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About Betway’s Virtual Sports

Betway's Virtual Sports Section
Betway’s Virtual Sports Section

Betting on sports has remained a fan favourite and lucrative pastime. For years, sporting fans have found it more thrilling to get involved in the sporting action unfolding right before their eyes by placing real money bets. The intensity and stifled hush of knowing you have as much to lose or win as the players involved makes sports betting more engaging than many other forms of betting. But what happens when the match or race is over, and the roaring crowds go silent? In comes virtual sports betting, an alternative mode of sports betting that conveniently fills in the gap left.

Betway is a well-known brand in the sports betting industry. To further cement its foothold, the company has introduced a virtual sports betting section. With the Betway virtual sports betting section, you can enjoy the thrill of betting on virtual horse races, greyhounds, football, motor racing, and cycling. The games are presented in HD video streams that give you the impression of real action unfolding in the fields.

The virtual sports betting section is embedded within the Betway sportsbook. From the main site’s home page, click the ‘Sports’ tab to open the sportsbook. On the left-hand side panel, scroll through the various sports categories and click on the ‘Virtual Sports’ tab.

In this review, we will describe the types of games you will find in the Betway virtual sports betting section and give a comprehensive review of the quality of these games.

Virtual Football

Betway Virtual Football

Being one of the most popular sports globally, Betway has developed a virtual football betting platform. While an actual football match lasts more than 90 minutes, a virtual football match is compressed to last only a few minutes. This essentially means you can place bets on multiple matches with more chances of winning while playing in virtual football, in comparison to betting on real-life football matches.

To fit the entire 90-minute match into the virtual football format, the games are compressed to show only main highlights. This then allows the entire virtual football match to last just a few minutes. The Betway virtual football league features fictional football clubs with close resemblance to real-world clubs. All the events are played out at the one venue, dubbed the Olympic Park Arena.


Ideally, the match format and competitions offered on the Betway virtual football are inspired by the real-life club and international tournament and leagues. However, currently, all the games offered in the virtual format are not played out in any context. This means that the virtual football system randomly selects the matches to be played and randomly pairs the teams. The teams could be anything from the virtual league clubs to international teams.

Available markets

The virtual football bets can be of two main types; matches and match day. In the first category, you get to bet on individual matches. Here you can bet on halftime and fulltime results, just as with any regular football bet. The match day category allows you to have a combined bet featuring all the day’s matches. These can include a combination on the number of goals, wins or draws in any fixtures available for that match day. From these two bet categories, you will have multiple betting markets. These include;

  • Win-draw-lose match result
  • Handicaps 3 way
  • Total goals scored (over and under)
  • Half time/full-time results
  • Double chance
  • Winning margins
  • Correct score
Game duration

A complete virtual football match here is designed to last about five minutes, give or take 15 seconds. This game duration is split into two sections; one for placing your bet and the other for the gameplay. The first section starts with a display of the two teams’ jerseys. In this period, you can select the type of bets you wish to place. Betting here is quite similar to betting on real football matches. Simply click on the betting option you are interested in and watch as it is added to your bet slip.

Once the betting duration is over, the screen will transition to the virtual live match which entails a series of highlights from the game. These will last roughly another 2 and a half minutes. The match will have a timer such as the one in real-life soccer matches. Each highlight such as an attempt on goal will have a timestamp indicating at what point in the match it happened.

It is important to note that the total number of goals in the Betway virtual soccer matches have been limited to four only. This essentially means the possible outcomes are way lower than in real life matches, which statistically give you better-winning chances.

Time between matches

Once the simulated match highlights are over, you will be presented with the match results, upon which the bets are settled. You will be shown if there are any bets you have won from the previous match. The virtual sports system then automatically reboots and picks two other random teams to compete. It takes roughly about 5 minutes for the next match to kick off. On the embedded screen, you will have a timer counting down before the next match is kicked off.

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Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual Horse Racing

Much like with real-life horse racing, virtual horse races give you a great betting option with quick bursts of excitement and energy since horse races last a few minutes, unlike football matches. With the Betway virtual horse races, you will get the opportunity to bet on a dozen of such virtual races. The beauty of virtual races is that the events will keep on going round the clock. At any time of the day, you will find a virtual horse race being lined up, thus giving you a very flexible betting market unlike with the real-life horse races.

