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1xBet doesn’t load up – How to Set Proxy in 1xBet

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1xBet is not available in my country
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If you are having trouble opening 1xBet website lately, you should keep in mind that it’s not your fault. We received numerous reports from our readers who use the 1xBet mirror link, but despite that, they still can’t load up the betting variety on the site. We at Efirbet take all our readers’ problems seriously, which is why we’ve decided to show how to set proxy in 1xBet.

No access to site 1XBET?

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Efirbet’s team received an official answer from 1xBet. After reading it, it turns out that the temporary restrictions are on, due to the fact that the company is starting technical preparations to receive a license in Europe. We hope that the procedure will be fast and trouble-free, but until then, take a look at how you can access the website in the following lines.

How to Set Proxy in 1xBet

Proxy for 1xBet
  1. Try loading 1xbet by clicking on some of the links or buttons in this review.
  2. If that does not work, use poxy for 1xBet.
  3. Start the VPN client you are using.
  4. Choose Liechtenstein as a preferred country.
  5. Activate the program. That’s it. You already know how to set proxy in 1xbet.
  6. Return to our review and load the betting platform using some of our active mirror links for 1xBet

I can’t access 1xBet. Why?

As you know, the Russian bookmaker 1xBet doesn’t have a license to operate in some countries. That’s why accessing the website is restricted, and you have to use an alternative link in order to enter it. Of course, you will always find the latest mirror link for 1xBet on our website.

However, sometimes, even they don’t help, and there are many reasons for that. There are times where the platform decides to review its mirror links, which makes them unavailable for a certain period of time. It’s also possible that the authorities received a report against this bookmaker, which means that they are covering the “1xBet zerkalo” searches in Google up close.

If you like 1xBet for its numerous bonuses, you won’t want to wait until the examination is over. That’s why we offer you two ways in which you can access the betting website you prefer.

How to open 1xBet on PC?

In case none of the 1xBet mirror links mentioned above works, you could use the services of a VPN client. There are many apps on the market that hide your IP. To make a long story short, they will disguise from what country you’re trying to enter the bookmaker’s website.

Every similar software will provide you detailed instructions on how to use it, but we decided to show you how to deal with one of the most popular ones – UrbanVPN. Here is how to download and install UrbanVPN:

    How to Download UrbanVPN
  1. Load the UrbanVPN official website and press the “Free Download” button, which is located in the right corner of the website. It will start downloading the app.
  2. UrbanVPN Installation
  3. When the UrbanVPN2.exe file is downloaded, start the installation process. Due to the fact that the program doesn’t come from Microsoft, Windows will ask you for permission. You can safely allow the installation.
  4. When the process is over (it won’t take more than a minute), the app will automatically open.
  5. How to change your IP Address
  6. The only thing left to do is to choose your desired location. In order to access 1xBet without any problems, we suggest opening the website from Malta, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, or any of the Latin American countries.
  7. Once your IP address is safely disguised, you can open 1xBet’s login links without any problems.

How to open 1xBet on my phone?

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to bet from their mobile devices, and every renowned bookmaker knows this. If you’re still not sure whether playing from your phone or tablet is for you, we advise you to read everything about 1xBet’s mobile version, which offers the same endless possibilities that you can find on the desktop site. If you check the review, you will find in-depth instructions on how to download and install 1xBet’s app for Android, as well as iOS. You can find a link to it underneath the installation steps.

If you stumble upon any difficulties, they are probably based on the fact that 1xBet’s website is not working due to some of the reasons we’ve mentioned above. So, in this case, you will have to use the services of a VPN. The installation steps are not hard at all, and they pretty much overlap with what we’ve described above.

    • Urban VPN Android AppUeban VPN iOS Appliation
    1. Open Google Market if you have a device that has an Android operating system or the App Store if you have an iPhone or an iPad.
    2. Input the name of the app – UrbanVPN.
    3. You should see the application with an active download button.
    4. Press it, and once the application is downloaded, it will install itself on your device.
    5. Open it and change your location to a different country, where most bookmaker’s mirror links will work trouble-free – Malta, Norway, Ukraine, etc.
    6. The only thing left to do after that is to visit 1xBet and play directly through the bookmaker’s mobile version.
    7. If you prefer, you can download the 1xBet application and play directly from your mobile device, without using your browser.

    Download 1xBet on Android

    As we’ve already mentioned, we have a special review of 1xBet mobile services. There, you can read the most important aspects of 1xBet’s mobile version and how to use it more efficiently. What’s more, you can also take a look at the process of downloading the installation files and the installation process itself.



    It’s good to know that some other famous bookmakers, such as Melbet, for example, also can’t be accessed directly from some countries because they don’t have a license. You can always find a working link for Melbet on our website, but sometimes, this company’s platform is also restricted to some countries. If MelBet doesn’t work and you’re wondering why the reasons are most likely the same as those that limit your access to 1xBet. In these scenarios, you can use a VPN client. There is no difference in the download and install process.


    Sometimes, we at Efirbet receive reports from readers, which indicate that Betwinner can’t be opened. This bookmaker is preferred among players because it offers exciting game options, all sorts of different betting sections, and a wide variety of promotions. If you can’t access the site from any of the Betwinner alternative links we’ve published on our website, it means that it’s a good idea to use VPN software.

    Why can’t I open 1xBet?

    Sadly, until 1xBet gets a license for some countries, your access to the website could be limited for a certain period of time. In fact, this is an ongoing problem in many countries. If you make a Google search, you will notice how popular the “1xbet не работает” phrase is. That’s because even the Russian players sometimes have difficulties accessing the platform. The most important thing, in this case, is to be flexible. If you take advantage of our advice, nothing will interfere with your game.

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