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Betway Dream Catcher

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Betway Dream Catcher is the supreme big-money prize wheel worth playing, whether in the comfort of your home or while on the road. The game is visually stunning, with friendly hosts, amazing multipliers, and simple rules. It is highly recommended to expert non-tactical casino gamers who want to win big with a small stake.

Here we discuss how to play Betway Dream Catcher and explain why the game show is popular among players. We will, after that, discuss important tips you can use to get the most out of your Dream Catcher bets.

How to play Dream Catcher at Betway

To play dream catcher, sign up for a Betway account or log into one if you are not new to the site. After that, follow these simple steps keenly:

How to Play Dream Catcher on Betway
  1. Make a deposit.
  2. Open the live casino page by clicking the “Live Casino” link on the main menu bar.
  3. Scroll through the game and pick Dream Catcher. Alternatively, search for the game using the search bar provided.
  4. Launch Dream Catcher by clicking the game cover once.
  5. Stake some cash on the number you think the wheel will stop on.
  6. Submit your bet.

What is Dream Catcher, and why is it so popular?

Play Betway Dream Catcher

Betway Dream Catcher is an exhilarating live game developed by Evolution Gaming. It features a helm with 52 distinctly numbered sections and two multiplier sections labelled x7 and x2. Betway Dream Catcher is set up in a studio with high-quality multi-cameras covering the wheel and the host.

Each numbered segment corresponds to the payout, so a bet on 6 will pay 6 to 1, whereas a bet on 5 will pay 5 to 1. Your goal is to pick the section on which the wheel will stop, and if you are right, your bet is multiplied by the odds and the amount is disbursed into your account.

The host will not allow new bets if the wheel stops on the multiplier. Instead, they will spin the wheel again, and the spin’s outcome will be multiplied by the multiplier (x7 or x2). The game continues until the wheel halts on a non-multiplier segment.

Dream Catcher is popular because of its simplicity, basic gaming rules, and allowing players to enjoy significant prizes. Use the table below to learn more about the payout for different segments.

Number of Segments

Betway Dream Catcher tips

The game is frequented by tactical casino players who understand the strategies to apply for the best outcomes. These strategies vary from one gamer to another, with the following being recognised as the best Betway Dream Catcher tips for players:

Tip 1: Bet on 10

Staking on 10, which is represented by the green segment, is the smartest move if you want to enjoy the smallest house edge of 3.42%. This means your chances of winning the bet are higher than other bets. Even though picking 10 will not payout well as other sections, such as 40, it will guarantee frequent hits.

In this case, you will win small amounts more often, making this one of the most effective strategies if you are looking for Betway Dream Catcher tips that are beneficial in the long run.

Tip 2: Target the Multiplier

Another crucial Betway Dream Catcher betting tip is to target the multiplier by betting on the Orange, Purple, Red, and Green segments. This move allows you to cover 26% of the wheel. Though not as pleasing as you would hope, betting on the listed sections is highly recommended if you want significant payouts.

If the wheel stops on a multiplier, the chances of winning your bet on any of the stated sections is high. However, this strategy requires patience because the wheel may take longer to stop on the numbers. But then, the payout makes the wait worth it.

Tip 3: Go Big or Not

Sometimes the best way to play Dream Catcher on Betway is to risk it all. This is a risky strategy that involves staking on orange and red segments. These sections are only three on the wheel, so you will have the poorest coverage or 5.5%. The good news is that both segments have a massive payout.

Red pays 40 to 1, while a single Orange pays 20 to 1. Therefore, one correct bet will see you walk away with significant sums of money regardless of your stake. If you factor in the 7x multiplier, a bet on 40 will result in 280x, which is quite big.

Tip 4: Stake on 1, 2, and 20 spaces

This Betway Dream Catcher tip aims at ensuring you cover the biggest surface on the wheel. With the 1, 2, and 20 Dream Catcher strategy, you will cover 40 out of 54 segments, translating to 74% of the total helm. In this case, for every 4 bets you place, you should win 3, making it the best tip.

Also, be strategic about how you spread your bets. The number with the most spaces should receive the highest bet, whereas the number with the least coverage should have the smallest stake.

Tip 5: Go for Every Segment Except 1

You can play it safe and bet on every space on the Dream Catcher except 1. This will give you the biggest coverage while avoiding the space that pays the least. The helm has 23 segments represented by 1, which is impressive considering the total number of segments is 54.

This means 1 covers 42% of the wheel. Even though the coverage is great, 1 pays out 1 to 1, making it the least profitable bet. In that case, it makes sense to bet on every section and leave out 1.

Are Roulette and Dream Catcher similar?

Dream Catcher and Betway roulette seem similar in terms of design, but the two couldn’t be further apart. Dream Catcher uses a massive vertical wheel with multi-coloured segments and two multipliers.

Conversely, roulette features a laid-down hollow wheel with 37 to 38 slots coloured red or black. With Dream Catcher, you predict the space on which the wheel will stop, whereas, with roulette, you predict the slot in which the ball will land. So apart from the concept, the two live games differ in many ways.

Dream Catcher Bonuses

Betway Dream Catcher

Betway gives players access to multiple promotions, some of which you can use to play Dream Catcher. Among the many Betway Casino bonuses is the live casino promo for new signees.

New players receive a 100% match deposit bonus for cash up to £250 exclusive for playing live dealer games. Using the offer, you can enjoy live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat games. You can also play Betway Dream Catcher.

But before you go ahead to claim the promo, make sure you confirm the terms and conditions, especially the wagering requirement. Apart from the mentioned bonus, Betway does not have another offer you can use to play Dream Catcher yet.


What is Dream Catcher on Betway?

Dream Catcher is a big money-wheel game with numbers ranging from 1 to 40 and two multipliers (2x and 7x). The game is played by predicting the space in which the wheel will stop.

How do you win a Dreamcatcher?

You win a Dreamcatcher bonus by correctly choosing the slot on which the wheel will stop after a spin.

How much can you win on Dream Catcher?

You can win massive amounts of money on Dreamcatcher. The winning depends on your stake and the multiplier. For instance, 7x comes with potential winnings of 1960x.

How do you play Dreamcatcher?

To play Dreamcatcher, log into Betway, find the game manually or using the search button, and load the title. After that, you must stake some money, make your prediction, submit the bet, and wait for the host to spin the wheel.

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