The simulated horse races are presented in HD animated videos enhanced with crisp audio effects to recreate a realistic horse racing event. You can mute or even pause the video streaming using the control buttons placed on the embedded video.

Just as with the virtual football section, the results of the virtual horse races are completely randomised using the computer algorithm referred to as an RNG. While some gamers might still be sceptical on whether the results on virtual races are cooked, virtual races give you a better and fairer betting ground than with real-life races.

Betting markets

Betting options in horse races have gone through multiple changes over the centuries this game has been in existence. While Betway tries to replicate the real-life action with their virtual horse races, they have simplified the betting options. Betway offers four main betting markets for its virtual horse races. These are;

  • Each Way – This works like some double-chance bet where you can bet on both your horse winning or finishing at a certain specific position. Whichever the outcome, you will still win. The Betway virtual horse racebook allows you to place each way bets on the first three places at 1/5 odds.
  • Race Winner – This is a simpler betting option where you predict the outright winner of the virtual horse race.
  • Top 2 Finish – In this betting option, you will be betting on a certain horse finishing in the top two positions. This differs slightly from the forecast betting option commonly found in real life horse races where you bet on two horses finishing in the top two. With this betting market, you will be placing your bet on only one horse featuring in the top two positions.
  • Top 3 Finish – This is quite similar to the Top 2 Finish market described above, only that here you will be betting on your horse featuring in the top three positions.
Race duration

The Betway virtual horse racebook offers two race concurrently, featuring up to 14 different races. Each race lasts an average duration of 3 minutes.

Time between races

Once a race is over, the embedded screen will automatically switch to the next upcoming race. Before the next race kicks off, you will have a transitioning period of 3 minutes. Within these three minutes, you will be presented with the horses participating in the upcoming race. You will also have the chance to place your bet. As the clock runs down towards the last minute of the transition period, you will hear the commentator announce no more bets accepted as the markets close, ready for the race to start.

Virtual Greyhounds

Betway Virtual Greyhounds

Closely related to horse racing is dog racing, which features greyhounds running around the racetrack. This has for decades been a favourite pastime and lucrative betting event. With Betway virtual greyhounds, you have the opportunity to partake in this betting market and win some good money round the clock. Unlike with real-life dog races, the Betway virtual greyhounds are available 24/7, with races scheduled to kick-off every two minutes.

As with all the other virtual sports offered here, the results are completely fair and not predetermined. You will also enjoy the thrill of watching the races in HD video streams, complete with an English commentator. The commentator calls out the dog’s number as they switch positions in the race, helping you keep up with the action that is unfolding.

Betting markets

The betting markets offered at the Betway virtual greyhounds are quite similar to those of the virtual horse races. Here you can bet each way, outright race winner of top 2 finish.

  • Each way – The Betway virtual greyhounds allows each-way bets on the first two places at 1/4 odds. In this type of bet, you can choose which dog gets to win the race or finishes in a certain position in the top two.
  • Race winner – With this betting market, you get to choose the outright winner of that particular race.
  • Top 2 finish – With this type of bet, you select one dog that you predict will feature in the top two rankings of that particular race.
Race duration

Unlike virtual horse races, the Greyhounds are more fast-paced. Each race lasts less than a minute as the virtual dog’s dash across the screen. Betway presents the races from the same arena, dubbed the Critchley Park. At any given time, you will find up to 14 different greyhound races lined up.

Time between races

The interlude between one race and the other lasts two minutes. Within this period, you will have the chance to select your bets for the upcoming race and confirm the amount you are willing to stake. After each race is over, the screen will present you with the results then you can determine your win margins based on your bet slip.

Virtual Speedway

Betway Virtual Speedway

The Betway virtual sports category also features a virtual speedway. This is a fast-paced event for the adrenaline junkies who want some quick action on the dirt tracks. The Betway virtual speedway races take place in the High Beach Arena, a virtual oval track. Each race features four motorbikes. The animations here are quite good, and you can easily believe these to be the actual real-life races. The only sell out maybe could be when the commentator calls out the bikers’ number tags instead of their names, as it is with real-life races.

