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How to Delete Account

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Like other operators on the market, will provide its customers with the possibility to delete their accounts if necessary. There are two major options to delete account. Here is how to close Stake account.

  1. Enter your current casino account.
  2. Access the menu and choose Settings and then Preferences.
  3. There you can navigate to the self-exclusion section.
  4. Choose the “Permanent Closure” option.
  5. Follow the guidance, compose an e-mail and do the necessary actions to complete the process.
  6. Wait for the 24-hour cool-off period to pass, and then your account will be closed.
Stake self-exclusion

You can also delete Stake account via live chat and e-mail. In the following sections, you will find more details about the major delete account options that you can use.

Deleting a Account Through a Live Chat

If you are registered at but want to stop using the services of the operator, you will be able to close Stake account via live chat. Here is how to delete account.

  1. You can access your current account and open the live chat tab.
  2. Contact a customer support representative, and ask him how to delete my Stake account.
  3. The customer support agent will give you instructions on how to do this through the self-exclusion section on your account menu.
  4. Follow the delete account steps that are required.
  5. Mind that live chat agents are not authorised to delete or close your account; you need to do it by yourself.

Deleting a Account by Sending an Email

The Stake delete account process can be done by e-mail too. As you have already learned from this guide, you will have to send an e-mail to the support centre. Keep in mind that in it, you need to point out the reasons why you want your account to be closed. Here is how to delete a Stake account by sending an e-mail.

  • Go to the e-mail form that is used to contact the customer support centre.
  • Compose a new message to [email protected].
  • As a subject, you may use a sentence similar to: “Delete stake account”.
  • Explain the reasons why you request a Stake delete account.
  • Don’t forget to include your account details such as username, e-mail, address and others.

How Do I Know That my Account is Limited?

Once you request Stake to close your account, there will be a 24-hour cooling-off period. Once this period has passed, your account should be completely closed, and you will not be able to access it anymore.

On the other hand, the operator may limit your account. This means that due to reasons related to security, the operator may block your account. Therefore, you will not be able to deposit or withdraw. Alternatives

If, for any reason, you have decided to delete your Stake casino account, you can still find good alternatives. There are a few more operators on the market which offer high-quality gambling services and compete successfully with

Therefore, you will be able to join another operator that can provide you with similar features and options, offering you high-security standards. You can check the recommended alternative in the dedicated table.

How Do I Reactivate My Account?

The self-exclusion option allows you to choose a period in which you will not be able to access your account using the current username and password. This means that you can ban the access to your profile for 1 week, 1 and even 6 months. Once this period has passed, your account will become active again, and you will be able to use the services of the operator.

How to Contact

If you have questions on how to delete Stake casino account, you can contact the support centre via live chat and e-mail. You can use live chat by clicking on the respective chat icon on the website. On the other hand, you can send an e-mail, using the dedicated form in the respective contact section.

Summary of Deleting a Account

Players can delete their Stake casino account by choosing the close Stake account option in the self-exclusion section. You can either contact the support agents and ask how to delete Stake casino account, or you can directly compose a new e-mail and wait until the Stake delete account process is completed. The available options showcase Stake’s willingness to comply with all requirements of the UKGC.


Is a Account Free?

Yes, you can create a new account for free. However, to use the services of the operator, you need to fund your account first.

How Do I Ban Myself From

You need to access your account, go to the self-exclusion sections and choose the available options.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Use Stake?

All customers who want to register at and use the services of the platform need to have at least 18 years of age.

Can You Make Multiple Stake Accounts?

No, once you create a new account at you need to prove your identity by providing a valid ID and address.

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