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Nairabet Review

Sports betting has in the recent past become a booming business in Africa. It is especially so in Nigeria, one of the biggest economies in the region. Nairabet has emerged as a leading brand in the region serving not only the Nigerian market but a good number of other African countries as well. This rapid growth of the sports betting industry has attracted some big boys in the industry including international betting brands. What however sets Nairabet apart from the other big players here is that this is the only 100% Nigerian owned and operated online sportsbook, competing against other offshore brands.

How to register at Nairaibet?

Nairabet registration form
Registration form of Nairabet

The first thing you will notice that sets Nairabet apart from most offshore betting companies is with the account opening process. Setting up a Nairabet account is quite easy, provided you based in a country where the site is accessible. There are two ways to go about the account opening process. We will first describe the usual method of registering online through the website.

  • Step 1: To set up an account, open the Nairabet website using the URL and scroll to the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Step 2: You will see an orange button labelled ‘Register.’
  • Step 3: When you click this button, a pop-up window will appear with the online form where you will fill in your details to set up an account. Some of the details required here include your email address, preferred username, password, nationality, mobile number and country of residence.
  • Step 4: At this stage, you will also be prompted to select your trading currency, but this is of no much importance as the only available option already locked to Nigerian Naira.
  • Step 5: Once you have filled in this online form, you will receive an email confirmation with a request to activate your account.

The second option of setting up an account is through the Nairabet Call to Register feature. That is by directly calling the customer support team. Nairabet has a customer care team that is available round the clock.

  • Step 1: Once you call the support team, you will be prompted to give them some critical information such as your full name, date of birth, address, preferred username, phone number, and email address.
  • Step 2: Once the support team has registered your account, you will receive a confirmation email in less than a minute.
  • Step 3: This confirmation email will contain a link that you can use to activate your gaming account, a process that we have explained in detail in the next section.

Create account

Activating and Verifying your account

Something else that sets Nairabet apart from major offshore sites is the account activation and verification process. The usual industry-wide practice with most offshore accounts entails you sending them scanned copies of your IDs and bank statements. However, this is not the case with Nairabet.

To activate your account, click the activation link sent to you via email once your account is registered. Clicking this link activates the account, and it will be all set to go. To verify your account details, Nairabet randomly does certain checks from time to time. The first verification measure put in place is that you cannot withdraw from your gaming account to a bank account whose names do not tally.

If Nairabet needs further verification, they can send a letter to your registered address. During this correspondence, any form of withdrawals from your account will not process until they have verified your details.

How to recover a lost password?

For gamers who previously had an account but are now unable to log in due to a password issue, you can quickly go through the password resetting process to regain access to your account. At the top right corner of the homepage, you will find the bars with spaces to fill in your account username and password. Click the ‘Forgot?’ Placed in the password space. That will trigger a pop-up window prompting you to provide your username and email address. You should then receive an email with instructions and a link on how to complete the password reset process.

On some occasions, getting this password reset email seems to be troublesome. If this is the case, it is advisable you immediately contact the support team for them to assist you in regaining access to your account.

Design and Navigation

Nairabet homepage
Structure and navigation in Nariabet

Nairabet has a basic website design. The homepage is laid out in the classic three column format, with the bet slip to the far right column, the various betting markets populate the sports categories on the far left and the mid-section. There is a small banners section at the top part of the mid-section, highlighting the main promos being offered.

The overall theme is original blue with lots of white spaces. While this simplistic approach to the site makes it easy to navigate and find your way around, it appears too plain and utterly unimpressive. Probably a little more details could add to the aesthetics of the website, making it more intuitive and catchy.

Nonetheless, the website still has some positive elements worth mentioning. For instance, there is a bet suggestion tool that you can to filter through the diverse betting markets in the sportsbook quickly. The bet suggestion tool works in a way that you set the amount you are willing to stake, the potential wins you are looking for and the odds range. The tool will filter the top events for the day and add them to your bet slip. You can then either confirm the bet or modify the bet slip to your liking.