Available options

In real life races, speedway betting offers quite many different betting options, which vary depending on either the bookmaker or the geographical location. Betway has instead simplified the betting on their virtual speedway. Here you will find only four betting markets, as described below.

  • Each Way – The Each Way betting market gives you a double chance at winning as you can bet on both your rider winning the race and or finishing in a certain position. The Each Way bets here are limited to the first two places only and are offered at 1/4 odds.
  • Race Winner – Similar to betting in real life, with the Betway virtual speedway you can bet on the outright winner of the race. This is the simplest form of betting market offered here. It is important to remember that virtual races are completely independent of each other and therefore betting on the outright race winner is based on luck rather than a racer’s form.
  • Top 2 – Closely related to the race winner option is the top 2 betting market. The only difference is that here you will be betting on your biker finishing in the top 2, rather than winning the race.
  • Top 3 – This betting market is akin to the one described above, but here you will be betting on your biker featuring in the top 3.

While selecting which betting market to play in it is important to note that the odds of each rider will change drastically from one market to the other. For instance, while one rider’s odds in the Top 2 market stand at 6/4, the same rider’s odds for the Top 3 market will be 1/2.

Race duration

One key distinction of the Betway virtual speedway from the real-life races is the race duration. Here the races are much more fast-paced. Each race feature two 15-second laps. The entire race duration is normally about 30 seconds. After the race is over, you will get about an extra 10 seconds showcasing the races’ highlights, focusing mainly on the action at the finish line.

Time between races

Once the race is over, there is an interlude session lasting about 2 minutes. In this break period, you will be presented with the upcoming race participants, with their names and stats presented on the screen. Within this period, you can place your bets and decide how much you are willing to stake. About 15 seconds towards the start of the race, the betting markets will be closed and you will even here the commentator call out that no more bets can be placed.

Virtual Motor Racing

Betway's Virtual Motor Racing

This is another virtual betting market that will greatly appeal to the adrenaline junkies. The Betway virtual motor racing is modeled on formula 1 races, with the animated cars and race track designed to resemble a real-life formula 1 race. The Betway virtual motor racing takes place in one track, the Monsanto Park Circuit. Each race consists of two laps and 12 cars. To bring to life, this virtual race car sound effects of engines roaring and tires skidding on the tarmac; the voice-over commentator gives an update by calling out the car numbers as the race progresses.

Betting options

The betting markets available here are quite similar to those in the speedway section. As it is the norm even with real-life races, you will realise one racer’s odds will change from one market to the other. The options are;

  • Each way – The Betway virtual motor racing offers Each Way bets for the first three places only at 1/5 odds.
  • Race Winner – This is the simplest betting market to understand and work with as all you need to is predict the outright race winner.
  • Top 2 Finish -This betting market is similar to the race winner market, only that here you will be predicting that one driver will finish in the top 2 positions.
Race duration

Just as with the real-life motor racing, the Betway virtual motor race is a fast-paced event. The races here are compressed into 1-minute sprints where the cars complete two laps around the Monsanto Park Circuit.

Time between races

The break between one race and another lasts about 2 minutes. About 10 seconds of this is used to highlight the results of the previous race. You will then be given a quick line-up of the upcoming racers with their odds. As the clock runs down into 15 seconds towards the start of the next race, the betting markets will close.

Virtual Cycling

Betway Virtual Cycling

Are you a fan of velodrome cycling races? Then you should check out the Betway virtual cycling market. Similar to the other virtual races offered by Betway, the virtual cycling races are presented with some impressive details including audience cheers and live commentary. Each race consists of three laps and between 6 and nine racers. Each racer’s name is indicated on the scoreboard placed at the top left of the embedded screen, although the commentator uses the racers’ numbers instead of the names.

