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Stake VIP Levels

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Stake VIP program
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To reward its loyal punters, Stake US has an exclusive loyalty program made of five levels that enable the players to scoop various rewards depending on their level.

As the Businessinsider stated, the online poker and casino games have tripled their revenue, and this peak is to be seen among the offers for regular customers as well. The loyalty program is designed to ensure that every punter gets an extra perk for being a customer at the bookmaker. To get the best from this system, it is paramount for you to keep playing to climb to the top levels of the program.

In our review of the Stake VIP program, we shall focus on the levels and what each brings to the table for you.

How do I become a Stake VIP Member?

Even before we delve deeper into the discussion of the VIP levels rewards Stake, we need to establish how you can become a member of this prestigious program. Interestingly, it is pretty simple as you need to do the following;

  1. Join the Stake.com bookmaker and start playing at the sportsbook or the cJoin the Stake.comasino
  2. Wager at least $10,000 to join the first stage – Bronze level. Each bet you place accelerates you to the next VIP level
  3. Start claiming your Stake VIP bonus Stake instantly, either daily, weekly or monthly

VIP Levels at Stake – Progressing Through a Loyalty Level

To make the VIP loyalty program at the Stake.com fair has several levels. Each level has its entry requirements, which makes each level’s rewards unique. Interestingly, it can progress from one level to another by playing and earning the necessary points.

Below are the loyalty program levels in a nutshell.

Bronze Level

To start with, Bronze is the primary level of the program. To join, you need to wager at least $10 000. Some of the Stake VIP rewards Stake to reap at the level are limited to the monthly bonuses, level up bonuses, and rake back. Besides, you will enjoy some weekly bonuses.

Silver Level

Secondly, the Silver level is meant for all graduates who move from the Bronze level. To join this level, you need to wager $50,000.

Here, you will enjoy Stake Silver VIP bonuses, including monthly offers, rake back, weekly offers, and level-up bonuses. Additionally, you will reap big from growth bonuses.

Gold Level

Thirdly, you will join the Gold level after being a Silver punter at the program. This level is very much similar to the Silver level. Actually, the rewards in both are similar. However, the Gold level requires you to pay at least $100,000.

The rewards remain to be monthly bonuses, weekly offers, rake back, and growth bonuses. Additionally, you will benefit from level-up bonuses along the way.

Platinum Level

When you graduate from the Gold level, the Platinum level awaits you eagerly to serve you various Stake VIP rewards Stake. Interestingly, this level has two distinct stages that include the following:

Platinum I – III – To achieve this level, wager between $250 and $1M.

Platinum IV-VI – To join this level, you should wager between $2.5M and $10M.

As a member of any of the two, you will enjoy rake back, weekly and monthly bonuses. Moreover, you will have a dedicated VIP host, daily bonuses and benefits of bonus growth.

Diamond Level

Finally, the Diamond Level is awaiting you as the most executive level in the Stake VIP ladder. To join the level, you should wager at least $25M. In return, you will enjoy daily, weekly, monthly, rake back and bonus growth. Additionally, you will have a dedicated VIP host and bespoke bonuses.

Significant Terms and Conditions

As it is always the norm with many bookmakers, some specific terms and conditions govern the Stake VIP Levels. These are rules and terms you should follow in the letter, as any violation may lead to the forfeiture of an already accrued bonus or loss of your VIP status/level in the bookmaker.

Some of the essential terms and conditions for the Stake VIP bonuses include the following:

  • You must be a register at Stake.com, and the account must be in good standing.
  • You must attain the required spending at the bookmaker to attain the corresponding VIP level at Stake.
  • Wagering requirements of the stake VIP rewards stake given must be met in time before a withdrawal request.
  • Finally, note that Stake reserves the right to cancel or amend any bonuses it offers you under the VIP levels rewards stake.

Stake.com exclusive Bonus and Promotions – Complete Steps to Gain Greater Rewards

As seen, the Stake VIP bonus Stake offers you an incredible array of bonuses and promotions. The nature and sizes of these bonuses depend on the VIP level; therefore, you need to know how to climb up the VIP ladder to ensure you get bigger and better offers.

But how do you achieve the more significant levels within the Stake VIP program? Below is the step-by-step guide to achieving better bonuses by going up to the higher levels of the program:

  1. Firstly, ensure you register an account and spend the required amount, starting at the Bronze level.
  2. Secondly, play as much as possible to earn the points that will move you from one level to another.
  3. Lastly, keep checking your inbox for VIP Level promotions.

Wagering Requirements and Rewards

Wagering refers to the number of times you should play an awarded bonus to redeem it. Each of the bonuses available at Stake.com has unique wagering requirements. Similarly, all the bonuses at the Stake VIP bonus Stake have different VIP wager requirements.

To find out your bonus’s exact VIP wager requirements, you should contact the bookmaker. If you have a dedicated VIP host, you can get informative directions on how to go about wagering your bonus.

How Much Do You Need to Wager for Your Next VIP Rank?

Moving from one rank to the next in the VIP Loyalty program requires you to spend a particular amount of money. The higher the VIP level, the higher the cash you need to spend to achieve that.

On the schedule below, look at what you should wager to achieve the next level.

Stake VIP Ladder
⭐ Bronze$10K
⭐ Silver$50K
⭐ Gold$100K
⭐ Platinum$250K
⭐ Platinum II$500K
⭐ Platinum III$1M
⭐ Platinum IV$2.5M
⭐ Platinum V$5M
⭐ Platinum VI$10M
⭐ Diamond$25M

Payment Methods

Take a look at the available Stake.com deposit methods and choose how to fund your account:

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for DepositMinimum WithdrawalWithdrawal MaximumTime for WithdrawalTaxes
Bitcoin LogoBitcoinno limitno limitInstant0.0002 BTCno limitup to 30 minutes0.00007 BTC
Litecoin LogoLitecoinno limitno limitInstant0.04 LTCno limitup to 30 minutes0.0005 LTC
Dogecoin LogoDogecoinno limitno limitInstant30 DOGEno limitup to 30 minutes1.5 DOGE
Ethereum LogoEthereum0.001 ETHno limitInstant0.004 ETHno limitup to 30 minutes0.0005 ETH
BitcoinCash LogoBitcoinCashno limitno limitInstant0.02 BCHno limitup to 30 minutes0.00001 BCH
Ripple LogoRippleno limitno limitInstant20 XRPno limitup to 30 minutes0.0001 XRP
Tron LogoTronno limitno limitInstant30 TRXno limitup to 30 minutes1 TRX
EOS LogoEOSno limitno limitInstant2 EOSno limitup to 30 minutes0.1 EOS


How Do I Get a VIP Bonus on Stake?

To get a VIP bonus at Stake, you must join the Stake.com VIP program starting at the Bronze level.

What Does Stake VIP Do?

Stake VIP awards its members handsomely. It offers them a wide range of bonuses, starting with daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses, in addition to many other benefits.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Silver VIP on Stake?

To enjoy the Stake silver VIP bonus, you need to achieve the Silver level that requires you to spend at least $50K.

Where Can I See My Status Progress?

To see your status progress, you should check under your profile.

How Do I Become a Stake VIP Player?

You need to register an account and wager at least $10k. Afterwards, you will achieve the basic Bronze level that paves the way for higher VIP levels.

Can I Lose My VIP Status?

Yes, it is possible to lose your VIP status if your account remains dormant for a long. To avoid this, ensure your account is always active.

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