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About Betfred’s Virtual Sports

Betfred Virtuals
View from Betfred’s Virtuals Section

Betfred, one of the oldest and biggest sports betting brands sure does know to keep up with the market demands. By launching their very own virtual sports betting, Betfred aims at feeding its clientele all over the world with a continual source of sporting action and betting markets. In this review, we will breakdown the various virtual sports that are offered by Betfred. Our review will then delve deeper into the types of betting markets that are available for these sports, as well as the frequency of occurrence of each virtual sport.

Whether you are into ball games, action sports or races, Betfred has something to ensure you are hooked round the clock. Their virtual sports section is one of the most innovative as well as comprehensive you will find around. In addition to the usual virtual football, tennis, greyhounds, and horses, Betfred has also thrown in some virtual boxing and darts as well, to cater to every client’s needs.

To access the Betfred virtual gaming portal, simply click the ‘Virtual Sports’ tab placed on the menu bar on the home page. The first thing you will notice is that Betfred has two categories for its virtual sports; the Scheduled Events and the On-Demand Events. The scheduled events play out like real life matches or competitions whereby you will find the matches, bouts or races set to start at a pre-determined time. All you need to do with these is ensure you place your bet before the clock runs down.

The On-Demand events are different in that for these; you are the one to determine when the event kicks off. You are given a random selection of teams or competitors, the odds are calculated, and you are allowed to place your bet. Once you are contented with the bets you have selected, you can then click the ‘Start’ button to set the action rolling.

Having such variety make it easy to accommodate gamers who want some quick gaming action as well as those who feel they need more control of the events. All the virtual sports are streamed live through the embedded video player on the Betfred website. The player has some extra control buttons that allow you to pause, mute or even maximise the screen.

In the next section, we delve deeper into the virtual sports variety available for you at Betfred.

Virtual Football

Betfred's Virtual Football

The Betfred virtual football does justice to the world’s most popular sport. The soccer action offered here is quite impressive. The first thing to notice is the quality of graphics and animations used to simulate the soccer matches. This coupled with the crisp audio effects and commentary help recreate a realistic football atmosphere.

Secondly, Betfred has gone to great lengths to offer as much variety as possible for football fans. As with any other virtual football sites, the teams and leagues are modelled based on real-life football teams, albeit with slight name changes. For instance, instead of Manchester City, you will have Manchester Blue, and instead of Crystal Palace, you have Palace Eagles. If you are normally keen on soccer teams, you can easily get the drift in this naming system.

What sets Betfred apart from many other sites is the combination of both On-Demand and Scheduled Matches. This gives you more control to how you consume the soccer action. For both options, you will still be getting the same average of odds, as the amount is independently computed.

Also important to note is that with virtual sports, you should not necessarily back a team just because it is modelled upon a big team in the real world. The results here are computed using an RNG which makes the virtual matches play out like a lottery. This means the results are completely random.


As hinted out above, Betfred offers you soccer matches featuring teams with relatively familiar names. Whether you opt to play in the On-Demand format or the scheduled league format, the teams you will encounter are quite the same.

The notable difference, however, is that while playing in the league format, you will encounter clubs only and no national teams feature. The league is made up of 16 teams playing the usual home and away fixtures. For the league matches, not all video streams will be available on any given match day. Instead, you will get the highlights of one or two matches. The results at the end of the matchday are then presented in a news format complete with a live sports news anchor.

Available markets

In a bid to give players realistic gaming experience, Betfred has made available nearly all possible football betting markets. Here you can place 1X2 bets, Total Goals, Correct Score, Over/Under 2.5, Both Teams to Score, Half Time/Full Time and HT Correct Score. Conspicuously missing are the handicap markets. But with the rest of the available options, you will still have a good variety to choose from.

In terms of the odds offered, the virtual football bets are not set ridiculously high to raise eyebrows. Instead, they mimic the real football betting markets, offering low, average as well as high odds for various outcomes.