Available markets

Betway keeps it simple with the betting markets available here by offering only four betting options that are quite similar to those offered in the virtual horse races section. The odds are quite competitive, giving you a good chance to win some impressive money. Below we have described the types of bets you can place;

  • Each way – This is one of the favorite bet types for race betting enthusiasts. The Each Way market gives you a double chance at predicting both the race winner and the position a racer will take. With the Betway virtual cycling, you can place such a bet on the top positions, with the odds set at 1/4.
  • Race winner – If you want to bet on the outright winner of the race, then you should choose this option. This market is simpler to understand and use, especially for beginners.
  • Top 2 finish – In addition to betting on the outright winner, you can also bet on whether a particular racer will feature in the top 2 positions in the race. Unlike with some formats where you can select a number of racers for this market, Betway allows you to select only one racer.
  • Top 3 finish – This betting market is quite similar to the one described above, only that here you will be betting on your racer finishing on the top 3 positions.
Race duration

Each virtual cycling race will have three laps of 15 seconds each. The entire race will, therefore, last about 45 seconds from start to finish. Once the race is concluded, it takes about another 10 to 15 seconds to showcase the various race highlights as the results are presented on the screen.

Time between races

Once a race is over, there is an interlude session of about 1 minute and 45 seconds before another race starts. In this break session, you will be presented with the various cyclists featuring in the next race as they do their early laps around the velodrome amid the cheers of the crowds. You can use this break period to place your bets on the upcoming race.

Virtual Trotting

Betway's Virtual Trotting

Trotting is a type of horse racing with the key distinguishing feature being that the horse rider will be in a two-wheeled cart dragged along by the horse. Similar to regular horse racing, trotting is an old sport that is quite popular around the world. The Betway virtual sports section now gives you the chance to enjoy and bet on this event round the clock with their virtual races. These are animated races featuring up to 8 horses with their riders. The action plays out in the dirt Scania Racetrack and each race consist of one lap around the track.

Betting markets

Trotting is quite similar to horse racing even in terms of the betting markets offered. Here you will have four betting options, same as those offered at the virtual horse races. The options are;

  • Each Way – The Each Way bets here are offered for the first 3 places at 1/5 odds.
  • Race winner – Here you predict the outright winner of the race, by clicking on the name of the participating horse.
  • Top 2 finish – This market allows you to select one horse that you predict will finish in any of the top two positions. Unlike with real-life races where you can select multiple horses, here you will be limited to choosing only one.
  • Top 3 finish – The format of this betting market is quite similar to that of the Top 2 Finish, only that here you will be predicting that the horse will be in the top 3 positions.
Race duration

Each virtual trotting race on Betway is a 1-minute lap around the race track. The race will then be followed by brief highlights that last about 10 to 15 seconds before the next race is presented.

Time between races

After the race highlights are over, you will get a break period that lasts about 2 minutes. This break period allows you to have a look at the next race’s participants and then place your bets. The betting markets will close 10 seconds to the start of the race.

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Virtual Betting bonuses

Currently, Betway does not offer any bonuses or promotions for the virtual sports section. This could sure be a letdown to many gamers looking to join the round-the-clock sporting action at the virtuals. From the look of things, it seems players will have to make do with the other bonuses and offers to target the sportsbook and casino sections only. Using these other bonuses, you could still make some good money from these two other sections that you can later use to bet at the virtual sports section.

In-play betting on Virtual Sports

The Betway virtual sports section does not support in-play betting. For all the seven different sports offered here, only pre-match bets are applicable. The betting markets will close 10 to 15 seconds before the start of the event. To aid you in keeping track of time, there is a clock counting down the minutes remaining before the next race or match begins. Once the betting markets are closed, you will also hear the commentator announce that no more bets can be accepted.

Mobile betting on Virtual Sports

In addition to giving you round-the-clock betting markets, Betway has made it easy to bet on the go through their mobile betting platforms. There are two main ways to access the Betway virtual sports on your mobile device; either through the mobile site version or the mobile app.

With the mobile site version, you simply need to load the Betway site using your regular mobile browser. The mobile site grants you access to all the betting services offered by Betway, including the Virtual Sports portal.

The most recommended option for mobile betting is using downloadable Betway apps. These have been published for both Android and iOS devices. The native apps give relatively better video streaming services for virtual sports videos, in comparison to using the mobile browser version. Also, you will be getting full access to all the virtual sports offered on the main desktop site.

Virtual Sports Provider

The virtual sports on Betway are provided by Inspired Entertainment Inc. Inspired is a powerhouse in providing virtual games online, with a history dating way back to 2002. The UK based company has been the driving force behind the virtual sports offered by other leading online gaming providers and casinos. Currently, Inspired serves more than 100 websites with virtual sports and gaming services, including Betway.

