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Although the flagship product of Bet365 is the sportsbook, there are several other betting sections that I find entertaining, rewarding, and worth playing. While you expect me to mention casino, games, and poker and stop at that, I will also add the lotto games which are also known as Bet365 bingo. These are not displayed on the Bet365 site through an independent sub-menu. But, I still access them through the sports section. All I had to do was click on the ‘Lotto’ tab. This section shows multinational lotteries from all around the world.


What Lotto Games can I Find at Bet365?

Bet365 Lotto bets

After loading the lotto gaming section, I was excited at the number of lotto games available. At one moment, I was unable to determine what was best for me, but after a while, I at least picked the 49s, and I can confess that I won some decent amount combined with great fun.

To ensure that I do not experience boredom as a punter, Bet365 ensures that the lotto section is well diversified. As opposed to having two or three entries, I can easily play many lotto games on the platform and walk away as a happy punter. These include:

  • Irish Daily Million
  • Irish
  • 49s
  • French (Loto)
  • Spanish (La Primitivia)
  • New York
  • German lotto
  • Canadian 6/49

How can I Play Lotto Games at Bet365?

Bet365 lotto
The picture is taken at 10 AM on 23 rd of March 2022

Although I later came to appreciate the lotto games at Bet365, I initially could not locate the lotto games. So I was wondering how I could play the games, yet I could not even spot them on the menu. However, I learned that the games are available and in huge numbers. To solve your puzzle on how to play Bet365 lotto games, follow the below steps keenly:

  1. Obviously, the first step is to log into my Bet365 account
  2. Afterwards, I focus on the vertical menu with sports.
  3. I click on the ‘Lotto‘ section and the platform shows various lotteries from across the world.
  4. Bet365 lotto is no conventional lottery. Instead, it gives me the chance to bet on the events happening in the real lotteries.
  5. From there, I proceed to set the amount to stake.
  6. As you would expect, the final thing is to place the bet and cross my fingers.

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What Types of Bets can I place at the Bet365 Lotto Section?

As with the football, tennis, or rugby betting market, there are several markets that I can try out with my lotto bets. Some of these markets include:

  • straight
  • combination
  • total value
  • Hi/Lo
  • bonus ball number
  • the first number is drawn
  • first ball odd/even
  • and many others.

When choosing the lotto bet type to place, I always focus on the big prize awarded following the draw.

Bet365 Lotto Offers

Bet365 tends to offer me different bonuses, offers, and promotions in every betting section. Through these, I can stake more for better wins and entertainment.

Bet365 Lotto section offers, and bonuses come and go. Therefore, being on the lookout has enabled me to grab most of the offers without any of them slipping my hands. Mind me sharing my secret to this? I hope you don’t! I always keep visiting the Bet365 bonus page, and if something shows up, I become the early bad that catches the worm every time.

Breaking Down the Bet365 Lotto Prizes

Undoubtedly, each lotto has its prize amount. Likewise, the criteria of winning the lotto prizes also differ from one lotto to another.

I have learned that the prizes are always spread across a few players. These are the lucky punters who are fortunate enough to draw balls of specific characteristics from a pool. For instance, the prize could be divided among the punters who draw three particular numbers from a five-number draw or a single number in a 10-number draw.

Before embarking on any lotto at Bet365, I always assess the risk by checking the winning criteria. This enables me to know when I am likely to win or lose.

Bet365 Lotto Odds

When betting on football, rugby, or basketball, different markets have different odds. I have come to learn that Bet365 and any other lotto has its odds as well. The odds come in the form of probabilities of winning depending on the number of balls to draw from a pool of lotto balls.

The fewer the number of balls, the lower the chance of winning. But, if the balls are quite many, the winning chances are extremely high.

Is Bet365 Lotto Safe and Fair?

Bet365 is one online gaming platform that operates on solid security mechanisms. Additionally, it is a legally licensed bookmaker, making it compliant with all gambling laws. Having operated for a while proves that the platform is safe for players.


Are there special bonuses for Bet365 Lotto on the platform?

Yes, you can grab different types of offers on the platform. Some are customized, while others are the general bonuses meant for all Bet365 players.

Must I have a Bet365 account to enjoy its lotto games?

Yes, to play at Bet365, one must have an active account.

How much will I win at Bet365 Lotto games?

The amount you are likely to win at Bet365 Lotto depends on the lotto pool prize.