Game duration

The virtual football matches last for approximately 3 minutes. This is applicable for both the On-Demand options as well as the scheduled matches. As it is the case with many other virtual football games, the match is mainly constituted of the key highlights such as goal scoring chances, free kicks, and penalties.

In between the two halves is a half time break which lasts about 30 seconds. You will also realise the two halves are not equally apportioned the play time as this will depend on which half had the bulk of the action.

Time between matches

Aside from the On-Demand football matches which you can set rolling at any time, the scheduled league matches are set 5 minutes apart. This duration is inclusive of the playtime for one match. After the match is over, the results are displayed on the video stream for about a minute. This is then quickly followed by a review of the upcoming teams in the next match.

Unlike with real-life football, you will not be seeing the team lineups but instead a display of the jersey alongside the teams’ performance records and odds for the match. During this window period of 1 minute, the betting markets will be open. You can place your bets up until 10 seconds towards kick off when the markets are closed.

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Virtual Tennis

Betfred's Virtual Tennis

With Betfred, you can also enjoy some thrilling tennis action round the clock. The virtual tennis matches are played at the virtual Fred’s Court, which is a well-designed lawn tennis court complete with stands for the crowds. The tennis match resembles a real-life tennis match as you can even hear the audio effects of the players grunting as they hit back the ball.

Unlike with the soccer matches, the virtual tennis games are only available as scheduled matches but not on-demand. Also, the matches are limited to singles as there are no matches on doubles.

Betting markets

Betting on the virtual tennis matches is quite straight forward. Betfred opted to leave out most of the modified tennis betting markets but instead maintain the traditional betting options. The available betting markets here are Player to Win, Correct Score and Total Points.

Match duration

Each virtual tennis match at Betfred lasts for 1 minute 30 seconds. Since tennis matches are traditionally long, just as with virtual football, the games here will be limited only to big highlight and point-scoring hits. This enables them to compress an entire tennis match into the less than two minutes’ duration allocated.

Time between matches

The Betfred virtual tennis matches are designed to be 5 minutes apart. This duration is inclusive of the current match’s playtime and the break period. Once a match is over, the results will be displayed for no less than a minute. After that, you will get a display of the players coming up in the next match. In this duration, the markets will now be opened, and you can start placing your bets. This will last another one minute; then the markets will close 10 seconds to the start of the next match.

Virtual Horse Racing

Betfred's Virtual Horses

A virtual sportsbook would be incomplete without the inclusion of horse races. Betfred has gone an extra mile and offered the horse races in both the scheduled events mode and the instant play On-Demand mode.

The instant play mode is supplied under the Rush Horses Go brand, a product of the Rush Virtuals Go series of games provided by Inspired Inc. The beauty of these instant play on-demand races is that they come loaded with extra features such as an in-game bonus game where you can spin a wheel of fortune. There is also a re-bet feature for you to place quicker bets without having to go through the race cards again.

However, if you are looking for a more traditional structured horse race, then you can opt for the scheduled races. These are modelled like real-life horse races, featuring between 8 and 16 participants racing over a 3000m course.

Betting Markets

The betting markets are standardised for both the scheduled races and the instant play on-demand races. You will have the main betting markets at your disposal as described below;

  • Winner or Each Way – This is one of the most common betting markets with horse races. In this option, you need to predict which horse will win the race, or at the worst feature in the top three. With this combination, your bet still wins if the horse does not win the race but finishes second or third. Betfred offers its Each Way odds at 1/4 for positions 1, 2 and 3.
  • Forecast – In these markets, you will be backing two horses to feature in the top two positions. You can opt for an organised 1-2 finish, or go for any order provided the horses featured in the first two positions.
  • Tricast – This market is similar to the forecast bet, the only difference being it involves three horses.
Race duration

The virtual horse races are much shorter compared to the tennis or football tournaments. The races last only a minute, give or take 5 seconds. Before the race kicks off, you are presented with the names of the participating horses and their jockeys. As the horses are walked into the course, their odds and previous race outcomes are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Time between races

The horse races are scheduled three minutes apart. The countdown starts when the current race kicks off. After the race, there is a 2-minute interlude period, which will include a display of the race results as well as the upcoming race. The betting markets will remain open as the next race is introduced, and will close 10 seconds to kick off.

