Bonuses for Loyal Customers

Reputable bookmakers with experience in this business know that keeping a stable clientele is no less important than attracting new players. That’s why some brands have developed special loyalty programs to show that they value their regular customers. Here are the bookmakers that offer bonuses to loyal customers.

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What do the loyalty bonuses look like?

In general, loyalty offers are basically programs whose primary purpose is to make regular customers’ games more enjoyable. The loyalty campaigns are different in every betting website, but we can surely say that the best online casinos and the TOP bookmakers have come up with an idea on how to reward its players. In most cases, bookmakers tend to adjust their programs according to the specifics of the majority of users. However, their main goal has always been the same – for you to receive additional rewards just for choosing this particular website to bet in, regardless of which section of the website you’re playing in.

How do the programs for loyal customers work?

There are three main mechanisms through which bookmakers monitor the activity of their clients in their loyalty programs. We will tell you a little bit more about them so that you’d know what different gaming platforms have to offer.

Deposit amounts

The loyalty program of some brands is based on the principle of the amount of money you’ve deposited on the website. In other words, the more transactions you have, the higher you’ll be in the hierarchy. In other cases, the sites calculate the difference between the amount you’ve deposited and the one you’ve withdrawn. The more profit you bring to your bookmaker, the more secure your place is on the VIP list, based on which loyal customers receive VIP offers and get rewarded for their game.

Frequency of Bets

Other platforms don’t emphasize only their big customers who deposit large amounts of money. In these cases, the websites take into account the frequency in which you bet in the sports section and in the casino. The more regularly you play, the more secure you are that you’ll receive free bets or other types of offers.

Point system

Another widely-used method by bookmakers is to include a point system, based on which they can determine the level of a given client in the loyalty program. The more points you have, the higher you’ll be in the rankings.

Perhaps you’re already wondering how you can get those points. They are calculated based on the amounts of money you spend on bets. Different bookmakers have different limits in which the points are given. Also, playing in different sections on the site might have an effect on how these points are calculated. Our advice is to take a look at the loyalty program’s conditions so that you can have a better idea of what’s going on in the situation.

The accumulated points can be used in all sorts of ways. In some platforms, they can be directly exchanged for cash. In others, they can be traded for free bets and spins in the casino. There are also bookmakers who will allow you to trade your points for different material prizes.

What kind of prizes for loyal customers are there?

The promos for loyal customers can be very different. Every bookmaker is trying to make its promotions as attractive and exciting as possible, to stand out from the competitors. Here are some of the most-commonly found offers for regular players.

  • Free bets
  • Cashback offers
  • Free spins
  • Material prizes
  • Raffle participations
  • Tickets for various events
  • Cash prizes
  • Deposit bonuses

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