There is also a tutorials section where you will find ‘How to’ guides to various online betting games. There is also a Nairabet blog section which functions as the news and op-ed section on all matters sports. While doing this review, we found the blog page to be quite informative, especially on matters English football and African leagues.

You will also notice that the site has a help section triggered using a small icon placed at the top left corner of the homepage. That is also another critical resource centre where you can find relevant information about the site’s rules and terms and conditions.

Sports Betting

Nairabet sportsbook
Betting on sport in Nairabet

In as much as Nairabet offers both an online casino and a sportsbook on their site, the most significant part of their business interest is in sports betting. Actually, at its inception, the company came about as a sports betting website. For this reason, you will find that Nairabet has a reasonably comprehensive sportsbook. If we were to compare this sportsbook to other more prominent brands operating from outside the country, then it would be fair to say Nairabet has done quite a good job to keep up with the competition.

Not only is their sportsbook properly constituted to include multiple sporting categories, but also the types of betting markets and odds offered are reasonably competitive.

Available Sports

The Nairabet sportsbook hosts up to 20 different sports categories. The range from the most common and popular sports such as football, basketball, tennis, rugby, cricket, and boxing, to less known sports such as floorball, curling, Aussie Rules and futsal. Ideally, this means that there will always be a sporting category with an active event that you can wager on in any given day.

The largest of these sports offered here is football. Nairabet has shown quite a lot of interest in football, to the extent of being the main sponsors of Shooting Stars SC, a Nigerian Premier League football team. The football betting section features nearly a thousand football matches played in different leagues around the world. Ranging from the biggest leagues and tournaments in Europe to the still nascent competitions in Africa, you will have it all here.

Other than football, another big category worth checking out is the motorsport section where you will find betting options for Formula 1 races.

Betting markets

Nairabet gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of the bets you can place. The betting options are quite diverse, reflecting the true nature of a complete sportsbook. For instance, we reviewed the options available for football betting. Here you will find each match with up to 30 different betting options, which cut across the usual 1X2, Over/Under and HT/FT markets, to more complex markets such as the Asian handicap, corners, cards, and double chance combo.

The diversity of the markets is not limited to football only as we also found the other sports such as racing events with important betting markets as well.

Besides, Nairabet gives you various ways of playing around with your bet slip. You can place either single bets or multi bets combining multiple events. For the combo bets, you can use the Bet Suggestion feature to get the most lucrative markets for the day all combined to give you competitive odds.


The Nairabet website allows you to switch the odds format from either decimal to fractions or American. It is worth noting that while the sports betting markets here are competitive, the odds gave usually range within the market average rates. You should therefore not be expecting to find some extremely high odds on offer.

Notable Sports Products

In addition to offering the regular sports betting section, Nairabet has thrown in some unique betting products. These products modelled around the same sports betting markets, but with a twist that makes the entire affair more gripping and entertaining. We explained these unique betting products in more details in the section below:


That is a section where you will find all kinds of football jackpots. The colossus bets section gives you a chance at pool betting on various outcomes across multiple football matches. The general idea is as with other jackpots, players’ bets go to a pool of money from which the eventual winners share the spoils. What makes the Nairabet football jackpots different from most others is that here the markets are not limited to match winners only. There are multiple jackpot pools offering bets on various markets such as Asian Handicap and even correct score. You will also notice there is a syndicate betting section in addition to the regular jackpots. In syndicate betting, you can create your jackpot ticket of combined events. Pool bets placed from other players then fund the syndicated card. To create such as syndicate ticket, you will need to have a ‘Captain Profile’.

Load Bet Codes

Have you ever found yourself with such a sure combo bet that you wanted to share with a friend, but the list of events is just too long to rewrite? Well, Nairabet has made it easier to share your bet slip with your peers. After selecting the events to bet on, you will realise right below the bet slip there will be a ‘Get Bet Code’ button. Clicking on this button will generate a unique code which functions as a unique identifier to the matches or events you have placed in your bet slip.