Right below the video stream is a list of the upcoming races with their respective odds. You can use this list to place bets on races beforehand.

Virtual Greyhounds

Betfred's Virtual Greyhounds Racings

The Betfred virtual greyhounds section is quite similar to the horse races. Here you will also have the chance to play both the instant play mode or the scheduled races. The instant play On-Demand races are also a part of the Rush Virtual Go series, dubbed the Rush Dogs Go. You can easily switch between the On-Demand and the Scheduled races by using the respective tabs placed at the virtuals homepage. The scheduled dogs’ races feature 6 greyhounds. The races take place in the virtual Sheffingham Park and Nottingfield.

Betting markets

Betfred offers three main betting markets for the virtual greyhounds. The three betting options are available for both the scheduled races and the On-Demand races. These options are;

  • Win or Each Way – The betting rules here are the same as those of the horse races. You need to select the dog you are backing to win. The only difference is that here, the Each Way bet is available for the first and second positions only, at odds of 1/4.
  • Forecast – In a forecast bet, you will back two dogs to finish in the 1st and 2nd positions, either in sequence or in any order.
  • Tricast – Tricast bets require you to predict which three dogs will feature in the first three positions. Similar to the forecast, you can also opt to have the selections either in sequence or in any order.
Race duration

The greyhounds race much shorter than the horses, lasting for only 30 seconds. In this duration, the dog will do one lap around the racetrack. Once the race is over, there will be a brief highlight of the dogs crossing the finishing line.

Time between races

The break period between races is about 2 minutes. Every three minutes, there will be a new race kicking off. The results from each race are then displayed briefly for about 30 seconds, before transitioning to the new race. It takes about 2 minutes for the next batch of greyhounds to be walked into the race traps. This is the betting window period, and it closes 10 seconds before the start of the next race.

Virtual Boxing

Betfred's Virtual Boxing

As a new addition to virtual betting, Betfred has brought on virtual board boxing, a sport that is seldom found in other online casinos. The virtual boxing bouts are quite interesting to watch, let along bet on. They are designed in 3D animations that make the players appear real, especially if you have stable internet connection giving you HD video streams. Background sound effect of the cheers and shouts from the arena complement the live commentary, to create a realistic boxing arena experience.

The players are created based on real professional boxers such as Iron Mike Tyson. The whole idea here seems to have the Mike Tyson character as the main protagonist, with various challengers coming up to him to survive the grueling 90 seconds of punches in the ring.

Betting Markets

Unlike with real-life boxing bouts, the bets here are not based on having an eventual winner or loser. Instead, the markets are focused on the fighters surviving 90 seconds in the ring up against Iron Mike Tyson. As such, the betting markets are modeled as;

  • Seconds Survived (in intervals of 10)
  • Seconds Survived Under/Over 40
  • Seconds Survived Under/Over 50
  • Seconds Survived Under/Over 60
  • Seconds Survived Under/Over 70
  • Seconds Survived 3 Way
  • Method of Victory (Ref Stopped Contest, Counted Out, 90 Survived)
  • Seconds Survived, and Method of Victory Combo bet
Fight duration

Based on the survival storyline, the boxing bouts last 90 seconds only. The fighters going up against Mike Tyson need to last this entire period.

Time between fights

After each bout, the results will be displayed for an extra 30 seconds. These results basically highlight how the match out, how long it lasted and which bets won. The next match is then lined up with the two fighters coming up on the screen. The introductory period will entail a detailed description of each fighter’s results from the last five matches and the odds they have been assigned for the next match. This introductory period will last about a minute, and the markets will remain open. The betting markets then close at about 10 seconds to the start of the next match.

Virtual Darts

Betfred's Virtual Darts

Also relatively new to the virtual gaming world, Betfred has included darts to the virtual games on offer. If you though the boxing matches were realistic enough, then you should check out the darts section. The players are based on popular former and current pro dart players. The animation is done so well that you would think you are watching an actual game.

