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What Does Draw No Bet Mean at Bet365

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Bet365 Draw No Bet
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A Draw No Bet is one of the most common betting markets I come across at Bet365 and any other bookmaker. Being a common market, I would like to dissect it to ensure that every punter out there can take advantage of the market at Bet365. In this article, we shall focus on different aspects of the Draw No Bet market available at Bet365.

Illustration of a Draw No Bet Market

First, I would like to clarify what draw no bet market is using a simple illustration of Team A and Team B.

If I bet that Team A will win a match under the draw no bet market, I have placed a double bet. In this case, Team A must win. If the match results in a draw, I will get back my stake, and in this case, it automatically means that Team B loses.

Under normal circumstances, placing a normal bet would mean that three possible outcomes include the following:

  • Team A wins
  • The teams result in a draw
  • Team B loses

However, the possible outcomes under the Draw No Bet market are two, as the draw is not counted as a bet. Below are the possible outcomes:

  • Team A wins
  • Team B loses

In case the match results in X, my money will be returned to my balance. Here’s how the difference between the regular markets and the draw no bets selection looks like in a graphic visualisation:

Regular Betting
The bet I placed:A team winsThe match results in a drawB team wins
👉 A team to win
👉 X
👉 B team to win
Draw No Bet Market
The bet I placed:A team winsB team wins
👉 Draw No Bet A team to win
👉 XI get my money backI get my money back
👉 Draw No Bet B team to win

Nature of Odds for Draw No Bet Market

Bet365 Draw no Bet

Whenever I am betting, I always consider the nature and size of the odds available on any market. This way, I can tell you that draw no bet has some low odds that one might not rush for.


The market risk level is shallow. As I noted, I am only expected to select the winner, and if a draw happens, I get my money back. I will only lose if the opposite team wins. That is quite a low risk to worry me when I place a bet on such a market. However, what I like most about this market is that some of the Bet365 bonuses can be used for Bore Draw Money Back Bets.

Draw No Bet at Bet365 Tips

Below are some of the tips I use when placing draw no bet wagers:

  • Being conversant with the competition and the events, I bet on
  • Considering past performances of the teams involved
  • Choosing the right bookmaker like Bet365 for this market

Which Are Some Similar Betting Markets?

If you choose a bookmaker that does not offer the Draw No Bet market, you could consider other alternatives that give you the same chances. One of such markets is the double chance. A double chance market gives you three possible outcomes, but you bet for two outcomes among the below three.

  • Home & draw
  • Home & away
  • Away & draw

The double chance market, just like the draw no bet, has low odds due to the low risk involved in the bet.

In conclusion, Bet365 offers many markets, and this is one of those that you could try out. Depending on a punter’s lever of taking a risk, there are many more markets to try out at the bookmaker.

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