You can now share this code with your friends for them to place a bet similar to yours. To do this copy, the shared bet code then scrolls to your bet slip and paste the code at the ‘Load Bet Code’ section. The site will automatically filter all the events that placed in the original bet slip that has shared.

That is quite an innovative way to place multiple bets across a group of friends.

Special Bets

Another unique feature worth noting is the individual bets section. The special bets section gives you combo bets from various matches and leagues. The odds from the combo bets are already pre-calculated, usually being some attractive double figures.

This section works like a mini-jackpot section in that you will be betting on a series of events. The only difference here is that there is no pre-determined cash prize dependent on the pool of bets placed. Instead, the amount won in the special bets section will be based on the total odds offered and the amount you are willing to stake. With excellent analytical skills, this is an area where you can find the right combination yielding some very high payouts.

Live Betting

Nairabet live betting
Live betting section of Nairabet

Nairabet does support in-play betting on live events. You can filter through all the live events available for live betting by clicking the ‘In-Play’ tab at the menu bar. You will, however, notice most of the events available here are in the football category, understandably so since this is the most significant sporting events being offered here. But this does not mean there are no other sports available for in-play betting as you will still find betting options for live sports such as tennis, basketball, and hockey.

The markets in the in-play betting section will keep on changing in real-time to reflect the true nature of the live events. As such, you will realise some markets will become inactive when they are no longer feasible.

Cashout Option

Nairabet also gives you the chance to save your entire bet slip from burning. With Nairabet, you can cash out on a bet even before the event is over. Cashing out is such an essential feature in sports betting as it allows you to lock in a portion of your profits and also reduce the loss rate. The amount you get paid from a cashout will depend on the nature of the event you had bet on and at what point you make the cash out request. Interestingly, Nairabet allows cashing out on both in-play and pre-match bets.

Live Streaming – Is it available?

Nairabet has not developed a live streaming feature for the sportsbook. The only live streaming events you can find at the Nairabet website are from virtual sports, which we will discuss in more details in the section below.

It is also quite disappointing to find the graphics and animations at the in-play section are poorly developed. In comparison to other sportsbooks, you will generally see some engaging animations for the live events giving you a rough idea of the action unfolding at the pitch, even though you cannot watch it live. With Nairabet, there are no such animations as all you get is a countdown timer for the live events. That is an area they ought to consider developing if at all their aim is to play amongst the industry leaders.

Virtual Sports

Nairabet virtuals
Preview from virtual sports in Nairabet

As hinted above, Nairabet is also home to a virtual sportsbook. Virtual sports are increasingly becoming an entertaining and lucrative alternative to mainstream sports, considering the virtual world gives you round the clock sporting action with active betting markets. With the Nairabet virtual sportsbook, you can bet on virtual football, virtual tennis, virtual horses and virtual dogs. Virtual football is offered as a league and also as a Euro tournament.

In the virtual league, the games played in a similar format as with an actual real-life league. The virtual football league comprised of 16 teams drawn from major leagues around the world, primarily with the most popular EPL, La Liga, and Bundesliga teams. The virtual Euro tournament modelled like the real-life tournament with the European nations competing.

All the virtual sports at Nairabet powered by Betradar, a leading gaming software provider. The virtual games offered in a scheduled kick-off format, with no on-demand instant play games.

Nairabet Casino

Nairabet casino
Casino section in Nairabet

Nairabet is primarily a sports betting website. However, it still offers a few other non-sports related betting options, such as an online casino. The Nairabet online casino is not the best you will find out there. The online casino has less than 50 games to offer. At least they have ensured there is a morsel for each category. You will have about five video slots, one classic slot, four scratch card games, one roulette table, one bingo, and one keno game.

