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The Boylesports Euro Lucky Numbers is based on the Euro-Millions draw results every Tuesday and Friday at around 8 pm. During this draw, betting is available up to 19:30 on that particular day. Any bet placed after this time is not considered for the draw.

How do I place a bet on EuroMillions at BoyleSports?

Wondering how you should go about playing the Boylesports EuroMillions? It is easy as it involves a few things, as recorded below:

BoyleSports lottery
  1. Access your Boylesports account by registering a new account or logging into an existing one.
  2. Please go through the promotions section, pick out any bonus meant for lottos players if you wish to apply one.
  3. Visit the lotto section and on the list of lotto going on, select EuroMillions (Euro Lotto)
  4. When the tickets are shown, choose your desired numbers
  5. Enter the amount you wish to stake and click on the ‘Bet Now’ option.

Play Euro Millions

BoyleSports EuroMillions odds explained

BoyleSports Euro lottery

In the Euro-Millions draw, you can include the lucky numbers in Patents, Yankees, or Lucky 15s. After placing your bets, the first draw involves drawing five numbers from balls numbered 1-50. Similarly, the plus draw also involves drawing numbers from 1-50.

Euro-Millions is known to pay one of the highest prizes in lottery gaming. The maximum payout of €500,000 is given to a single customer provided they pick 5 correct numbers during the draw.

If you place your bet and, for some reason, the draw fails to happen, Boylesports reserves the right to void that draw. Besides, if a bet is taken by error on a combination of numbers where no odds are available, that stake will be divided into all individual numbers and settled as a single for every number chosen.


What if I don’t get the correct winning numbers?

If you don’t get the correct winning numbers after the draw, it means you won’t get any amount.

Is the EuroMillions Lotto available for only punters who are registered?

No, the EuroMillions Lotto is also available for those playing on the go.

What is the maximum payout at the EuroMillions?

The maximum payout at the EuroMillions is 500,000EUR.

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