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Rise of Olympus
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In Rise of Olympus, three powerful Greek gods want to increase your fortune. Each commands otherworldly powers. Sometimes it’s the hand of God that helps you, and sometimes it’s God’s wrath that takes your winnings to the next level. You experience a birds-eye view of the world as seen by the gods, and you discover just how involved in your fate they are.

Rise of Olympus is another slot by Play’n GO that has all the usual bells and whistles. The gods are not without dazzling actions and explosive sounds. Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus use their powers to bring excitement to your adventure.

Graphics, Sounds, and UX

The graphics and sound in Rise of Olympus are impressive. Not only is the title made interesting by the fact that it’s a cascade game instead of the standard slot, but the activity on the screen is thrilling.

The graphic details of the three gods presented in the slot are spot on. Each God commands unique electric pulses or fire, and they are exquisitely rendered. The game makers drew lavish backgrounds for each God in this slot. You’re underwater with Poseidon. You’re in the sky with Zeus, standing on top of Mount Olympus, and you’re in hell with Hades.

The sound in the background is exciting adventure instrumental music. When you combine symbols and get a win, there is the sound of a harp strumming.

At first, you may be bewildered, but it doesn’t take long to adapt to this slot. The game is easy to navigate and fun to play.

How to Play Rise of Olympus

Rise of Olympus Online slot game

It all starts after you find a Rise of Olympus online casino. To play the game, follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose your bet.
  2. Decide if you want to use autoplay.
  3. Press the spin button.

Get winning combinations of three or more of the symbols that include: a harp, a thunderbolt, a trident, a helmet, and the three gods’ images in this slot: Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus.

Look out for the wild symbol, which is a gold shield imprinted with the image of Pegasus, the mythical winged horse.

Be ready to encounter the fierce power of the gods with special features that’ll dramatically affect your winnings. Successfully clear the grid of all symbols, and this starts the free spins bonus.

Special Symbols and Bonus Rounds

The wild symbol is the Pegasus gold shield. Poseidon also likes to give away wild bonus symbols during regular gameplay.

The Hand of God feature can happen at any time. One of the gods will come to your aid and use his specific power, which will affect the game accordingly. Hades makes one or more symbols turn into another symbol, Poseidon gives up to two wilds, and Zeus makes symbols disappear.

There’s an in-game multiplier feature that increases with each drop of the cascading symbols and when getting combinations of god symbols during one round. During the free spins feature, the multiplier can increase to 20x.

Beware of the Wrath of God. You activate three sections in a power meter found to the side of the screen in order to release this feature. All three gods are called upon to use their powers to bring you good fortune.

Your ultimate goal is to obtain the free spins feature, and this happens when you manage to clear the screen of all symbols. The game presents three bonus rounds from which you’ll pick one. Each God has a free spins bonus for you.

Should you activate re-spins, each has a recharge number of free spins. Hades offers four spins, recharged with a further four. Poseidon has five spins with a recharge of three spins, and Zeus gives eight spins, with two recharged.

Rise of Olympus Volatility

Rise of Olympus has high volatility.

Strategies for Rise of Olympus

Rise of Olympus strategies can never be a sure thing, but there are various tactics you can use while playing the slot to make gameplay more fun. You can vary your bet or use autospin, for instance. You may also enjoy Rise of Olympus free play on a site we recommend to practice your skills.

Rise of Olympus Mobile Version

The developers have optimized Rise of Olympus for Android and iOS so that you can play on the go. Rise of Olympus on mobile plays exceptionally well and may even prove to be your preferred method of play.


Where to Play Rise of Olympus With Real Money?

You can play at a Rise of Olympus online casino that we recommend on our site.

How Much Can I Win from Rise of Olympus?

The top payout from Rise of Olympus is 5,000x your stake.

How Much Is the Minimum Stake?

The minimum stake is 0.20 coins. If your luck changes and you want to bet more, the maximum stake is 100 coins.

Will I Lose My Money in the Rise of Olympus Demo Version?

No. You won’t lose your money in the Rise of Olympus. You can play Rise of Olympus for free on a site we recommend.

Is There a Progressive Jackpot in Rise of Olympus?

There is no progressive jackpot in this slot.

What is the RTP for Rise of Olympus?

Rise of Olympus RTP is 96.5%.

What Are the Graphics Like in Rise of Olympus?

The graphics are astounding in this slot. Each God is portrayed with extreme detail.

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