There are no jackpot games offered here nor is there a live casino games section. But with the few casino games on offer, the execution is still good enough and worth trying out. If you are looking for an intense online casino gaming session, then probably you should check someplace else. But if all you need is just a simple gaming session with easy-to-understand online casino games, they can still check out this Nairabet online casino page.

Lucky 6 Section

Nairabet lucky six
Preview from ‘Lucky six’ section in Nairabet

In addition to the sportsbook and online casino, Nairabet also offers another instant prize game called the Lucky Six. That is a lottery based game that involves different coloured balls with numbers drawn on them. There are some ways to bet on this game.

  • The first option which is the standard way of playing Lucky Six is whereby you select a series of numbers from 1 to 48. No number can be selected twice. A draw is then done where you will need to have all your numbers appearing. The amount you win will depend on which pot the number 6 lands. For instance, if the number 6 lands in pot 20, then your stake is multiplied by the pot number to determine your win.
  • The second way of playing this games entails manipulating various outcomes of the draws such as the balance between odd and even numbers drawn and the colours of the balls drawn.

It is important to note that this game is played out like a lottery and therefore all the results are independently computed using the Random Number Generator. It is a great game to try out if you feel like luck is on your side and you are in the mood for some instant cash prizes. The minimum stake for this game set at 150 Naira.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The Nairabet cashier section is not the most flexible in the industry.

  • For starters, you will realise that you can only transact here using one currency, the Naira. That means if you intend to play while outside Nigeria or with a different currency account, you will first have to get a Naira account for you to deposit and withdraw conveniently.
  • Secondly, the payment methods available here are quite limited. You will not find common e-wallets such as Paypal and Skrill. Instead, the primary mode of deposits and withdrawals here is through bank transfers. That can be either via online banking portals, using ATMs or your bank’s credit and debit card.

The table below is a summary of these modes of payments with their respective limits.

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
Visa LogoVisaNo limitNo limitInstant
MasterCard LogoMasterCardNo limitNo limitInstant
GTBank LogoGTBankNo limitNo limitInstant
Sberbank LogoSberbankNo limitNo limitInstant
Verve LogoVerveNo limitNo limitInstant
Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Visa LogoVisa₦1,000₦500,0001 business day
MasterCard LogoMasterCard₦1,000₦500,0001 business day
GTBank LogoGTBank₦1,000₦500,0001 business day
Sberbank LogoSberbank₦1,000₦500,0001 business day
Verve LogoVerve₦1,000₦500,0001 business day
Important notes:
  • Also not mentioned in this table is that you can make direct bank deposit into your account from the regular banking halls. Just walk into your bank and fill in the cash deposit slip. The account name to use is NairaBet and the bank account number to indicate is your Nairabet account ID. This service supported by a good number of Nigeria based banks such as UBA, First Bank and Stanbic.
  • While in the table above we have placed no limits on the deposits, you should note that your payments provider or bank could have daily limits on transactions. As such, you could experience some restrictions, but such from your bank and not Nairabet itself. It is also important to note that Nairabet does not allow for withdrawals of deposits that have not been wagered as an anti-money laundering measure. That means you cannot make a deposit then request for a withdrawal without having first made a bet with such money.

Mobile Version of Nairabet

Nairabet mobile version

For mobile gaming fans, you will be disappointed to learn that Nairabet is yet to develop any stand-alone mobile app for neither Android nor iOS devices. Instead, Nairabet has brought on board some innovative way to allow for mobile gaming even without internet access.

That is made possible through the use of USSD codes where you can place a bet by directly through your phone’s dialer. To do this, you will need to have the bet code, which can share as per the process we explained above. Once you have the code, open your phone’s dialer and type in *5447*bet code*amount#. This mode of betting means you can now bet even using an old mobile phone with no internet access.