As it is the case with all the other virtual sports offered by Betfred, the dart games are also presented in clear English commentary. The matches are scheduled to take place every four minutes. Although there is no instant play mode, the games are available round the clock thus you are assured to find the markets open any time of day.

Betting markets

The betting markets here are quite similar to what you would find with real-life darts matches. These range from the outright winner to the number of points scored. Below is a comprehensive list of all the betting markets you will have at your disposal here;

  • Leg winner
  • 180 in Leg
  • Winning Checkout
  • Player’s First Three Darts
  • Winning Double Colour
  • Winning Double
  • Winner Checkout Double

It is important to note, however, that though the players in the virtual darts seem real, the odds are computed at random and are not based on the real players’ actual performances. Like with all other virtual sports, the outcome is determined by the random number generator, as it is the case with lotteries.

Game duration

Each match lasts about 90 seconds from start to finish. The virtual darts do not support in-play betting, and therefore the betting markets will be unavailable for the live match.

Time between events

As mentioned earlier, the darts matches are designed to kick off every four minutes. At the end of every match, you get a 30-second display of the match results. You can use this window period to check out if you have recorded any wins from the previous match. The match results are then followed by a 1-minute introduction of the next match. The introductory period is when the markets open, and you can now place your bets.

Virtual Speedway

Betfred's Virtual Speedway

If you are more interested in the adrenaline rush from racing speed bikes, then you ought to check out the Betfred virtual speedway. The races feature four bikers sprinting around the 800m track of the Flag Park. Like with real-life races, this is a fast-paced race that starts and ends within splits seconds. While doing this review, we were impressed in not only the quality of the graphics but also the odds that virtual speedway offers.

Betting markets

The betting options offered here are quite simple even for novice gamers to understand and begin betting. With the Betfred virtual speedway, you bet on either the outright winner or a forecast bet on the first two positions. In this second betting option, you can bet on the two first racers appearing in a specific order or any order. You should note that the odds will vary depending on the market you opt to play in.

Race duration

Speedway races are generally fast-paced. Even here in the virtual world, the race lasts only 30 seconds as the racer push their bikes to the limits. After each race, you will get a display of the race results, which remains on the screen for another 30 or so seconds.

Time between races

After the race is over, and the results presented, there will be a break interval of 2 minutes. The 2 minutes break period will see the markets open and also a presentation of the next bikers in line. Rather than placing the bets on the next upcoming race, you can opt to bet on up to four upcoming races, giving you more time to sit back and enjoy the thrilling action of the virtual races.

Virtual Motor Racing

Betfred's Motor Racing

With Betfred virtual sports, you can also enjoy some formula 1 action. To check out these races, simply click the ‘Motor Racing’ icon with the checkered flag at the bottom of the live streaming screen. The races are set in the virtual Hammerdown racetrack which has an almost oblique square shape. An entire race will have a set of 12 drivers doing two laps around the tracks.

Before the race begins, you will get an introduction of the drivers in their cars as they line up in their grid position, just as it is with real-life motor racing. Once the race is flagged off, the sounds of the revving engines and tiers are the skid over the tarmac are quite reminiscent of a real-life racetrack.

Betting markets

Similar to the speedway betting markets, here you can bet on the outright winner as well as top 2 finishers. In addition to these two betting markets, you will also have the change to place Winner or Each Way bets at 1/4 odds for positions 1, 2 and 3.

There is also an option to place Tricast bets, in which you will be betting on the top three finishers in the race. In these options, you can bet on having the top three cars lineup in a certain order or line up in any order among the first three positions.

Race duration

Each virtual motor race goes for 30 seconds as the F1-like cars, dash across the screen. Although quite shorter than real life races, the virtual races still deliver the punch of adrenaline, especially if you have your real money bet on the line. As the cars switch positions on the racetrack, the commentator will call out their tag numbers, rather than the drivers’ names. There is also a real time table standings positions on the top left side of the video stream, showing the actual position of each driver.

