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Bwin Affiliate Program Overview

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Bwin affiliates

An established online betting site offering players the best in gambling opportunities, Bwin is an eCOGRA-certified platform with an incredible sportsbook and comprehensive casino section packed-full of video slots, virtual tables, and live dealer games.

Even though the site is well positioned to attract clients without end, Bwin makes good use of its affiliate program to further broaden its reach by marketing its products and the brand to a wider market.

Bwin affiliates is run by Entain Partners, a recognized company in the online gambling scene. It is one of the top affiliate programs that you can join and earn a decent commission for every player you refer to the site.

Read on to find out more about the Bwin affiliate program.

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How Bwin Affiliate Program Works

If you are here to learn more about Bwin affiliates, then you are at the right place. Bwin affiliate is a program designed to market the products and services of the brand to players across the globe.

What happens is that Entain, the Bwin affiliate manager, hires affiliates and pays them a commission to market the brand. Affiliates are paid based on the number of players they attract to the platform, which means the more players you refer to the site, the more cash you earn.

In most cases, individuals use the Bwin affiliate program as an avenue to make passive income. To become an affiliate, you must register at Entain’s official website.

The affiliate program manager Bwin will require you to fill out/complete a detailed form with truthful information. Some of the details needed include your official names and a link to your website.

Once done, you can start referring players to the site for a commission.

How to Join the Bwin Partners Program

Bwin affiliates registration

Load the Bwin website on your computer or smartphone to officially partner with Entain, the eCOGRA-certified affiliate manager. After that, navigate to the site’s footer, click the affiliate link and wait for the website to load. You can then display the registration form by clicking the ‘Register‘ button and applying the steps below:

  1. Come up with a unique login name
  2. Create a unique password and re-enter the information
  3. Choose your preferred security question and give an answer
  4. Share your names
  5. Enter your date of birth and state whether you are applying as an individual or a company
  6. Enter your email and indicate the company or beneficiary name
  7. Provide your address information and state your phone number
  8. Provide your website URL
  9. Check the necessary boxes.
  10. Provide the captcha code
  11. Read the terms and conditions and submit the information to sign up.

Make sure you fill every section with the correct information so that you don’t experience any problems later.

What commissions can you earn with Bwin?

The Bwin affiliate program is generous, especially if compared to other affiliate plans. Once Entain confirms your registration, they will start offering you a commission depending on the number of players you refer to the site.

For example, you will receive a 25% commission once you refer up to 25 members. If you refer 26 to 100 members, Bwin will offer you 30%. On the other hand, with 101 to 300 members, you will get 32%.

Finally, the operator will give you a 35% commission for referring 300+ players to the site. Note that CPA plans are available upon request. Therefore, you must contact Entain if you are interested.

What Software Does Bwin Affiliate Program use?

Bwin Affiliates uses Entain software! The program enables the affiliate partners to track referrals and endorsements made by the affiliates.

Thanks to the software, the affiliate manager can detect affiliate referral data, IP address, and browser. This eases the process of managing Bwin affiliates.

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Like any other affiliate program, Bwin affiliates come with terms and conditions that you must adhere to for as long as you are working with Entain. For example, the affiliate is not allowed to transfer any data outside the European Economic Area without the company’s approval.

Moreover, the affiliate cannot engage a sub-processor without getting the go-ahead from the Bwin affiliates manager. Finally, Entain does not allow you to transfer or assign a sub-contract to another individual.

You must observe these and many more terms once you become an affiliate to avoid the termination of your contract.

Available Payment Methods

One of the many advantages of the Bwin affiliate program is that affiliates are given access to multiple payment options, which they can use to withdraw their commission. Some of the primary methods you can use include VISA, MasterCard, EFT, and Wire.

The operator only credits your account with cash if you earn more than £100.00. If your monthly earnings are less than the stated amount, the operator has the right to withdraw your payments.

Why Join Bwin Affiliates?

It would help if you considered partnering with Bwin and becoming their affiliate for multiple reasons. For a better understanding, here are the pros and cons for Bwin affiliates:

  • Pros
  • Offers an incredible commission of up to 35%
  • You can choose a commission plan that is suitable for you
  • Payments are made every month
  • Offers CPA programs
  • Cons
  • Inactive accounts are closed after 180 days

Join Bwin Aff


Bwin has one of the best affiliate programs that guarantee members up to 35% commission which is paid monthly. The affiliate plan is easy to join and only requires you to refer players to the site within 180 days.

Once you become an affiliate, you enjoy CPA programs and comprehensive reporting. You also benefit from customized affiliate deals, which you will enjoy once you start referring members to the site.


What is Bwin Partners Affiliate Programme?

Bwin Partners affiliate program is a plan that allows you to market the site’s products and services to players and earn up to 35% commission.

Which payment methods can I use?

You can use various payment methods, including EFT, MasterCard, and VISA. Bwin affiliate program also offers Wire transfers to clients.

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