Alternatively, you can also browse the mobile version of the Nairabet website on your mobile phone. The mobile version offers the same type of gaming services and markets as the computer version. Just open your mobile browser and type in the URL, and you will redirect to the mobile site version.

Affiliate Program

To push its online presence, Nairabet has developed quite a robust affiliate marketing program. The Nairabet affiliate program pays commissions ranging between 30% to 50% of net revenue generated. The commissions are paid out in a tiered structure based on the number of customers you are bringing on board.

Once you have made the online application through the Nairabet affiliate page, you should expect feedback on approval within a week. If your application is approved, then you will be given your affiliate login details and receive regular updates with promo materials.

After registrations, a new affiliate has a window period of 3 months to have registered at least 3 active customers through their affiliate link. Failure to do this could result in the termination of your affiliate account. It is also important to note that a previously active affiliate account that has gone dormant for more than six months without any earnings can also terminate.

Commissions paid out every month, and the minimum you ought to have to request a payout is 1,000 Naira — the payments made via bank transfers, which can take up to 20 business days.

Frequently Asked Question

The FAQs below touch on the most common issues faced by many gamers on the Nairabet platform.

Can I edit my bet?

Yes, Nairabet allows you to modify your bet. However, this applies to multi bets with at least five events.

Does Nairabet offer any first deposit bonus?

No, Nairabet does not offer any first deposit bonuses for new sign-ups.

Do I need a bonus code to activate my offers?

No, currently, with no unique welcome offers in place, then you will not need any unique bonus codes here.

Can I register on Nairabet if I am in the UK?

Unfortunately, Nairabet currently seems to accept players in the West African region only, particularly Nigeria. The site does not allow registration of accounts from UK players.

Does Nairabet offer customer care through live chats?

Yes, Nairabet has a very active live chat portal that is manned 24/7 by responsive customer support agents.

How can I contact the affiliate support team?

If you have any affiliate-related issue, then you can reach out to the affiliate support team through the email address [email protected].

Can I change the bank account number to use for my withdrawals?

Yes, during withdrawals, you will be prompted to indicate the bank account and name through the money should be deposited. All you need to ensure is that the bank account name matches the official name you used to register on the Nairabet website. If you experience any such deposit problems, you can reach out to the customer support, and they will sort you out.

Does Nairabet accept payments through e-wallets?

No, currently all payments here are either via cards or bank transfers.

About Nairabet

Nairabet came about as a brainchild of Akin Alabi, a Nigerian entrepreneur with diverse business interests and investments in the region. The concept came to be at around 2009, and by 2012, Nairabet was operating as a fully-fledged online gaming site with a sportsbook and casino.

The website is operated by Over the Top Entertainment, a Nigerian company registered under the Nigerian Companies Act and with its headquarters in Lagos. The online betting and gaming services offered here regulated under the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

With nearly a decade under its belt, Nairabet is well at the helm of the Nigerian online gambling industry.

Customer Care

One of the most impressive elements about the Niarabet platform is the customer support services. The company has ensured gamers have 24/7 access to customer support associates through various means. While doing this review, we found the customer service associates to be quite friendly and quick to resolve issues raised.

Contact Details

  • You can reach the support team by calling the numbers 0700 NAIRABET or 070 0624 72238.
  • The customer support email address is [email protected]
  • The thirds alternative for contacting customer support is using the live chat portal, which can activate by clicking the icon placed at the bottom left corner of the homepage.

Conclusion and Rating

While doing this review we were impressed by a good number of aspects about the Nairabet gaming platform. For starter, the betting markets for the football section are very well structured and cur across different leagues around the world. Although the odds offered are not way above the market average rates, Nairabet gives you some ways to play around with chain and multi bets to boost the odds for your bet slip. The mobile betting options are also quite impressive.

Having said that we also took note of a few cons with this site. The most notable is the online casino section which quite underdeveloped. Besides, the bonuses and offers are quite limited and non-whatsoever designed for the casino section. That is why our final verdict is 8/10.

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