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Roobet Cup 2024: CS:GO All You Need to Know

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Roobet cup
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In June 2022, Roobet started an exciting CS:GO tournament to promote the game. The CS:GO Roobet Cup was scooped by BIG, which won $150,000 of the total prize of $250,000. Roobet, in collaboration with Relog Media, is organizing yet another tournament for 2023. The tournament is set to happen from 25th October to 2nd November.

The CS:GO Roobet Cup has become a household tournament, attracting millions of viewers across the globe. Besides, it gives esports players a chance to experience the best of the participating teams and bet on the events.

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Roobet Cup 2024 CS:GO: Tournament Details

The Roobet Cup details are out for the game enthusiasts to get ready for the thrill that’s just about to unravel. Below are critical details about the cup.

Participating Teams

The Roobet Cup csgo will have 16 teams participating. But currently, only seven of these teams have confirmed participation as of today. These include.

The remaining 9 teams invited are yet to confirm participation.

Schedule and Fixtures

The Roobet Cup will follow the format of the normal tournaments. However, we could look into the two unique schedules for this competition.

👉 Group Stage – In total, the tournament will feature 16 teams, which will be categorized into four GSL-style groups. From every group, two teams will proceed to the playoffs after a B03 match format.

👉 Playoffs – From the Group stage, we will have eight teams going to the playoffs. Under this stage, Roobet Cup csgo will take a single elimination bracket.

Roobet CS:GO cup

Notable Teams and Players

Judging from the performance of the 2022 CS:GO Cup, some teams and players stood out. These will greatly shape the 2023 competition. To start with, BIG emerged as the overall winner in 2022. Others include Faze, which took the first runner up position and Astralis and Cloud9, which took positions 3 and 4.

Among the most notable players in each of the teams include Johannes Tabsen, who has ranked first in several tournaments since 2017, Benjamin Blamef and Freddie Krimz Johansson. These player’s experience and achievements in the game may continue to propel their teams to greater heights. Eventually, this will greatly influence the results of the tournament.

How to Get Involved in the Roobet Cup

When the Roobet Cup starts, you can participate in it in several ways. You could bet on the events available, watch live or just passively cheer up your favourites. Let’s see how to go about these in detail.

How to Participate

To participate in the Roobet Cup csgo as a player, you need to register with a team. The team could be among the ones confirmed to play or a new team. However, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria to be registered on the team you choose.

Roobet needs your team to meet certain requirements to qualify to participate in the cup. The requirements revolve around the number of players and the professionalism of the team.

How to Watch Roobet Cup Live

During the Roobet Cup tournament, you will have a chance to watch the live streams at both the Group and the Playoff stages. These will be broadcast live on the Official Twitch Channel and will be accessible via Roobet app.

Currently, the channel is yet to update the live broadcast schedule for the upcoming cup. When that happens, we shall update this review.

It will be possible to watch the live streams on both Roobet app and Roobet website.

How to Bet on the Roobet Cup

To start with, you will need to have an account to bet on the Roobet cup. Creating an account is easy. Afterwards, you should go to the esports section and finally to CS: GO Roobet Cup. You will be able to see the available markets, betting markets and options, as well as the odds available.

There are several things to consider before you place your bet. Firstly, you need to choose the best of the best esports betting sites, and Roobet is a nice pick for you. Besides, it is good to know the team you are betting on and understand its form. Knowing its past performances and achievements could help. Besides, you should not be afraid to skip some bets, and finally, always avoid betting all your bankroll.

Roobet Cup History & Previous Champions

Roobet is a great bookmaker set to promote eSports. In collaboration with Relog Media, the bookmaker organized the first CS:GO tournament in 2022. Among the 16 teams involved, BIG emerged the winner and pocked a total of $150,000.

The first runners-up – Faze received a prize of $15,000, while positions 3-4 received 15,000 each. In total, the prize for the tournament was $250,000. Among the 16 teams that participated, the first eight were awarded.


When is Roobet Cup 2023?

Roobet Cup 2023 will start on 25th October to 2nd November.

In which country will be the tournament held this year?

The tournament will happen online but with an affiliation to Sydney. The organizer has yet to announce the registration deadline. However, it could be around the start of October.

How can spectators engage with the tournament online?

The spectators can watch live and bet on the tournament online.

What is the total prize pool for the Roobet Cup 2023 CS:GO?

The total prize for the tournament is $250,000.

Are there additional rewards or incentives for standout players or teams?

Although there are no additional prizes for players, the eight best teams will be rewarded.

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