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Stake Monthly Bonus – A Thorough Review of the Promotion

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Stake monthly bonuses
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Stake.com is a generous bookmaker that keeps dishing out bonuses and promotions to its clientele, and one such bonus is the stake monthly bonus.

The Stake monthly bonus is usually a secret surprise bonus that the bookmaker sends out to its punters as a reward for playing throughout the month. But the amount punters receive differs depending on their VIP Level and activity during the month.

To ensure you receive this bonus, you are supposed to have an active account. Moreover, you must verify your email and join the VIP club of Stake.com.

Get Your Monthly Bonus

How to Calculate the Stake Monthly Bonus?

After knowing there is such a bonus at Stake.com, what you are probably thinking next is to consider the Stake monthly bonus calculator. You want to know exactly how much you will receive at the Stake monthly bonus date and how you could potentially increase the amount.

However, Stake does not reveal the calculator they use to calculate the monthly bonus. But we have a clue! The final amount of bonus you receive is based on the below parameters:

  • Your VIP level within the Stake.com system
  • The recent wager you made
  • Your level of activity at the bookmaker in the month

Having identified the above, it is a sure thing to say you can influence the monthly bonus Stake you get at the platform. But how? You could do this by:

  • Ensuring you rank high at the VIP system of Stake.com
  • By remaining very active at Stake.com all through the month
  • By playing like a high roller

Where is My Stake.com Monthly Bonus?

Stake VIP program

After achieving the bonus at the time of awarding, you need to know where to get your bonus. Will you receive it directly in your account? Will it be sent via email, or how exactly will you access it?

Well, to make it simple to take, Stake.com sends you the bonus via email, and this is why we cannot stop stressing on the importance of verifying your email at Stake.com. Remember your mailbox must be reachable to receive the monthly Stake bonus.

To ensure you get the bonus email right in that inbox, there are some things you need to do and others to avoid. Firstly, you must be subscribed to the Stake.com emails. This ensures you know exactly what is happening in every single promotional month. Secondly, you must comply with the terms of service of Stake. Breaching the terms means you will not get this crucial bonus for your gaming journey at the platform.

Finally, you need to understand that if you do not get the email with the bonus coupon, it is likely that you did not qualify for a Stake monthly bonus for that particular month.

How Can I Get a Bigger Monthly Bonus Code?

Tasting the stake monthly bonus is very exciting. When you receive your bonus code today and claim the amount, you start thinking about how you could make the amount bigger next time. This is possible by remaining more active at the platform and staking more.

Moreover, you need to try as much as possible to move to the higher levels of the VIP Program. The available levels ranging from the bottom to the top include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum I – III, Platinum IV-VI and Diamond. A step higher translates to a more significant and better bonus amount.

At times, this operator may want to offer its players a unique Stake.com promo code to enable them get a more significant monthly bonus Stake. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for such a code in your mailbox.

Restricted Countries

Although Stake strives to offer its goodies to all its punters, sometimes some country restrictions come into play. Consequently, some punters are left out of the Stake monthly bonus date.

Below are some of the restricted countries:

  • ❌ USA
  • ❌ Netherlands
  • ❌ Slovakia
  • ❌ Czech Republic
  • ❌ Finland
  • ❌ Portugal
  • ❌ Iraq
  • ❌ Serbia
  • ❌ Cambodia
  • ❌ Zimbabwe
  • ❌ France
  • ❌ United Kingdom
  • ❌ Armenia
  • ❌ Australia
  • ❌ Kuwait
  • ❌ Paraguay
  • ❌ Peru
  • ❌ Latvia
  • ❌ UK
  • ❌ USA
  • ❌ Venezuela
  • ❌ Iraq
  • ❌ Syrian
  • ❌ Iran

Despite the restriction, there is a chance to play from these countries using a VPN. Thus, you could still get the bonus despite the restriction.


What is the Stake Monthly Bonus?

Stake monthly bonus is a promotion that Stake.com gives to its active punters at a random date of the month as a surprise. It is usually a reward for being loyal to the bookmaker.

When is Stake Monthly Bonus?

The Stake monthly bonus date is always a secret of the bookmaker. Therefore, no one can point out when is stake monthly bonus coming. Remember, it is a surprise bonus, and timing would ruin the gift.

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