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Reload bonuses are the most common promotion that you’ll find on the betting websites. They are preferred by most players because they can drastically improve your game, and at the same time, their claiming terms are not complicated, and you can easily see them. Take a look at the list of bookmakers that offer reload bonuses.

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How does a Reload Bonus Work?

Unlike the no deposit bonuses, the reload offers are always related to your account funding. As their name implies, they are offered on your next account transaction.

Usually, they are given when you successfully deposit real funds, but they remain in a different “account” in our profile. That’s done in order for you to differentiate between the money you’ve deposited and the bonus amount.

The reload bonuses are a percentage of your next deposit. Their size can vary, but it’s always mentioned in the offer’s conditions. In general, their terms resemble those of standard bonuses for new clients, with the only difference being that these are offered for the following transactions.

The reload bonuses can be 100%, 50%, 25%, and so on, from your deposit, and there will always be a maximum amount that they can reach. You will also find information about their wagering requirements and the sections where you can use them.

When can I get a Reload Bonus?

As we’ve mentioned, this is a widespread promotion that’s popular among bookmakers. Usually, it is a part of the permanent bonus portfolio. Here are the types of reload bonuses that you can find.

  • Bonus for the second and third deposit
    It’s not rare to find betting websites that offer a welcome package of not just one but three deposit bonuses. This means that you will get an offer both for your first and for your next two transactions. In most cases, the proposals for your second and third deposits have different percentages and maximum bonus amounts.

  • Weekly reload bonus
    This type of deposit bonus is offered for certain days of the week. Bookmakers themselves choose which days to add, but usually, it is a period where the platform’s visits are generally fewer. The promo itself is created in order to attract the players’ interest. Other than that, this bonus is no different than those we’ve described above. The only specific is that in order to claim them, you have to fund your account on a particular day of the week.

  • Monthly deposit bonus
    The other type of offers that we’ve come across is monthly reloading bonuses. As their name implies, they are promotions that you can get if you fund your account once a month. They also have a predetermined maximum amount and wagering requirements.

  • Special proposition
    Some bookmakers have the tradition of sending invitations for deposit bonuses to their clients who haven’t visited the platform for a long time. These kinds of notifications can be sent via SMS or email. The invitation text contains the bonus amount that you will receive on your next transaction and also what its requirements are. In almost all cases, these invitations come along with a particular expiry date.

  • Bonuses for loyal customers
    The users who are a part of the bookmakers’ Loyalty Program also receive regular deposit bonuses offers. Usually, people who bet regularly on a given platform can also get a reload offer. There are many bookmakers who won’t leave such loyalty unrewarded.

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