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Bet365 Restricted my Account – What Should I do?

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Bet365 Account Restricted
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If you had your Bet365 account restricted, you might be asking yourself what you did wrong or what can you do to lift restrictions. You may even be questioning whether Bet365 wants your business anymore or what steps you can take to prevent Bet365 from restricting your account in the future.

From my experience, Bet365 isn’t in the business of restricting accounts, but as a licensed betting company, they do have to take protective measures to ensure their customers follow the terms and conditions they agreed to when opening a Bet365 account.

Unfortunately, the most common reason for having your Bet365 account restricted is the breeching of those terms and conditions.

What types of restrictions can Bet365 place on my account

Bet365 account restrictions

After reading the terms and conditions that govern the use of a Bet365 account, I discovered various reasons that could result in your Bet365 account being restricted. While I haven’t included every type of restriction, I have covered several of the more frequently imposed restrictions.

Restricted bet sizes

Whenever I place bets at Bet365, I like to keep my bet sizes consistent. The main reason for this is to ensure I gamble responsibly and within my means. However, some players will place larger bets for thousands of dollars, and this can result in Bet365 restricting the bet sizes to prevent players from winning any amounts that exceed its maximum payout limits.

Limit markets

I have found it’s quite common for some bettors to favour certain markets over others. Generally, this is due to their knowledge about a particular market and their win frequency. Unfortunately, this could result in Bet365 limiting the markets you have access to or limiting you from punting on those you consistently win.

Place cap on winnings

Another restriction I have seen in the past is capping the amount can win on a particular sporting event. This may seem unfair, and while it is not a common restriction at Bet365, it can occur if your winnings frequently exceed the maximum payout limits.

Close the account

Depending on the player and their activity at Bet365, you may find that Bet365 has closed your account. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as continually breaching the terms and conditions or opening multiple accounts.

Why did Bet365 restrict my account?

Bet365 account limited
The picture is taken at 8:24 AM EET on the 15th of July 2022

If you received a notification or found Bet365 has restricted your account, you may be wondering why I have restrictions on my bet365 account. The answer to why is my new bet365 account restricted, as I explained, could be any number of reasons, but generally, the reasons are based on your activity and how they correlate to the terms and conditions.

While you may feel like you didn’t abuse your privileges or anything that was wrong or illegal, the reality is you may have acted in a way that resulted in the restrictions being placed on your Bet365 account.

You opened multiple accounts

One of the worst things I or any bettor can do at an online sportsbook like Bet365 is open multiple accounts. Like most sportsbooks, Bet365 track their customers’ IP address and verify the account holder’s identity to ensure their customers only have one account. If the tracking software determines you have multiple accounts, your account will be restricted or closed.

You were deemed a bonuses abuser

While bonuses are geared towards new and existing customers, they are not yours to do with as you please. The problem I have noticed with some players is that they are often unaware of, or unwillingly forget, to pay attention to the terms and conditions governing a bonus.

If you fail to read and adhere to the terms and conditions, you could be deemed a bonus abuser and ultimately find your account being restricted.

While I know this may seem unfair, it will not restrict you from placing bets, but it will prevent you from participating in future bonus offers of Bet365, which will be a significant loss.

You are suspected of being a professional bettor

The one thing I do know is that sportsbooks like Bet365 tend not to look favourable upon professional bettors. The problem bookmakers have with professional gamblers is they invariably use arbitrage to gain an advantage and consistently win.

They also generally know precisely what bets they want to make, place their bets and log out. If you behave in this fashion at Bet365, my personal experience tells me you’ll find your account getting restricted.

Is Bet365 legally allowed to restrict my account?

While it might be infuriating and frustrating to log into your Bet365 account and find restrictions in place, betting at Bet365 is a privilege. However, it is important to recognize that Bet365 is a privately held company whose terms and conditions state that they may restrict or deny service to anyone they feel breeches those terms and conditions.

Therefore, they are well within their rights to restrict your account, and you may believe they are unjust; they are legally allowed to restrict your account and are not obligated in any way to explain the reasons for those restrictions.

Bet365 has restricted my account – What should I do?

While Bet365 has never restricted my account, I know many of you who have had their accounts restricted may be curious as to how long do Bet365 restrictions last? The one thing I have yet to cover is how you can have your betting privileges reinstated. In part, this will depend on what type of restriction you are facing and whether those restrictions can be reinstated.

Ultimately, all you can do is contact Bet365 support via the contact methods below and request they explain why your account was restricted. You may also request that they review your account and reinstate your privileges, but it is unlikely they will reinstate your betting privileges if you have breached their terms and conditions.

  • Live Chat
  • Email Support
  • Free Phone Calls

Manage Your Restricted Acc

How can I avoid my account getting restricted by Bet365?

As I have mentioned above, it can be almost impossible to get your betting privileges reinstated at Bet365. Therefore, the smartest decision I have found that works best for me to make sure I do not do anything that might result in my account being restricted in the first place.

Therefore, to make sure that never happens to me, here are a few tips I follow to ensure my betting privileges at Bet365 are never compromised:

I never abuse bonuses

The one thing I never do is abuse bonuses, as doing so could prevent me from participating in future promotional offers. I also make sure that whenever I have claimed a bonus, I deposit several times before claiming another offer.

I always keep my bets consistent

As a sports bettor, I have a specific budget I set aside for betting and for the most part, that amount never changes. Therefore, to avoid attention after a winning streak, I limit my bet increases to a marginal amount.

I never make back-to-back withdrawals

If I want to withdraw from my Bet365, I do so without any reservations. However, the one thing I never do is make back-to-back withdrawals. Yes, I withdraw several times a week, just never back-to-back.

Final Thoughts on Bet365 Account Restrictions

Based on my experience, Bet365 is not in the business of restricting their customer’s betting privileges (except the cases when customers have requested self-exclusion from Bet365), so as long as you are using those privileges responsibly, you’ll never have to worry about any restrictions being placed on your account. On the other hand, if you bet irresponsibly and routinely breach their terms and conditions, you can expect to have those privileges restricted or permanently terminated.

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