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How to Unblock My Bet9ja Account

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Casino Bet9ja can block your account for breaching its terms and conditions. Whenever this happens, you will need to take some steps to unblock your account. Let’s see some possible answers to the question ‘How to unblock my Bet9ja account‘!

How to Proceed if My Bet9ja Account is Blocked?

Since you cannot access your account at this point, you will have to get in touch with the customer support team. When crafting the emails, you should use a relevant subject like โ€˜Unblock My Bet9ja Accountโ€™ and add the recipient as

The customer care team will ask you for extra information so that they conduct an investigation. Some details you may need to provide include your identification number or documents from your payment provider.

Bet9ja account blocked

In case your account was suspended for suspicious activity, the investigation may help you restore your account. However, if you actually breached their terms of service, your account may be terminated permanently. For example, if you have duplicate accounts, the investigation may lead to the closure of your account.

While your Bet9ja account is suspended, any active bets on the Bet9ja account will be voided, and the wagers will be sent back to your payment account. In other words, while you are trying to find how to unblock your betting profile, you will not be able to play at Bet9ja.

You should note that the bookie may forward your details to sports betting bodies and other regulatory services to prevent further misuse of gambling platforms.

Unblock Bet9ja Account


Should I pay to investigate my account?

Bet9ja will not charge you for the investigation, but if they discover that your dishonesty caused them some money directly, you may be liable for the losses.

Can I restore my Bet9ja account with some additional verification documents?

Yes, you will have to scan your national ID card or driving license and send these documents to the customer support team of Bet9ja.

How fast does the Bet9ja customer support team respond to queries?

The support team of Bet9ja will respond to your email within 48 hours. However, unblocking your account will take longer as they will have to conduct an investigation.

Will I lose my winnings if my account at Bet9ja is blocked?

No. While investigating your case, the brand will freeze your balance, but it won’t be lost.

Can I restore my account at Bet9ja with another id?

No. That’s against the operator’s rules. Players should not register more than one account and must restrain from using other persons’ identities.

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