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How to Cancel a Bet on Betway

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Betway cancel a bet
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We’ve all been there, for me, more times than I would care to mention. You’ve placed a bet and then realise that the bet has been placed on the wrong selection, perhaps on a horse with a similar sounding name to your preferred choice. It’s an easy mistake to make, but the big question is, is it possible to cancel a bet on Betway?

The steps required to cancelling a bet with Betway

The first step to Betway cancel bet would always be to jump on to live chat and ask them to cancel the bet, but I should warn you that the answer will usually be ‘no’.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get, but if you are refused by live chat, the only option would be to lay the bet off on your favourite betting exchange, where the liquidity is often appealing.

Simply use a matched betting calculator (many free betting tools available here) to calculate the amounts required to ensure the smallest possible loss or even a profit, and let the bet run.

Are there any fees involved when using this method?

When it comes to now cancelling a bet on Betway, the only fees involved will be the commission payable at the betting exchange if your lay bet wins. The amount of commission will depend on the betting exchange used and the level of commission charge applied to your account.

It should also be noted that there will probably be a small loss when laying the bet off, but most punters will agree that it will be worth it in order to cancel the initial bet if the Betway delete bet request doesn’t work.

Final thoughts

Mistakes do happen, and if you are a punter who places regular bets, the chances are you will place a bet on the wrong selection at some point in the future.

If you contact the bookie and ask them to cancel the bet, they will probably state legislation as a reason why the bet cannot be cancelled.

The ability to use a Betting Exchange to lay the bet off is something of a Godsend and means that you will never have just to accept that you have placed a bet on the wrong selection and rely on luck in order to rectify your mistake.


Can I edit my bet instead?

Yes! Although there’s no real way to cancel a bet at Betway, this operator has a great ‘Edit bet’ option.

Can I cancel a bet slip?

In most cases – no. Once you activate your wager, it cannot be fully withdrawn. You can, however, cash it out at some point.

When does my money come back?

Your payout from a betslip will be credited to your account once all the events in it are settled.

Can Betway customer support cancel my bet?

Most probably not, but you can always give this option a try.

When is the best time to cancel my bet at Betway?

The best time to cancel your bet at Betway is before you hit the “Submit” button. Afterwards, cancelling your bet is almost impossible, even if you contact customer support.

What can I do if Betway does not want to cancel my bet?

You can opt for the cash-out feature if it is available for the fixture you have placed your bet on. You can also try and place a lay bet at a betting exchange of your choice.

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