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Bet365 Forgot Password

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Bet365 forgotten password issue

Losing your Bet365 password is normal for new players at the site. In most cases, it will dawn on the gambler that they can no longer sign into their account after an unsuccessful first attempt.

At Bet365, I learned that there are three attempts before the account is locked. The good news is that it is possible to reset Bet365 lost logins in minutes using straightforward steps.

How To Reset Bet365 Forgotten Password

Bet365 forgot password
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Resetting the Bet365 forgotten password is a piece of cake. First, launch the site on a computer or smartphone, then follow these steps:

  1. Click Bet365 ‘Log In‘ tab.
  2. Open the ‘Having trouble login in‘ link.
  3. Provide a correct username and click next.
  4. Share the correct email address, then click ‘Get a reset code‘.
  5. Check email and copy the reset code.
  6. Paste it in the space provided.
  7. Enter date of birth and click next.
  8. Create a new password.

After completing the Bet365 forgot password steps I have provided, players can sign into their account using the new password created.

How To Reset Password with Forgotten Username?

Bet365 forgot username
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It is possible to forget your Bet365 password and username. Thankfully, the operator understands this, so they have measures in place if that happens. In this case, open the Bet365 gambling site and display the account login window. After that:

  1. Click ‘Having trouble login in‘.
  2. Select ‘Forgotten your username‘.
  3. Provide date of birth.
  4. Share email address.
  5. Click the ‘Get username‘ tab.

Once the procedure is complete, Bet365 will send the account’s username to the email provided. Note that the email entered should be one used to open the account.

How To Reset Bet365 Password with Forgotten Email?

The trickiest part is to reset password without an original email. For this case, the player must contact customer support via live chat for assistance.

But before that, look for the 4-digit code the operator shared while opening Bet365. The code is mandatory since it verifies the account owner. The operator will allow email change if the four-digit number is correct. If it is wrong, they will ask for the telephone number used while registering for an account.

If the number is wrong, the operator will ask for the player’s full name, date of birth, the initial line of their address, and the last transaction made on the account. These questions and many more are meant to confirm the owner of the Bet365 account.

Wrapping Up

From the information above, it is clear that Bet365 has done an exemplary job in ensuring players have an easy time accessing their accounts even with lost passwords and usernames. They also have an option for gamblers who lack the email address they used to sign up on Bet365.


Can I contact Bet365 support to reset my login details?

Players can contact Bet365 support to reset their email if every other method fails.

How long will it take to reset my lost password?

It will take less than five minutes to reset a lost password.

Why does Bet365 require a 4-digit code when resetting my email?

The 4-digit code is crucial to confirm the ownership of the account owner.

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