The beauty of the games offered by Inspired is that you can expect to have regular updates in the designs and team performance weighting, to reflect a realistic and true picture of the real-life sporting world. However, the gaming provider does not interfere with the virtual sports results, as this is solely determined by Betway’s RNG.

Available Payment methods

While playing at the virtuals section, you will be granted access to the same number of banking options as those on the other gaming section. This means you can deposit and withdraw using an array of e-wallets, cards, and direct money transfer options.

These include Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, PayPal, EntroPay, PaySafeCard, Trustly, and Bank Transfer. The time it takes to processed deposits will vary depending on the payment method you use, but often the money will reflect in your account instantly. Withdrawals, on the other hand, tend to take a tad bit longer, with card payments being processed within 1 to 3 business days and e-wallets within 24 hours.

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
Visa LogoVisa$/£/€5$/£/€100,000Instant
MasterCard LogoMasterCard$/£/€5$/£/€100,000Instant
Neteller LogoNeteller$/£/€5$/£/€37,500Instant
PayPal LogoPayPal$/£/€5$/£/€5,500Instant
Rapid Transfer LogoRapid Transfer$/£/€5$/£/€5,500Instant
Trustly LogoTrustly$/£/€5$/£/€5,500Instant
Direct Bank Transfer LogoDirect Bank Transfer$/£/€5$/£/€100,000Instant
Vyne LogoVyne$/£/€5$/£/€5,500Instant
Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Visa LogoVisa$/£/€5-1-3 days
MasterCard LogoMasterCard$/£/€5-1-3 days
Neteller LogoNeteller$/£/€5-24 hours
PayPal LogoPayPal$/£/€5-24 hours
Rapid Transfer LogoRapid Transfer$/£/€5-1-3 days
Trustly LogoTrustly$/£/€5-24 hours
Direct Bank Transfer LogoDirect Bank Transfer$/£/€5-1-3 days
Vyne LogoVyne$/£/€5-1-3 days


Below is a list of frequently asked questions that will help you understand more about Betway virtual sports.

The video streams are grainy and lagging. What do I do?

Low video quality could be caused by the bandwidth of your internet connection. Check with your internet service provider to ensure you have a bandwidth that can support HD video streams.

Can I bet on Betway virtual while in a restricted country?

Unfortunately, Betway does not support players from all countries. Therefore, if your country is restricted from the Betway site, you will miss out on the virtual betting fun action offered here.

Can I mute the audio effects on the virtual sports video streams?

Yes, if you do not like the audio effects or would rather have a quite gaming session, then you can mute the audio effects using the control buttons placed in the video screen.

Will I get customer support services for the virtual sports section?

Yes, just like with all the other gaming section on the Betway site, you will have readily accessible customer support services while playing at the virtuals section. You can reach out for support through either phone calls, by dropping an email or even using the live chat portal.

What happens if you lose internet connection while playing virtual sports?

Provided you had placed and confirmed your bet, then the game will carry on and the results determined after that. Your internet connection or losing the video stream will not affect the gameplay. Once you regain internet connection, you can check the results and confirm if you won.

Can I still bet on the virtual football matches without the video streams?”

Yes, Betway has made it possible for you to stop the videos by using the control buttons on the embedded screen. Even with the video stream switched off on your end, the games will carry on, and you can check out the betting markets available below the video screen.

Does Betway allow in-play betting on the virtual football matches?

No, currently Betway does not have any in-play betting options for their virtual sports. All the betting markets here close a few seconds towards the start of the races or matches.

Will I be getting any unique bonuses or offers for playing virtual sports?

Not really, Betway does not offer any bonuses or offers designed specifically for the virtual gaming section.

Conclusion and Rating

Over the years, Betway has risen through the ranks of leading European bookmakers and online gaming platform. This ingenuity is replicated at the virtual gaming section which offers the same standard of quality as the Betway sportsbook and online casino sections. The incorporation of Inspired Inc’s services into the development of the virtual sports results in one of the best 3D animations you will find around.

Some of the notable cons with the Betway virtual sports section is the lack of bonuses and promotions. Also, the help section in the virtual sports is too resourceful. Maybe this is an area that Betway could look into by developing a more detailed step-by-step guide to the virtual sports, especially for beginners who are still finding their way around.

Rating: 8/10

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