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How to Book a Bet at Bet9ja

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Bet9ja has many interesting features, and one of these is known as book a bet. In order to book a bet, you should follow these steps:

Bet9ja betslip
  1. Start by going to the official Bet9ja website.
  2. Even if you have an account on the site, you shouldn’t log into your account.
  3. Then you can choose the betting markets you want to punt on.
  4. You can then click the ‘Bet’ button on the bet slip.
  5. After that, you can print the bet slip by clicking the button labelled ‘Print the Booking’.
  6. Another option is to send the bookings to your email address.
  7. Next, you can go to a Bet9ja betting shop, where you will show a confirmation of the booked bets. This can either be in the form of an email or a printout.
  8. Finally, you can make a payment to the cashier, and the wager will be activated.
  9. You should note that the odds for the booked bets may change before you make the payment. However, once the wager is activated, the odds will not be altered anymore.

Book a Bet at Bet9ja


How many Bet9ja betting shops are in Nigeria?

There are more than 3500 Bt9ja betting shops in the country. Most of the betting shops in the country are located in Lagos, which is the capital city of Nigeria.

Do I need to create an account at Bet9ja in order to book a bet?

No, you will not be required to create an account at Bet9ja in order to book a bet. In fact, punters who have an account on the site will have to log out so that they book a bet.

Will I have to deposit funds into my account in order to book a bet?

No, you don’t need to deposit funds into your account in order to book a bet. You should simply go to the betting site and choose your betting markets, after which you can print out the bet slip. Alternatively, you can send it to your email.

What is the minimum gambling age at Bet9ja?

In order to gamble at Bet9ja betting shops or the official website, you will have to be at least 18 years old. As per the rules of the bookie, you will have to show proof of your age before you make withdrawals on the platform.

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