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How To Bet On Pinnacle From The UK

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Pinnacle for UK players
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Perhaps one of the biggest setbacks for UK punters was the awful day when Pinnacle stopped accepting bets from punters in the UK.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of doing business with Pinnacle, they are not only a first-class sportsbook, but they rarely turn down or restrict a bet, even if it was an arb.

Can you imagine getting a grand on a football bet with odds that are out of line with Ladbrokes or William Hill? It just wouldn’t happen, so it is not difficult to realise how disappointing that day back in 2014 was for UK punters.

Is there any way for UK punters to get a bet on Pinnacle

It is not unusual for UK punters to try and find a ‘workaround’ if they are banned from a particular sportsbook or have their account restricted in some way so when asked how to bet on Pinnacle from UK, most punters will say that there must be a way.

Please believe me when I say that I have left no stone unturned when trying to find a solution to the problem, so I am more than happy to share my findings with you.

The most obvious route is to use a Pinnacle VPN (Virtual Private Network), but from my experience, this won’t work.

It is all well and good to use a VPN in order to try and open your account, but what about your personal details, never mind registering a payment method in order to make a deposit.

Unless you have an address in a country that is accepted by Pinnacle, using a VPN just won’t work.

Could a BetBroker be the answer?

It often surprises me how many UK punters are not aware of Bet Brokers and the services they offer, so let’s briefly look into what they are all about.

Basically, opening an account with a Pinnacle Bet Broker allows you to place bets with different bookies from your Bet Broker account.

The Broker acts as a middleman and charges a small commission on the bets that they place. It all sounds like a perfect solution for placing bets with Pinnacle UK, doesn’t it?

Before you get too excited, I am afraid I’m going to have to disappoint because none of the leading Bet Brokers accepts clients from the UK.

Bet Brokers

Surely some of the best Brokerage firms accept UK clients?

Afraid not, the leading brokers such as, and do not allow anyone from the UK to open an account due to current legislation.

On further investigation, I found the live chat on some of the smaller Bet Brokers informed me that they would be happy for me to open an account with them, absolutely no problem whatsoever.

To me, giving incorrect information like this always rings the alarm bells, and when I looked a little deeper into the operations that these clowns run, without exception, the Curacao licence was plain to see.

The sad conclusion

I know it is tempting to look for ways to open a Pinnacle account, but please believe me when I say that if you are from the UK, it is just not worth it. It doesn’t matter if you do manage to open an account with a Broker; how would you feel if you landed a winning bet and the Broker failed to pay out.

Even worse, what if you were placing an arb with Pinnacle and laying the bet off with Betfair to ensure a profit and the bet won. You would lose with Pinnacle because of problems with the Broker as well as losing with Betfair because you laid the bet with them. An absolute nightmare which is just not worth the risk, in my opinion.

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