media releases on their websites and social media.

3. Keep an eye for a good goalie

The goalkeeper in soccer is an important member of the team. In Futsal, the goalie is twice as important. With fewer players on a smaller field, the keeper works harder. Look for a goalie that impresses you, and research what his goals conceded per game figures are. The lower that figure, the fewer games the team is likely to have lost.

4. Research information about injured players

An injured key player can be a major headache, particularly in a team of only 5 players. Keep up to date with the latest news on player injuries, individual lack of form, or suspensions. Look out for players that are about to return from recovery, as they could boost a team’s recent form.

5. What about betting in-play on Futsal?

The majority of bookies do allow in-play betting. There are usually several markets to choose from, and the odds are changing all the time. More sites are now offering Futsal live streaming, so you can follow the game and adjust your bets accordingly as it progresses.

Our Final Thoughts

Futsal’s ever-growing popularity make it a natural avenue for sports betting. It is a fast, vibrant, and entertaining game. Although not as well covered as soccer, we find that bookies are generally more generous with futsal odds. There are several of the bigger reputable bookmakers that offer futsal betting, so you can be assured that your betting is secure. The similarity to soccer makes futsal easy to understand for anyone who has followed soccer, and the betting characteristics are similar.


How do I choose the best futsal betting site?

We recommend that you start with one of the top sites. They are secure, strictly governed, and reliable. Read up on them beforehand to establish their terms of payment and withdrawal, as well as the types of bonus offered. Do take note of their terms and whether any countries are restricted when it comes to gambling with them. Look at the accepted payment methods.

Is futsal betting the same as that on soccer?

It’s very similar. The object of both games is the same. Some rules have been adapted to suit futsal, and there are fewer players. Futsal is played indoors, on a much smaller pitch. The betting markets for both sports are almost identical, although some regulations are different.

Where is futsal mostly played?

The game originated in South America in the 1930s. It quickly became popular in most Latin-American countries before spreading to Europe and then the rest of the world. Many of today’s soccer superstars, such as Messi and Ronaldo, started out playing futsal! It is now played in most countries. Being an indoor game, venues are more easily accessible, and weather conditions do not affect the game.

Is there a futsal World Cup that I can bet on?

Yes, there is. The tournament has been held every 4 years since 1989. The World Cup now attracts entrants from 24 countries. Most futsal betting sites do offer the World Cup among their betting portfolio. A World Cup event generally opens up a lot more betting markets during the tournament, so you could be busy for the duration. This is due to the tournament format comprising both league and knockout rounds. Apart from the overall bet, there is a lot of opportunity for other types of bets.

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