Titanbet has been around in the industry of betting since the year 2009. It has built itself to become one of the largest betting companies in the world. In this article, you will not only learn about this betting company’s mobile apps, but you will also know how this precious company is different from other bookies out there. If you study this article well, Titanbet betting company might be your new favourite go-to when betting.

The popularity of mobile betting has been increasing steadily since a few years ago. Along with the rise of the popularity in betting, Titanbet made itself equally popular as the company launched its mobile app and site version for Android and iOS devices. Read on to know more about this betting company and how you, as an Android or an iOS user, can get the most out of your Titanbet mobile betting experience.


Titanbet app for Android

mobile app login for TitanBet on Android
TitanBet mobile app home for Android
mobile app registration in TitanBet for Android

Titanbet app for Android is free. However, you will be required to have a functional Titanbet account. In other words, you will need to sign up first before you can start using the app.

When it comes to your account’s information, you can easily see the general information like the Titanbet points available, your discount commission, and also details concerning your current wallets. It is possible to have wallets in various currencies. With your account, you can easily view the deposited amount, the amount available for betting, and also the amount that can be withdrawn.

How to download and install Titanbet app for Android

Downloading and installing the Titanbet app on an Android device is easy. The process is pretty much the same when you download other apps. However, Google Play does not allow installation of any kind of betting or gambling app. This means that you will need to set your phone in such a way that it can accept apps from “unknown sources.” To download the app, follow the steps below.

  1. Step 1: Start by going to Titanbet’s website using your phone’s browser. Click the “Claim” button that appears on the page of the site.
  2. Step 2: Register for an account. This will enable you to use free bets worth of £30 in the app.
  3. Step 3: After logging in with your new account, click the download link given in the website. Then, click “Download Android app”.
  4. Step 4: While waiting for the download to be completed, go to your device’s Settings, go to Security, and click “Allow unknown sources”. Doing this will allow you to download apps other than those that come from Google Play.
  5. Step 5: By now, you should be able to successfully download and install the Titanbet mobile app on your Android device. Wait for a few minutes. After the successful installation, you can begin using the app.
  6. Download Titanbet app for Android


Titanbet app for iOS (iPhone and iPad devices)

mobile football section for iOS
in-play in TitanBet app for iPhone
mobile app live for iOS

The Titanbet iPhone App is not only well designed, but it is also intuitive. In most cases, the big events are always placed on the home page of the app. This means that you can easily place a quick bet on a match that is already televised. From this, it’s crystal clear that you will have no time to go through a long list of events when the time is limited.

The iOS app has been designed in such a way that a user can place bets easily and quickly. The three menu buttons (Next Races, Highlights, and In-Play) can actually fulfil the requirements of most users.

How to download and install Titanbet app for iOS (iPhone and iPad devices)

Are you an iPhone user? If you are, then you are lucky. Downloading the app on an iOS device is easier than on an Android device. Why? That’s because iOS allows installation of gambling apps. Therefore, you can easily go to your device’s App Store, search for the iOS Titanbet app, and simply click install. Follow the steps below for clearer instructions.

  1. Step 1: Go to your device’s browser and search for Titanbet’s website.
  2. Step 2: On the website, create a Titanbet account. If you already have one, login using your old account.
  3. Step 3: After logging in, go to your App Store and type “Titanbet app” on the search box. After, click the magnifying glass icon to search.
  4. Step 4: From the search results, select the Titanbet app, click Install, and wait for the installation to finish.
  5. Download Titanbet app for iOS


Titanbet Mobile site version – review

The most common problem players have with most betting companies is that they have apps that lack the features of their official website. This is a big issue for players as they want their mobile gaming and gambling experience to be just the same as their online gambling experience on a computer.

mobile site app of TitanBet on tablet
Preview from

What’s good about Titanbet is that its mobile app offers most, if not all of their features, in their official website. This means that players can enjoy playing on their mobile devices as much as or maybe even more than they do on a computer.

Another common issue among mobile site versions is the screen compatibility. On a PC, pages usually fit on the screen perfectly. However, things may not be the same. Most mobile sites have apps or mobile site versions that are not screen compatible. Titanbet’s mobile site version is great because the screen auto resizes, meaning pages fit perfectly on the small-sized screen of a mobile device. This is the reason why a lot of bettors like Titanbet. It is flexible in terms of screen auto resizing.

Usually, things seem to be much slower on a mobile device. While the lag is usually caused by some issues in a device, it could also be caused by the programs that you open. Titanbet’s mobile site version and mobile application do not cause lag. In fact, the app regularly updates, making processes faster and better for its users.
Aesthetically, the app and the mobile site version look attractive. With the black colour theme, the site version appears easy to the eyes. In a way, it has also made the layout of the website version look clean and organized.


Titanbet mobile sports betting

Another important aspect of this mobile betting site is that it has a feature rich content. Unlike many other betting companies that offer a mobile app mainly for horse racing, this bookmaker comes fully prepared to allow you to access almost everything you want as far as betting is concerned.

From the app, you can search through existing bets by category. You can also view the odds of the available options. If you are interested in good in-play odds around, you can actually get them here. Plus, you will be able to see the odds as they change.


