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Almost everyone at some point in his/her life has faced the decision whether or not to bet on a particular sports event. Why not? If he/she is sure of the prediction, then it’s not such a bad idea. Then, he/she places a high odds bet at a particular bookmaker, putting a lot of money and he/she wins or loses. In this article, we have put valuable advice for those who will bet on the Internet for the first time.

tips for beginners in online bets
First steps in Betting

These instructions will give you a guideline when choosing a betting site; you will learn what to pay attention to while making your first bets, but also at what to aim.


Suppose that the aforementioned person has won a bet on his/her favorite tennis player in a tournament, which the bettor has never heard of. What will happen if he/she decides to bet again on the next tournament? Is/her his favorite tennis player going to win again? What if the tournament is the Grand Slam, and the former was just a tournament from the average levels of the tennis association. What if the bettor chooses to bet more money this time, misled by the higher odds for his favorite? Here the chance of losing is much greater than to win!

For a stable building that will not collapse, there must be a solid foundation! Same is valid for sports betting. Each player on sports markets must follow certain rules and tips to be profitable in the long run. Anyone can be lucky at some point and win a lot of money, but it is highly likely that a few days later the bookmaker will collect them back after many subsequent unsuccessful bets.

This article is for all beginners (and not only) who do not want to be among the many losers in online betting. Here, you will find tips on how to start betting and what to watch out for.


How to choose the right place to bet?

It is true that nowadays betting on any sports event is very fast and easy. It is enough to have a device with internet access and an account at any of the online bookmakers. If you are a beginner, do not rush, look at what the different recommended bookmakers offer, see which ones allow legal betting in the country, read reviews about them and then register at the most advantageous or appropriate one for you. You will hardly find a bookmaker that does not offer a bonus for a new registration. Take advantage of it too. Once you gain experience in betting, you can register in other betting companies to take advantage of their offers.


How to place your first bet?

Once you have an account at a bookmaker, you can dive into the endless ocean of sports betting. But how can you bet your first money? Do not be afraid, start with a small amount on more certain bet. Even if you win a small amount, it will be in your favor form a psychological aspect. If you lose, do not get disappointed, after all, this is your first bet. Your goal is to be successful in the long run.


Stay on track

Once you have decided to deal with sports betting and making the most of it, then it is time to start being interested in the events on which you bet your money. Research, read reviews of matches, analysys and news related to sports on which you place your stakes.


Be consistent

This advice is very valuable if you want to gain profit from your bets. Remember that successful players of sports markets are extremely persistent in their bets and in the ways in which they predict them. You can not always rely on luck, because it will disappear at some point. For example, if you bet on certain teams, then you should be interested in their present state, whether there are injured or suspended players, etc. Be consistent, inform yourself and your chances of winning will drasickly increase.


Be patient

Whenever you bet, be patient. Even if your bet does not go according to plan, do not get disappointed, because the greatest victories are won at the end. Even if you lose, do not give up, because if you are interested, if you are persistent and patient then the chance to win next time is greater.


Resist emotions while betting

Each of us has experienced strong emotions at some point. Do you know that 99% of the decisions we take while we are emotional are wrong? Yes, it is true. When you start betting, you will get angry many times because, for example, you have bet a lot of money and have lost only one of the ten matches. What will you do then? Are you going to look for ways to return your money? Will you bet everything in your account no matter what the odds are? Don’t do it!

This is emotional thinking, and it is wrong in all cases. Stop, rest for a while and only after you are stable with your emotions go back to betting. Create a new analysis and calculate correctly your next bets.


Stay on track with the odds

When many people start to bet a lot of money on an event, usually the bookmakers lower the certain odd. At one point, the bookmaker may not accept any other bets for the particular event.

Follow carefully the odds, because suppose that you have decided to bet on the match Barcelona vs Sevilla. If 24 hours before the match the odds for Barca to win were 1.5, then before the game, they may be 1.4 or 1.35, for example. This means that a lot of money has been placed on the victory of Barcelona. If you’ve done your analysis of this meeting well in advance, you will have the opportunity to bet on the greater odds.

In our guide we have included the topic of the odds, and we have paid attention to it, so that any beginner can get acquainted in detail with them. You can learn further about odds, their types and how they are calculated.


Be careful with bets on favorites

Whenever you decide to bet on an event with an apparent favorite, be careful, especially if you decide to bet a lot of money. Each series has its end in any sport, so carefully evaluate your opponents before you bet. Also, pay more attention when, in football, for example, you bet on a match that is not in the championship of the country, but is a match of the Cup of the country. Quite often there are surprises in which smaller teams play far above their level, led by the incentive to get popular and to promote some of their players. After you have analyzed the chances of success, you can decide to bet on some of the outsiders.


Set limits for yourself

It is important to set some goals, but also frames in which to bet. Determine your monthly budget with which to bet and be strict with yourself – do not exceed this budget if things go wrong at the beginning. A good practice is at the end of each month to write down how much money you have started with this month and how much you have at the end of it after you have bet. This way you can track in the long term your profits and losses (if any) of the bets you place.


Do not get obsessed

Do not get obsessed with betting, because gambling sometimes leads to bad consequences for you as a person. Our advice is not to reach the state of using your entire monthly salary on bets.

Always rethink the situation, as we have said, and determine your betting budget. Remember that sports bets are a serious concern and with a properly held betting strategies, you can earn a lot of money. But remember your friends and loved ones, spend time in other things in life. There is always time for betting!

Once you have reached these lines, you already have the basis to start building your reputation as a successful player in sports betting. If nothing else, these tips will prevent you from some mistakes and will also save you valuable time and of course – money. Remember that successful sports betting players are interested in, strict and very patient in their predictions. We are sure you’ll be one of them!

Additional tips: You can read our guide on how to make bets on tennis.

Expert advices for beginners from
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