Time between races

After the race is over, the break time before another race will be about 2 and a half minutes. In the first 30 seconds, you will get a display of the previous race’s results, and you use this window period to settle any outstanding wins you might have registered. The results are then quickly followed by the introduction of the next race as the drivers line up their cars in the grid positions, ready for flag off. In this introductory period, you will get a good aerial shot of the brightly coloured cars and the racetrack. The betting markets will then close 10 seconds to flag off.

Virtual Cycling

Betfred's Virtual Cycling

This is another exciting racing event that Betfred decided to include in their virtual betting sportsbook. The virtual cycling races feature between 6 and 9 bikers sprinting across the 750m long velodrome, dubbed the Tour De Fred. Velodrome races are known to be heated sprints even in real life, and so is the case even with the virtual gaming world.

While doing this review, our attention was particularly drawn to the design of the animations, right from the cyclists to the arena itself. The design does bring to life the races, give you the adrenaline kick you need from any race. Besides, the Betfred virtual cycling section offers diverse betting opportunities, as we will explain in the next section.

Time between races

Just like any regular real-life race, Betfred offers you convenient ways to bet and win at the virtual velodrome. You can bet on the following markets as described below;

  • Winner or Each Way – The rules of this betting market are quite similar to what you would have with the horse races. A Winner or Each Way bet means you will be backing a certain racer to either win or feature in the top 3 positions. Betfred offers the Each Way bet at odds 1/5 for the first three positions. What makes this market interesting above many others is that it gives you some wriggling room with your selection, making it more likely to win.
  • Forecast – A forecast is simpler to understand as it entails predicting that two of the cyclists will finish in the top two positions, either in order or in any form.
  • Tricast – Closely related to the forecast bet is the tricast. In this option, you will involve three racers finishing in the top three positions.
Race duration

The cyclists in the virtual race will sprint around the velodrome in 30 seconds. You will realise as it is common with many other virtual races, the commentator does not call out the racers’ names but instead uses their tag numbers. You should, therefore, pay attention to the tag numbers, much more than the individual names.

As the race draws to end, there is a quick review of the action at the finishing line followed by a tabulation of the race results.

Time between races

The race results will remain on the screen for another 30 seconds. The video stream will then transition to the next race and the markets will open for betting once more. You will have a window period of about 2 minutes before the next race starts.

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Virtuals Welcome Bonus

Online gaming is powered by bonuses and promotions. Betfred seems to acknowledge this quite well and in addition to offering an impressive collection of virtual games, you will also get a chance to win free bets with the Betfred virtual welcome bonus. This is a bonus package that rewards first-time gamers at the virtuals with £30 free bet.

To claim this bonus package, you will need to have adhered to a certain set of rules. The most important of these is that the first bet you make should be at least £10, in a single transaction. You, therefore, cannot split the first deposit into two transactions of £5 each.

New customers from UK & Northern Ireland. Stake £10 or more at odds of Evens (2.0) or greater on your first bet. £30 free bet credited in 48 hours of your first bet being settled. 7 day expiry. E-Wallet restrictions apply. Max 30 Free Spins on selected games. Full T&Cs apply.

In addition, this offer is triggered only if the first bet is placed on the Scheduled Events and not Rush series or On-Demand events. If you meet all the stipulated requirements, the free bet money will be credited to your account within 24 hours. You should then use this free bet money within a maximum of 7 days from the date of issue. It is also important to note that this welcome offer applies to gamers in the UK and Northern Ireland only.


Other offers

If you miss out on this welcome bonus package for one reason or another, you should not fret as Betfred has lined a series other multiple offers exclusively for the virtual betting section. Some of the outstanding offers here include boosted odds on horse and dog racings. There is also a £5 offer for any deposits of £10 made at the On-Demand games, regardless of whether you win or lose. You can also opt into the Fred’s Free Bet Club and get rewarded with free bets on selected games every week.

To view the terms and conditions on these and more of the virtual sports offers, simply click the ‘Promotions’ tab under the virtual sports menu bar.