Titanbet mobile casino app review

TitanBet casino app

Titanbet’s mobile casino has more than 400 casino games. The mobile app has a wide collection of different kinds of casino apps, including blackjack, baccarat, roulette, pokies, and video poker. Titanbet also guarantees players a safe, secure, and a virus-free app that customers can play without worry.


Titanbet mobile in-play review

Titanbet’s in-play betting events can be found on the In-play Betting Zone. In this section, players can watch live sports coverage and play in-play betting on just about any live sporting events.

The betting events that Titanbet’s mobile in-play feature covers include football, basketball, tennis, darts, and many more.


Titanbet poker app review

Titanbet poker app

Titanbet’s poker app is developed and maintained by no other than Playtech. That is why the app functions at its best every time. In Titanbet’s poker app, you can play with other bettors and bet on cash games and tournaments. Poker games on Titanbet include Omaha Poker, Texas Hold’em, and other varieties of poker.


Differences between mobile app and mobile site version

While these two seem to be widely used interchangeably, they actually have a number of differences. Read both of their advantages and disadvantages to know more about their differences.

Mobile site version:


  • A mobile website version can be accessed via a browser using different devices.
  • It can be accessed through any devices.
  • A mobile site version cannot be deleted.


  • When using the app’s mobile site version, players are required to login all the time.

Mobile apps:


  • Apps are specially designed for various mobile devices.
  • Apps are more flexible in terms of the screen size.
  • The designs in an app are usually simple and easy to use.


  • Users need to update the app regularly.

Titanbet mobile bonus

mobile bonus from TitanbetDoes this bookmaker offer sign up bonuses? Yes, it does. When you open a brand new account at Titanbet, you definitely qualify for a Titanbet welcome bonus.

For instance, if you place five single bets worth of £5 or more, your account will be credited with £25 worth of free bets.


System Requirements and Compatibility

To download the app, your Android or iOS device must be compatible with it. That’s because the app only works on various devices that pass the necessary system requirements. Read the information below to know more about Titanbet app’s system compatibility requirements.

for Android
Your Android device must have an operating system of 3.0 or higher. Also, you need to have an ample amount of space in your memory as the size of the app is 2 MB.

for iOS
The app is only compatible with Apple devices with iOS 7.0 or higher operating system. The download size on an iOS device, which is 11.9 MB, is higher compared to the download size on an Android device.

Some Android devices that are compatible with the Titanbet app are Samsung Galaxy S2, Acer 5”, and Lenovo U1. Examples of iOS devices that are compatible with the app are iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C.


Titanbet mobile payment methods

All payments options present on the web version are also available on the Titanbet mobile app. The processing times and withdrawal and deposit limits also remain the same with the web version. Payments methods provided by Titanbet are listed below.

Payment MethodDepositWithdrawal
VisaMinimum Deposit: £10
Maximum Deposit: £20,000
Minimum Withdrawal: No
NetellerMinimum Deposit: £10
Maximum Deposit: £20,000
Minimum Withdrawal: No
SkrillMinimum Deposit: £10
Maximum Deposit: £20,000
Minimum Withdrawal: No
PayPalMinimum Deposit: £10
Maximum Deposit: £20,000
Minimum Withdrawal: No


Are you looking for frequently asked questions? If you are, read on.

  1. What is the difference between Titanbet iOS and Titanbet Android?
    It is important to understand that there is an app for both iOS and Android devices. Since they are designed for different operating systems, there are various differences between the two, especially when it comes to matters regarding the features, betting options, and other elements of functionality.
  2. Is it possible for me to download an app on my Blackberry device?
    If you use Blackberry, you may not be able to download the app on your device. That’s because the app is only designed for Android and iOS devices. However, you can still use the mobile site version of Titanbet by visiting their website using your Blackberry device’s browser.
  3. I have a mobile phone with Windows OS. Is it possible for me to download the app?
    No, you can’t download the Titanbet app on a Windows device. However, you can still use the mobile site version of Titanbet by visiting their website using your Blackberry device’s browser.
  4. How do I deposit into my mobile account?
    With a Titanbet mobile app, you can deposit to your Titanbet account quickly and easily. You will need to login to your account and then tap the button that appears on the upper side of the screen and the one that displays account balances. Then, click “Deposit”. After which, you can select the method that pleases you most.
  5. Does the app permit self-exclusion?
    Titanbet has actually made it easy and simple for punters to self-exclude from the betting service. This has been done in order to promote responsible gambling. To do this, you just need to open the My Account Menu and then choose the “Player Protection” option on the Account Details menu.
  6. Is it possible for me to change the language of the Titanbet mobile app?
    Yes, it is possible. You just need to go to My Account menu and then go to the language settings. From there, you can change the language of the app by choosing one from the choices. Language options include German, Swedish, English, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
  7. Is the app secure?
    Yes, the app is secure. Titanbet is a trusted casino and sports betting company. In addition, it uses various proven methods to enhance the security of their punters on the platform. Commonly used methods include SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and the two-step authentication.

Verdict and App rating

If you are looking for a stable, reliable, and an interactive mobile betting experience, consider betting at Titanbet. It may not be the best-looking app in the market, but it can be the best when it comes to the usability and ease of navigation. These are some of the reasons why it has an average rating of 9.6 out of 10.

Visit Titanbet app

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