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How to Delete Bet365 Account

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Bet365 delete my account
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Although betting online has simplified many things, as I do not have to go to a brick-and-mortar gambling location to place bets, it has come with a great possibility of addiction. When such happens, I prefer exploring options of how I can limit gambling behaviour. However, this has proven hard to the extent of wanting to close down my Bet365 account.

In this article, I will share my experience on how to delete a Bet365 account when gambling becomes an issue.

Reasons to Delete your Bet365 Account

Several reasons could force me to delete my Bet365 acc, and I am sure that other online punters can resonate with the reasons. Some of these include the following:

Irresponsible gambling

Sometimes gambling becomes too sweet to be addictive. The pleasure derived from betting can be recurring, and the best option is to know how to remove the Bet365 account.

Zero customer satisfaction

When opening an account at any bookmaker, I always have a reason why I do that. When joining Bet365, maybe I am attracted by the odds, markets or usability of the platform. What if I do not get satisfaction as a punter? In that case, I can only delete my Bet365 acc and maybe look for an alternative bookmaker.

If Bet365 leaves a jurisdiction

Though rare, Bet365 may choose to leave my jurisdiction. This means I may be unable to deposit and play at the bookie. Instead of leaving the bookmaker to close my account, I can learn how to remove the Bet365 account and do it on my side.

There are many reasons why I may choose to delete my Bet365 account. The reasons range from one punter to another, but the above are the major ones.

The Process of Deleting my Bet365 Account

After deciding it’s now time to delete my Bet365 account, I must learn how to do that. Interestingly, it is not complicated as it may look on the surface. Rather, it is a simplistic process that requires me to contact the support team:

Bet365 delete account
The picture is taken at 9,50 AM EET on the 15th of July
  1. I logged into my account and hit the ‘Help button‘. I found it in the upper right corner of the webpage.
  2. I was aiming to contact Bet365 via the live chat option and initiated a session with the customer support representative.
  3. From the list of suggested topics, I chose Responsible Gambling and started the chat.
  4. I asked support agent how to delete my Bet365 account. My request was proceeded immediately.
  5. In this option, I was asked to clearly state my intention to close my Bet365 account. I also had to explain my decision.

What Happens When I Delete my Bet365 Account?

One thing that makes me happy is that even when I delete my Bet365 acc, I will not get any punishment from Bet365. Moreover, I at least have the chance to let the bookmaker know why I am deleting my account.

After deleting the account, I need to understand that I will not be able to recover my punter account anymore. If I later feel the need to continue playing at Bet365, I will have to create another new player account.

Interestingly, the bookmaker does not deny me or any other punter the chance to register for a new account.

Alternatives to Completely Deleting your Bet365 Account

What I love most about Bet365 is that I have several other options that I can consider instead of deleting my account.

Some of these options revolve around keeping me off from active gambling for a while. This way, I can take a short or long break depending on the period I feel I need to keep off betting practice.

Bet365 account limited

To find these alternatives to deleting my account, I need to explore the Bet365 website to locate them. If I miss them, I could contact customer support for guidance on how to go about them.

One such possibility is to limit my Bet365 account until I feel more like myself.

After the break period lapses, I can then move on to enjoy my betting time and the various bonuses of Bet365 without issues.

Is My Personal Data safe after Taking a Gambling Break or Deleting My Bet365 Account?

When registering an account at Bet365, every punter must submit personal information. Such include name, addresses and payment details.

One of the essential questions that I always ask myself is whether my data will be safe when I successfully delete the account. The simple answer to this question is yes; my data is safe even after deleting or closing my Bet365 account.

After submitting all my data and just before I hit the account registration button, Bet365 and any other bookmaker give me a chance to agree with specific terms and conditions and privacy policy. Majorly, these two spell out how the information I submit to Bet365 and any other bookmaker will be treated.

With this, it is guaranteed that my data will remain confidential and undisclosed to any third party, even when I delete my account.


Gambling at Bet365 comes with great fun of seeing my team beat the other and enjoying the thrill of the whole thing. However, gambling is dangerously addictive and could bring up issues. To curb such, the bookmaker has developed a responsible gambling policy that enables other punters and me to limit our punting habits by taking a betting break or closing my account completely.

As seen in this article, the process of deleting my Bet365 account is straightforward. With the two options available, I can save myself from uncontrollable gambling habits today.

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