In-play Betting on Virtual Sports

For all the virtual sports offered at Betfred, none supports in-play live betting. In all these sporting categories you will be required to place pre-match bets before the start of the event. The window period you have to place such bets will vary depending on the time interval between the races or the matches, but it usually stops at 10 seconds to kick off.

Betfred Virtuals App

Playing the virtual sports on the go is made possible thanks to the Betfred mobile gaming apps and mobile site version. In our review, we found the Betfred website to be optimised for mobile browsing. Thus you can access all the services right from your mobile browser. However, for the optimal gaming experience, it is recommended you use the downloadable Android and iOS virtual gaming apps.

Unlike most online gaming platforms, Betfred does not offer a single all-inclusive app. Instead, they have designed an app dedicated exclusively for virtual sports. The iOS version of the app is readily available on the iTunes app store, while the Android version is downloaded using a .apk file provided on their main website.

Virtual Sports Provider

The ingenious ideas at the Betfred virtual sports are made possible through the works of Inspired Entertainment Inc. When it comes to creating 3D animated virtual gaming solutions, few companies can keep up with the pace at which this UK based company is moving. Their works can be appreciated across hundreds of other online casinos and online gaming platforms, where they are the sole providers of the virtual gaming content.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The baking options for players at the virtuals are the same as those to be used for other gaming categories. Here you can deposit and withdraw from your account using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Skrill, Paysafecard, and Neteller. You will also realize since Betfred serves gamers from different parts of the world, they accept payments in multiple currencies.

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
PayPal LogoPayPal£5.50£45,000Instant
Skrill LogoSkrill£5£45,000Instant
Neteller LogoNeteller£5.50£45,000Instant
Ukash LogoUkash£5£5,000Instant
Debit Cards LogoDebit Cards£5£5,000Instant
Visa LogoVisa£5£5,000Instant
MasterCard LogoMasterCard£5£5,000Instant
Maestro LogoMaestro£5£5,000Instant
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer£85£45,000Instant
Paysafe Card LogoPaysafe Card£5£45,000Instant
Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
PayPal LogoPayPal£5£500048 Hours
Skrill LogoSkrill£5£6,50048 Hours
Neteller LogoNeteller£5£4,50048 Hours
Ukash LogoUkash
Debit Cards LogoDebit Cards£5£9,99948 Hours
Visa LogoVisa£5£5,00048 Hours
MasterCard LogoMasterCard£5£9,99948 Hours
Maestro LogoMaestro£5£9,99948 Hours
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer£25£25,000
Paysafe Card LogoPaysafe Card£5-


How to proceed if I see an ‘Access Denied’ error at Betfred?

The main reason here could be you are accessing the Betfred site from a region or zone that they do not support. Although Betfred serves gamers from many parts of the world, there are some countries where the site is inaccessible.

The virtual sports video streams appear grainy and lag. What do I do?

This is mainly an issue with your internet bandwidth. You can try and check with your ISP if you have internet downtimes.

Can I opt out of a virtual bet?

No, once a bet is confirmed it cannot be cancelled.

Do virtual sports have a cash-out option?

No, all the Betfred virtual sports accept pre-match bets only.

What happens if lose connection when playing the virtual sports?

Provided you had placed and confirmed your bet, the game carries on the results will be posted as per schedule. If you register any wins, they will be credited to your account even if you are offline.

Can I use the virtual welcome bonus together with another welcome bonus package?

No, each customer is eligible to only one welcome offer.

Conclusion and Rating

While doing this review, we were impressed with the quality of games offered at the Betfred virtual sports. The graphics are impressively done, and so are the audio effects. Also, the quality of the video streams is good, and the games load quite fast. All you need to ensure is you have fast and stable internet connection as we noticed the video streams tend to lag if you are using 3G internet. The icing on the cake here is the virtual bonuses section, an area that many bookies tend to either forget or leave out. That Betfred has bonuses and offers dedicated for the virtuals section is quite commendable.

Rating: 10/10

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