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How to Play Alternative Handicap in Bet365

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Bet365 alternative handicap
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The Alternative Asian Handicap (AAH) is a betting option that works as the standard Asian Handicap, but allows me to wager on a specific gap between the two teams.

In this article, I delve deeper into the Handicap and the Alternative Handicap in Bet365.

What Does Handicap Mean in Bet365?

Handicap betting means adding points to one side of the match before the event begins. Usually, this creates a level ground between an underdog and a favourite.

For example, if Manchester United and Manchester City are playing, and Bet365 feels that Manchester United is the favourite, it may award Manchester City a goal as the underdog before the match starts. Therefore, the match starts on level ground for the two teams.

How Do I Make an Alternate Handicap Wager?

For me to enjoy the Alternative Handicap wager at Bet365, I need to follow the below simple steps:

Bet365 Alternative Handicap
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  1. Firstly, I will need to log into my Bet365 account or create a new one if I play at Bet365 for the first time.
  2. Secondly, I will proceed to my favourite sport, and in this case, soccer.
  3. Next, I will open the available events and settle on one before exploring the markets available for that match.
  4. Just below the usual Asian Handicap market, I will see the Alternative Handicap market denoted by AAH or two numbers.
  5. I will select the market, set my stake and proceed to place the bet.
  6. Afterwards, I will wait for the outcome of the match.

Bet at Bet365

What is Alternative Handicap Result in Bet365 – Definition

The handicap result market is predicting the outcome of a match by giving one of the teams an advantage or a disadvantage. Since there will always be a favourite and an underdog, the handicap ensures the two play on equal ground, as per the perception of Bet365.

The alternative handicap result is similar to the Asian handicap result. It just gives me the chance to place my wager on values other than these set by Bet365 as a standard level.

Placing Asian handicaps at bet365

  1. When I do not want to bet on the Alternative handicap bets, I have the Asian handicap as an option. I usually visit the Bet365 bookmaker and access my account to place the bet.
  2. Afterwards, I open the soccer section, select the event and under the markets, look for Asian Handicaps and compare the available football odds at Bet365.
  3. Next, I select the stake and place the bet.


What is an Alternative Handicap on Bet365?

The Alternative Handicap at Bet365 is similar to the standard Handicap but allows me to bet on various goals ahead values.

What does alternative goals mean on bet365?

The Alternative goals market at Bet365 is also known as the Over/Under Goal line. It allows me to predict whether the goals in a match will be more or less than a specified value.

What is an Alternative 3-Way Handicap in Soccer Betting?

This is when I am betting on a match where one team is given a points advantage, and the possible outcomes are three.

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